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Re: <nettime> Re: Re: net art history

a disclaimer:
i think of my artwork as research and so when i reference my work please 
consider it as a textual response or rather my attempt at "meaningful" 
addition to this and other threads.  probably most people on this list 
realize this approach and value of an artist's contributions in this way.  i 
only make this disclaimer because so often (possibly via my american status) 
i feel that self-references to work on this and other lists are read as 
self-promotion or spam and while it is true that i do stand to gain from the 
thin thread of "future monetary capital" so do all artists, intellectuals 
involved in the "creative process".  those who know my work well know this 
"future profitability" is not my motivation behind the work otherwise i 
would simply become an investment banker and no longer "enjoy" living in an 
illegal warehouse space in harlem.

a response
now may i suggest that yes the simple gesture in the acquisition of  "space" 
anywhere for the purposes of art is a radical political gesture at this 
point in time.  "a contemporary american artwork in progress 
(http://www.restlessculture.net/americanart ) as well as most of my current 
work deals directly with recombinate modes that re-access the concept of  
"resistance" and attempt an offset of reactionary politics and the creation 
of mere binaries.  these  binary situations are the over-simplified reversal 
and as i see it easily located and less than restless simplistic reversal of 
concepts for the purposes of the now standardized "political" criteria well 
adapted and used as latent carriers for our american political/economic 
system  i.e., political correctness.

to not consider the efforts of  many artists performing this simple gesture 
of art-occupation at the fringes of ALL networks and nodes within and off of 
the obvious and profitably singular tag of "the internet within itself" is 
really disappointing.  to berry or anyone attempting an understanding of art 
at this time i would say please consider the "nternet within itself" as the 
least important aspect of this moment and consider instead the metaphoric 
use of the internet: a model for the acceleration of time and decrease of 
space that is occurring all around us.  true, wolfgang net.art is dead as 
are all texts approached with such a singular in narrow reading.


>robert adrian wrote:
> > All of the artists
> > you mention treat the Internet as public space
> > and, no matter what their other agendas may be,
> > an important political element of their work is
> > to claim that space as a place for art.
>Josephine Bosma wrote:
>Exactly. And this is the part where politics -do- come into view: with

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