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Re: <nettime> Usenet archives sold, whay about README! ?

On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 10:09:17PM +1100, scotartt wrote:

> yes, she is one of the editors. usually when you have multiple editors or
> authors, only the first will be listed. Josephine BOSMA (not Bosme) is the
> first listed, alphabetically. perhaps autonomedia (publisher) or amazon can
> be persuaded to list only 'nettime' as the author.

Right. or a slightly more accurate, like the_first_author at al. In
this particular case, nettime or nettime moderators credit might be
less misleading.

The main issue still remains... Pushing things to the extreme, lets
assume that cnn, fro example, decides to spam its viewers with past
and *future* nettime messages and hands out an offer that is difficult
to refuse. Hand offer to whom? To nettime moderators? And who decides
what should be done?

I foresee that corporate media will soon start doing what corporate IT
industry has done already. As IT companies have incorporated into
itself lots of anarcho/hackers, networks will start handing out high
$$ jobs to anarcho activists / practitioners /interventionists. What
will make lists like nettime a real commodity. What then?


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