Ronda Hauben on 16 Feb 2001 12:34:51 -0000

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<nettime> 'Democracy Now" radio program taken off air?

Amy Goodman and "Democracy Now" were not on WBAI this morning.

Is it that the station has censored the program?
Has Pacifica taken the program 'Democracy Now' off the air?

Does anyone know the latest of what is happening with the WBAI
station and the program "Democracy Now"?

It seems censorship *not* democracy is alive and well in the 
US at the current moment.

Democracy Now is one of the few radio programs that has tried to 
challenge government officials in the US.

The radio and tv in the US otherwise mainly repeat the words of
government officials rather than challenge what they say.

It is important to realize how hard it is in the US to have any
radio or tv or newspapers functioning that challenge the corporate
agenda for the US government.

The corporate grip on radio, tv, newspapers and other media is a 
strong one in the US. That is what the US government promotes 
around the world as well. This is the opposite of the kind of 
media that is needed to oversee what government officials do
and to provide such information for the public.  This is the 
opposite of any semblance of a "free press". 

Most importantly the weakness of the media is a sign of the 
weakness and incapacity of a government. 


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