McKenzie Wark on 17 Feb 2001 18:35:58 -0000

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<nettime> Version Sex

The Netscrape Quality Feedback Agent has collected information about a
recent crash. This information will help Netscrape improve Communicator's

Status    Incident ID         Type                Captured at

Sent      TB26216147M    Unknown Exit  16-02-01 12.14 PM     i love your
Sent      TB39473057G    Unknown Exit  12-02-01 08.26 PM     lets crash,
Sent      TB46769270F    Unknown Exit   10-02-01 06.45 PM    what's yr name?
Sent      TB46750270E    Unknown Exit   09-02-01 07.18 PM    feedback
your ass
Sent      TB58236593D    Unknown Exit   09-02-01 11.53 PM    love yr bug
Sent      TB36592364M    Unknown Exit   05-02-01 12.23 PM    but habit
Sent      TB56760365H    Unknown Exit   03-02-01 11.44 PM    corporate
Sent      TB26216147M    Unknown Exit   17-01-01 12.14 PM    crashed yet
Sent      TB39473057G    Unknown Exit   16-01-01 08.26 PM    who is this
Sent      TB46750270E    Unknown Exit   09-01-01 07.18 PM    what quality?
Sent      TB58236593D    Unknown Exit   09-01-01 11.53 PM    fuck
Sent      TB36592364M    Unknown Exit   04-01-01 12.23 PM    crashed again
Sent      TB56760365H    Unknown Exit   03-01-01 11.44 PM    crashed

McKenzie Wark

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