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Re: <nettime> Usenet archives sold?

--- Ronda Hauben <ronda@ais.org> wrote:
> "S. Kritikos" <metacode@yahoo.com> writes:
> >Folks, Ronda has the right idea here. I was wondering whether there are
> >any people here interested in exploring the idea of developing such an
> >organization or working with existing organizations in order to
> preserve Internet archives?
> Does this need for example a mailing list - or using an existing mailing
> list? Or a newsgroup on Usenet?

> Perhaps there needs to be some exploration of what the problem is and
> why
> it exists. Where is the research effort and funding that should be 
> taking on such problems as archiving Usenet going instead?

Perhaps there is a need for a mailing list that will explore the issue of
preserving the Internet primary data such as Usenet for future study
together with all the intellectual property issues etc

S. (Sam) Kritikos

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