Paul Alfred on 15 Feb 2001 01:35:16 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Usenet archives sold?

>Folks, Ronda has the right idea here. I was wondering whether there are
>any people here interested in exploring the idea of developing such an
>organization or working with existing organizations in order to preserve
>Internet archives?
>S. (Sam) Kritikos

"Say, that fancifully idealogical idea is swell!  Does anyone else have any 
interest in doing the legwork to find some generous benefactor to foot the 
bill so that we accomplish the exact same thing some capitalist entity is 
going to accomplish anyway?"

This Usenet argument isn't an argument about Usenet, or copyright, or that 
kind of stuff.  It's just an expression of people's feelings toward 
capitalism.  If we're going to debate this, let's debate the relevant 
argument --- is capitalsim bad?  Does capitalism ruin the things that we 
like because it is capitalism?

Or maybe it's just about elitism.  Does making a resource more available to 
the masses ruin it for me because I am no longer a cool, unique individual 
for using it?  Believe me, I felt the same way once Dave Matthews Band 
became popular.

No, this is probably more about capitalism.  Let's discuss that if we're 
going to discuss this subject at all.

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