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   Sommaire Chim=?ISO-8859-1?B?6HJlcyBOsA==?= 42                                   
     "emmanuel videcoq" <>                                

   Fwd: FW: 2001 International Digital Art Awards ONLINE!                          
     d|g <>                                                          

   R E A L T O K Y O  vol.14                                                       
     Tetsuya OZAKI <>                                            

     Martin Warnke <>                                 

   Spanish event: Aboriginal Cultural Embassy, Madrid                              
     tracey <>                                                  

   [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ nn inter.views                                                                                                     

   Online Premiere Climate Independent Media Center Video                          
     "Gerbrand Oudenaarden" <>                                

   Webcast 133 with topic "Neu(t)ronenhouse"                                       
     Station Rose <>                                                  


Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 18:31:27 +0000
From: "emmanuel videcoq" <>
Subject: Sommaire Chim=?ISO-8859-1?B?6HJlcyBOsA==?= 42

> CE MESSAGE EST AU FORMAT MIME. Comme votre lecteur de courrier ne comprend pas
ce format, il se peut que tout ou partie de ce message soit illisible.

Chim=E8res 42 : Le devenir mineur des minorit=E9s 
Couverture : 
Kamel Kh=E9lif (d=E9tail) 
=AB Eclatement solaire 
De la Nuit =BB 
Journ=E9es de Chim=E8res 2000 
Jean-Claude Polack                Que sont les minorit=E9s devenues ? 
St=E9phanie Moisdon                 Pr=E9sum=E9s innocents 
Nabile Far=E8s                           =C0 qui appartient la parole des dits =
Sans-Papiers =BB ? 
Isabelle Avran                        Isra=EBl/Palestine : Les passeurs 
Youssef Haji                          Palestine =E0 fleur de peau 
Claire Auzias                          Les Roms, une nation transnationale =

Val=E9rie Marange                     Le lieu de l'autre 
Peter P=E0l Pelbart                     Po=E9tiques de l'alt=E9rit=E9 
Paul Bret=E9cher                        Un travail fou 
Agn=E8s Bertomeu                     =C9cologie urbaine 
Emmanuel Videcoq               De la critique de l'informatique =E0 l'amour
des machines 
Franco Berardi                      Sensibilit=E9 post-m=E9dia 
Andreas Broeckmann            M=E9dias mineurs - Machines h=E9t=E9rog=E8nes 
Emmanuel Videcoq               Potentialit=E9s politico-machiniques du Web 
Nabile Far=E8s                         De la peste : =C0 propos des encres et
fusains de Kamel Kh=E9lif 
Bernard Botiveau                 Oslo ou la dr=F4le de paix 
Abdelhamid Benzine            Alg=E9rie, un livre oubli=E9 : Le camp 
Joani Hocquenghem             La fragile armada 
Lydia Hervel                        Totus in illis 
Notes de lecture 
Val=E9rie Marange                   Ren=E9 Sch=E9rer, Parcours critique 
Andr=E9e May                         Jean-Louis D=E9otte et Alain Brossard,
L?=E9poque de la disparition 
 Bulletin =E0 retourner =E0 
Revue Chim=E8res  21 ter, rue Voltaire,  75011 Paris ? t=E9l. : 01 43 48 74 20 =
E-mail : 
NOM (ou raison sociale) : . 
Pr=E9nom :. 
Adresse :  . 
Code postal :  ............................. Ville :  . 
Pays :   
Je d=E9sire : 
acqu=E9rir le Num=E9ro 42 ( 1OOfrs + frais d'exp=E9dition 15frs , 30 frs pour
me r=E9abonner 
=E0 la revue Chim=E8res pour un an (4 num=E9ros), =E0 partir du n=B0  ??? 
Abonnement individuel 340 F 
Institutions et =E9tranger 400 F 
=C9tudiants et ch=F4meurs 250 F 
R=E8glement =E0 l'ordre de association Chimeres 
Je d=E9sire recevoir le ou les num=E9ros suivants : .. 
Je d=E9sire recevoir une facture 
Date et signature 


Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 12:46:38 +1100
From: d|g <>
Subject: Fwd: FW: 2001 International Digital Art Awards ONLINE!

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Date:        16-02-2001 11:54 AM
Received:    16-02-2001 12:01 PM

for the announcer >>>

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From: steve danzig <>
To: Recipient List Suppressed:;
Subject: 2001 International Digital Art Awards ONLINE!
Date: Fim, 15. feb 2001 23:51


12 months of astronomically hard work is there for you to see -

The winner of the MAJOR IDAA AWARD is.....just a click away

We will be hitting the media trail as from NOW -  would appreciate 
telling as many people as possible to go and have a PEEK!

The 2001 International Digital Art Awards are now online for the WORLD to

This project has evolved over the past 12 months to what has become the
industry standard for "Excellence" in digital art.

This is a MUST SEE exhibition as it represents some of the hottest and 
creative digital artists who have captured an international audience from
fine art museums to corporate advertising.

The IDAA will provide a united platform to collectively promote and 
reveal a
new standard in how we are understanding art through a dedicated 

There is also an opportunity to VOTE ONLINE and to also discuss your
thoughts in the IDAA FORUM - we expect, "THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY" 
a dedicated audience!


I am coordinating the first international on-line discussion relating to
Digital and Computer Art history.

This will be a coordinated ongoing discussion between leading artists,
scholars/academics, international curators and art historians which will
culminate as an official historical document relating to the digital and
computer art genre.

As the moderator, I will be presenting a series of questions as discussion
topics. Everyone is invited to participate in this important project!

You are more than welcome to start posting ideas from now!

Steve Danzig
IDAA Director

P.S. I have already received enquiries regarding the 2002 IDAA -

Apologies if you receive this message more than once!

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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 12:55:03 +0900
From: Tetsuya OZAKI <>
Subject: R E A L T O K Y O  vol.14

R    E    A    L    T    O    K    Y    O

[This Week's Index]

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks:
     Experience of Illusion Created through Virtuality and Reality
     recommended by Sato Maimi
(2) Must-see Events Around the World by Fukuda Miki
(3) Present of the Week:
     Invitation to 'Sawaki Kotaro's Travel' and many others!

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks
Experience of Illusion Created through Virtuality and Reality
about 4D ART: Orfeo

recommended by Sato Maimi

The well-known Orpheus myth is used by creators in a variety of
fields, such as opera, film, and theatre. When his wife died,
Orpheus went to Hades and persuaded Pluto to let him bring her
back, but.... 'Orfeo' to be performed in Tokyo this March, will
be co-directed by two popular mixed-media artists from Quebec,
Canada: Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon.  Their work is a fusion
of the movements of performers, sound/lighting effects, and
projected images to create a totally new stage experience....

(2) Must-see Events Around the World
Feb. 15, 2001-  by Fukuda Miki

At the Hong Kong Arts Centre, a Korean contemporary art exhibition
'The Self and Others - Currents in Korean Contemporary Art' will
show February 13 to March 13.... 'Living in Hong Kong - the 50s &
60s' that is on at the Hong Kong Film Archive is an exhibition on
the transformation of the Hong Kong lifestyle that took place in
the 50s and 60s with the influence of the West and Japan.... In
Belgrade, the 'International Short Film Festival Mikrokino FEST
2001' will be held (February 19 to 23)....

(3) Present of the Week
We've prepared lots of presents!  Send in your name!  Be aware
that each present has a different closing date. Instead of
announcing the winners we just send them their prize.

(* is new!)

* Invitation to 'Sawaki Kotaro's Travel'
Invitation to the preview of 'American Psycho'
'Ratcatcher' catalogue
Invitation to the preview of 'BEST in SHOW'
Special goods of 'Ed and Ellis in Tokyo'
Invitation to 'MacWorld2001'
Tower Records' CD case & sticker
REALTOKYO stickers (ten per set)

To apply and for further information, please contact:

Please send your ideas and opinions to
Three users who send us mail will be chosen to receive a little gift

- --------------------------------------------
Tetsuya OZAKI

Editor in Chief / REALTOKYO

TH Samoncho Bldg. #201
14 Samoncho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
160-0017 Japan
TEL:81(0)3-3356-0353$B!!(B  FAX:81(0)3-3353-6971
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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 10:56:39 +0100
From: Martin Warnke <>
Subject: HyperKult-X-Call

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HyperKult X

Theorien, Regeln, Interfaces

Rechenzentrum der Universit=E4t L=FCneburg

Call for Artifacts

Spiele standen f=FCr die Informatik schon immer an promimenter Stelle. 
Schon Alan Turing hat anhand von Brettspielen das Formale und das 
Kreative menschlicher und maschineller Intelligenz zusammengedacht, 
genau nach seiner Prognose ist um die Jahrtausendwende ein 
Schach-Gro=DFmeister von einem Computer besiegt worden.

Die Spiele-Industrie ist einer der wichtigsten Erwerbszweige f=FCr die 
IT-Branche geworden, Spielekonsolen sind wahrhaftige 
Graphik-Computer, weshalb es auch nicht unbedingt um Schach geht.

Computer games stehen auch f=FCr die kybernetische Besetzung der Lebenswelt,
f=FCr die Trainingspl=E4tze einer neuen Technikkultur, in der remote control
und real time der harten Regelkreise virtueller Finanzpl=E4tze wie reale
Kampfmaschinen antizipiert werden. Die hohen technischen Standards der
interaktiven Spieloberfl=E4chen geben die Me=DFlatte f=FCr zuk=FCnftige vern=
Arbeitsumgebungen vor.

Das Spielerische selbst hat Einzug in die Interfaces gehalten: 
Assistenten in Form von B=FCroklammern und andere Kindereien bieten 
sich als Hilfe an und verkaufen die user gleichzeitig f=FCr dumm. 
Oberfl=E4chen von Computergraphik-Systemen machen number and pixel 
crunching zu einem Kinderspiel. Es sieht beinahe so aus, als m=FC=DFte 
niemand mehr wissen, was eigentlich wirklich in Rechnern abl=E4uft, als 
spielte die Unterscheidung "sichtbar/unsichtbar" oder "Form und 
=46ormalismus" keine Rolle mehr, als k=F6nnten sie schlicht im Interface 
vergessen werden, als w=FCrde man auf Computern "spielen" wie auf einem 

Wo l=E4uft die Grenze zwischen Usern und Programmierern und wo mu=DF sie 
in einer Theorie des Computers als Medium gezogen werden?

Was bedeutet die massenhafte Verbreitung von Spielsystemen f=FCr den 
Stand der Computergraphik?

Was l=E4=DFt sich aus den Spielen f=FCr die Gestaltung von Interfaces lernen=

Welche kulturellen Konsequenzen entstehen aus dem Wechsel von der
=46ernbedienung zum dual force pad?

Senden Sie bitte ein- bis zweiseitige Zusammenfassungen Ihres 
Beitrags zum Workshop HyperKult X (wissenschaftliche Vortr=E4ge, 
Demonstrationen technischer oder k=FCnstlerischer Art, nat=FCrlich auch 
Spiele selbst)

bis zum 4. Mai 2001 an

Universit=E4t L=FCneburg
21332 L=FCneburg

Rolf Gro=DFmann (
Martin Schreiber(
Martin Warnke (

Lena Bonsiepen (Humboldt-Universit=E4t zu Berlin)
Wolfgang Coy (Humboldt-Universit=E4t zu Berlin)
Rolf Gro=DFmann (Universit=E4t L=FCneburg)
Claus Pias (Bauhaus-Universit=E4t Weimar)
Martin Schreiber (Universit=E4t L=FCneburg)
Georg Christoph Tholen (Universit=E4t Basel)
Martin Warnke (Universit=E4t L=FCneburg)
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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 20:14:12 +1000
From: tracey <>
Subject: Spanish event: Aboriginal Cultural Embassy, Madrid

Terrassa 15 February 2001-02-15 

The Australian Aboriginal Cultural Embassy, called NINGALA NINGALA
(Hungry for land)
Terrassa. Directly supported by the Anarchist Cultural Association –
Melbourne Australia
and members of the Asociación Cultural Anarquista de Terrassa (Spain),
Councils and associations of Australia. 

Invite you to attend a public act of protest in front of the Australian
Embassy in Madrid Spain.

On Friday 2nd of March 2001 at 12 pm. 

Address of the Australian Embassy in Madrid: 

Plaza Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 3 (a la altura de Santa Engracia,
28003 MADRID – Phone: +34 91 441 9300 Fax +34 91 442 5362 

It is not a negative act for the expression of anger. 
It is act for public cultural exchange and expression to announce in
public the first Aboriginal
Cultural Embassy outside of the Australian State. 

Lionel Fogarty, our first pioneer ambassador, an Australian aboriginal
writer, poet and
above all a Land Rights activist, will share with us his native welcome
song, his poems and
his feelings about the genocide and robbery of the land committed
against the Australian
Aboriginal Indigenous people. 

We encourage all the participants to come dressed up and equipped with
local expressions
of culture in general. Music, theatre, poetry, dance… all welcome to
receive the authentic
Australian Ambassador. 

We would like to co-ordinate the public act with a synchronized
simultaneous emails of
protest and recognition of lands rights to the Australian Embassy in
Madrid. At the same
time and from all over the World. (March 2nd 12 pm Madrid time). 

To find all the email addresses for Australian Embassies go to: To leave your note of
protest and support go to: 

For more information and to participate on the organization of this
public act write to: 
Jorge García: Rosa López:
Bonnie Zuidland: English Spanish 


George Lionel Fogarty, arrested in 1972 and charged with conspiracy
against de Australian
Government for trying to establish independent aboriginal schools. 


Acto organizado por NINGALA NINGALA Terrassa. 
- -- 
Tracey Benson                                              0410690366
PO Box 463, Nundah 4012	 	email: online since 1996

Check out the interFACE of 
big banana time at	

site+identity=360degrees @ is where you 
will find Dotty on her wonderful tour of Oz.

history-colony-memory-metaphor is is touring Australia in 2001


Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 14:25:00 +0100 (CET)
Subject: [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ nn inter.views

        \/\ nn inter.views


                                             n      n
                             n      n
                                                  v3kt0r.r2!n - ztra!ng !n 2 dze z!ngular!t!
- -
Netochka Nezvanova    - karesz!ng dze vektor!szd 4th d!menz!on.
f3.MASCHIN3NKUNST - your giant telescopes search my heavens for echoes of creation
                                                       |  +----------
                                                      |  |     <
                                     \\----------------+  |  n2t
                                                         |       >


Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 18:56:55 +0100
From: "Gerbrand Oudenaarden" <>
Subject: Online Premiere Climate Independent Media Center Video 

Climate Talks, Money Talks (online premiere)

A 48-minute film about the UN COP6 Climate Conference, made by 
the Climate Independent Media Center. 
Edited by Trojan TV. A Production of Trojan TV, Organic Chaos 
Network and Engage! Tactical Media, in cooperation with the 
Rising Tide Collective. 

The film will be presented tonight at 21.00h in De Blauwe Aanslag, 
Den Haag. Simultaneously, the film will be netcast. Afterwards, the 
film will be available on-demand in narrow-band and broadband 
RealVideo. Check

To stop climate change, reductions in CO2 emissions of 60 - 90 % 
are necessary. Yet during the 6th climate conference of the UN in 
The Hague (Cop 6) in November 2000, it was only discussed how 
industrialised countries can achieve a completely inadequate 5.2 % 
reduction. The mechanisms they want to use to achieve this are 
explained in the film, exposing the real story behind the failures 
and inadequacies of the United Nations process. Trading in carbon 
has become a new way to make money. 

Activists of the Rising Tide Coalition and others are taking action to 
show that the UN conferences are not climate talks, but money 

You can mailorder this video! 
dfl 16,50 (excl. postage)
More info:
The Climate Independent Media Center was initiated by 
Engage! Tactical Media --


Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 23:13:33 +0100
From: Station Rose <>
Subject: Webcast 133 with topic "Neu(t)ronenhouse"

STATION ROSE STReaming-Fahrplan & more:

  dear Gunafa Netizen,

here is the new Fahrplan:

NetSTReam - Webcast 133 with topic "Neu(t)ronenhouse"   TUE/20.2.01, 9pm CET
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
live @home  <>
Station Rose in live-conversation with label owner and manager Achim
Szepanski & New York
office manager Jon Berry of Force Inc. Music Works.

topic: "Neu(t)ronenhouse"
content: Clicks + Cuts 2.
             The Vanishing Author?
             Or back to the Original?
             Elektronik + Pop/Neu(t)ronenhouse.
extra: Webcast 133 will be a conversation on electronic music with label
owner Achim Szepanski, his partner
Jon Berry and  composer Gary Danner. Music from Force Inc. Incl. a modest
visual input plus moderation by Elisa Rose.

- ---------------
Force Inc. is a family of Frankfurt based labels that include leading
experimental electronic label Mille Plateaux, deep house label Force Tracks,
drum 'n' bass label Position Chrome, and conceptual experimental label
Ritornell. Over the past 10 years, Achim Szepanski has provided music that
touches on social, political and philosophical elements, utilizing a network
of Deleuzian inspired theory, network art and progressive thinking.

Station Rose are audio-visual media artists, who agitate in the net since
10 years.
STReaming a la Station Rose started in January 1999, blends performance,
conversations with guests and multimedia jam sessions into a unique form of
Net Art. Acoustic highlights
of these sessions are published on vinyl and cd. Label: Gunafa,
distribution Neuton.
Cooperations with Crippled Dick Hot Wax, International Deejay Gigolo
Records, Move D/source
records. New track on Clicks + Cuts 2, Mille Plateaux, distribution EFA.

coming up -  next webcast conversation: MON/26.2.01
on ->  rights & ownership online, Napster, BMG & more with Dr. Udo
Kornmeier, lawyer for music, copyright and

stay with us & don´t go away!

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

             station rose   2-2001


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