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<nettime> Not My President's Day ::: Investigate VoterGate!!!

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Subject: Not My President's Day ::: Investigate VoterGate!!!

Investigate VoterGate!!! Gore Wins the Recount!

Not My President's Day Actions (3 Day Wknd!)

Bellevile, MI + Boston + LA + NYC + Phoenix + Seattle + Hilo, HAWAI"I + More
to come

CounterCoup International Alerts

We are part of the grassroots movement which started on the Internet and
spread across America in outrage over the electoral coup resulting in George
W. Bush assuming residency in the White House.

Our goals are to protest against the installation of an illegitimate
president; to demand that our elected officials oppose the unmandated agenda
of the illegitimate president; and to call for the enactment of electoral
reforms necessary to ensure that all future elections will have outcomes
based faithfully on the will of the people. Our group, DemocracyMarch
<<>>, has held several rallies in New York to
protest the effort to block "counting every vote" in Florida and recently
helped organize a protest at Bush's inaugural (J20) for which we brought
thousands of participants.

We are convinced that the election was stolen as a result of large scale
disenfranchisement of minorities and others, defective ballots, and possible
fraud, as well as an outrageous and illogical Supreme Court decision that
stopped the counting. However, now that Bush has become President we feel
that Bush's dangerous, extremist, unmandated agenda should be fought against
not only because it is wrong, but because his agenda, like Bush himself, is

By focusing on his agenda, we will bring in other progressive groups that
object to various parts of it: anti-environmental, anti-choice, anti-gay,
pro-star wars "missile defense" boondoggle, pro-huge tax cut for the
rich--decimating the budget for anything else. We will also tie it all into
campaign finance reform (McCain/Feingold) and voting reform. People from
these groups will speak at the rally and start to build a coalition with us.

An outreach campaign has been initiated across the country to encourage
local groups to plan their own Not My President's Day event on the 18th. If
you are part of a group that would like to put on such an event which could
be street theater, speakers at a rally, a march, or even a teach in you
would be in charge of sending out press releases to local media, and if you
tell us about it in advance we will also put it in a national press release
along with other groups doing it around the country. Once you have details
for an event please let us know by emailing the info. to <> and we
will publicize it on this site with a link to your own web page.

Also, if you are an individual in search of a group somewhere other than New
York check this site shortly for updates on events outside New York.

In the meantime please scroll down these two lists to find your local area
and post something to find a group or make your own group .

Good luck everyone who is as outraged and motivated as we are!

If you are interested, please sign our mailing list. You may write to us at <> supports protests, pranx & playful street theater for this
occasion. More info:

NMPD Website <<>>

Sun., Feb. 18

Not MY President's Day Events

Coast to Coast

New York City 2:00-4:00 p.m. Union Square North (17th Street, Between Park
Ave. and Broadway)

Phoenix, AR 1:00-3:00 p.m. Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Courthouse 401 W
Washington St. (4th Ave.)

West Los Angeles 11:00 a.m. - on
Wilshire and Veteran's Blvds. (just a few blocks east of the 405 Freeway,
Wilshire Exit).
Bellevile, Michigan 5:00 p.m.
Hosted by Marianne for Michigan Democrats Vent your anger, and discuss the
2002 elections. Drinks will be provided. Please bring a dish to pass. Please
email for details and directions:

Mon., Feb 19: *************
Hail to the Thief Day

Boston, MA Noon, Park Street. "Protest the Illegitimate Resident!"

Noon, Federal Bldg.
"Counter the Coup, Investigate VoterGate!!!!" People for a Free and
Independent Hawai'i  &
Citizens for Fair and Accurate Elections

Your Town, USA
Noon, Federal Bldg.
"Bush Crime Family Exposed : New Arm of Freedom"

NMPD Website <<>>


Gore Wins Florida in Recount :  Gains +1492 !!!

Roger Roy and Mike Griffin of the Sentinel Staff Posted February 10, 2001

Al Gore would have gained more than 200 extra votes if Orange County had
conducted a hand recount of all its ballots that machines could not read
after the Nov. 7 election.

Results of a new hand count released Friday by Orange County election
officials, and an Orlando Sentinel examination of rejected ballots, found
clear presidential votes on 799 ballots for which counting machines had
detected no vote or votes for multiple candidates.

The findings show that -- had Orange County's canvassing board examined all
its ballots -- George W. Bush would have gained 298 votes and Gore would
have picked up an additional 501. That would have given Gore a net gain of
203 votes -- equivalent to more than a third of Bush's 537-vote winning
margin in Florida.

The results underscore the blow dealt to Gore's campaign by the U.S. Supreme
Court ruling that halted a statewide count of all ballots on which machines
detected no votes.

Orange County's canvassing board had examined about 15 percent of those
ballots before the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

"This is not surprising in the sense that we knew those ballots had votes on
them," said Doug Head, chairman of the Orange County Democratic Party. He
said party officials had estimated a hand count in Orange could turn up a
net gain of 50 to 175 votes for Gore.

Gore won Orange County by nearly 6,000 votes, winning 50 percent of the
overall vote to Bush's 48 percent.

Head said the result of the ballot review in Orange lends weight to
Democratic claims that Gore might have had more votes in Florida than Bush.

"I'm delighted Orange County has done this recount, and I think it's now
pretty evident who won Florida," Head said.

Full review starts

A full review of all those uncounted ballots began Monday, when a research
center hired by a national news media consortium began inspecting ballots.

The review by the consortium, which includes the Sentinel, is expected to
take several weeks. The goal is to produce a definitive database to serve as
the historical record of what was on each of the ballots.

Independently of the consortium, the Sentinel has now completed its own
review of about 10 percent of the uncounted ballots. This review has focused
on 16 counties, most of them small and all using paper ballots marked with
pencils or pens.

The newspaper findings so far suggest that hand recounts would have helped
Gore far more than Bush in these counties, even though most are
predominantly Republican. With the findings in Orange, Sentinel research
indicates hand counts in these 16 counties alone might have given Gore a net
gain of 569 votes -- 32 votes more than Bush's certified margin of victory

2/10/01 Total Gore Gain from Recounts +1492


Al Gore won a half million more votes than George W. Bush Gore 50,996,064
Bush 50,456,167 Gore Victory 539,897

Gore's margin of victory was nearly five times larger than John F. Kennedy's
victory over Richard Nixon in 1960, and nearly as large as Jimmy Carter's
victory over Gerald Ford in 1976.


S T O L E N V O T E . C O M

George W. and Jeb Bush Stole the 2000 Election By Preventing African
Americans From Voting or Having Their Votes Counted

Editorial: U.S. News Media Ignores Bush Protesters

In an eerie symbol of how much the media is controlled by corporate backers
of new President George W. Bush, network news shows struggled not to display
images of protesters during the Inaugural Parade in Washington D.C. on Jan.

ABC News' Peter Jennings even went so far as to declare that "This is a day
to suspend political passions," except for "absolute cynics." ABC did an
effective job of not showing any of the protesters that dominated the street
Bush passed along the parade route. NBC, however, gave up trying to ignore
them. They were too obvious. The signs, reading everything from "God Help
Us" to "The Whole World Is Laughing," were on full display for America to

(ABC, it should be remembered, is the same network that didn't even cover
the Seattle WTO protests on its evening news show Nightline.)

The next day, on talk shows like Washington Week in Review, the protests
were shrugged off as something that took place "on the fringes." No one
mentioned that they were the largest Inauguration Day protests since the
Vietnam War.

What should strike us as particularly creepy about the news media's decision
to, for the most part, ignore these historic protests, is the fact that the
foreign press views them as extremely significant. Had the U.S. media
covered the inauguration of a leader in a foreign country and witnessed such
large oppostion, the protests would have led the story. Not so when a U.S.
president is being elected.

"Bush faces jeers, not cheers"
<> screamed the headline of
an article in the British newspaper The Guardian. "President Bush's
inauguration reflected the controversial manner of his election," read the
first paragraph. "The procession along Pennsylvania Avenue fell well short
of being triumphant, and on many occasions during its slow advance through
the drizzle, the sound of jeering drowned out the cheers."

Compare that with American news outlets that claim the protests were "on the
fringes." The New York Times' article on the protest only appeared on Page
15 of the Sunday edition.

Ultimately, the corporate news media's biased, pro-Bush coverage of
Inauguration Day 2001 is something we all need to remember. Perhaps a
boycott of all ABC News show advertisers is in order.


East Coast Lighting Up the Bush

The Inauguration Day protests were a tremendous success! But our fight has
just begun.

Predictably, the media reports of the inauguration focused more on the dress
Bush's wife wore rather than the biggest protests at an inauguration since
the Vietnam War. Here's what really happened:

Protesters along the parade route actually OUTNUMBERED Bush supporters, by a
substantial number. As the day wore on, this disparity grew greater and
greater as Bush's supporters--a pathetic looking group--glumly retreated
from the taunts of the protesters, complaining that their celebration had
been "ruined." In a great many areas, there was not a single Bush backer to
be seen.

By the time Bush and Cheney's limo drove down Pennsylvania Avenue, it had
been turned into a gauntlet of outraged citizens, booing loudly, waving
their signs, chanting "Shame!" and "Illegitimate!" Bush's motorcade was
repeatedly forced to speed up to try to avoid protesters. At no point along
the parade route did Bush dare to emerge from his limousine, except at the
very end, in a sanitized block reserved for his paying supporters.

Protesters from all over the country, from hundreds of different groups, all
worked together peacefully to exercise their democratic right, and civic
obligation, to speak out against the illegitimate president. There were
virtually no problems or arrests.

If you feel shocked, saddened or outraged about the conduct of the
presidential are not alone. In spite of the deafening silence
of the mainstream media, millions of Americans feel the same way--remember,
the majority voted for a candidate other than the self-declared "winner."
Since election day, thousands of your fellow citizens have banded together
in local, grassroots movements to speak out against the election travesty.
Now, the inauguration day protests are over..but our fight has just begun,
and will continue for the next four years! By joining our voices together we
can make our message heard:

No amount of pomp and circumstance can legitimize an unelected

Such an administration has no mandate whatsoever, and its dangerous agenda
should be vigorously opposed by honest elected officials.

Our election laws and procedures failed us. They should be reformed so that
this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. supports protests, pranx & playful street theater for this
occasion. More info:

NMPD Website <<>>


Shocking the Monkey: *********************
an exercise in creative protest

Disgruntled American Voters: Upset about the way the Alleged Election was
ultimately "resolved"? Want to do something useful to register your
displeasure and distaste? Well, have we got an idea for you...

As it is apparent that the policy outlook of the Alleged President, George
W. Bush, will most likely lean towards socially conservative and potentially
damaging positions in regards to the environment and civil liberties, I
suggest the following:

Make donations, in GW's name, to organizations and charities that support
socially and environmentally responsible causes, and ask them to send
"thank-you" cards to GW.

Hopefully this will drive him completely insane in relatively short order,
especially if you're able to include a comment on the card to the effect of
"if you won't help us, Mr. Bush, I'll do it for you" or somesuch (so long as
it's polite!!). Remember, these don't have to be huge donations, but every
little bit helps these organizations!

This is very much an ongoing and collective effort; please, if there's an
appropriate-seeming cause that isn't mentioned here, let us know

And keep in mind: an important component of this campaign is that the
organization sends out thank-you cards for gift-donations! It's OK to
suggest causes even if they don't -- one can always send a commemorative
announcement of the donation oneself -- but if they do, so much the better,
so please note this information in the "comments" box.

And a few sites to help you stay semisane when the whole situation makes you
want to scream:'s White House <<>>
forum the Bush Brothers Banana Republic
<<>> BartCop's <<>>
political humor


Graphic Weapons ::: AgitProp for the People
Print & Post!!!

I Know Where You Buried the Ballots

Supreme Injustice

GWBush Art Gallery

His Fraudulency

Hail to the Thief!

Investigate Votergate

That Son of a Bush! (animated)


Election Theft For Fun and Profit ************************************

Wondering how we did it?

Want to steal some elections of your own?

You're in the right place.

As George W. Bush so aptly put it: "If you're sick and tired of the politics
of cynicism and polls and principles, come and join this campaign."
(Hilton Head, SC 2/16/2000)

We offer you a political process completely devoid of principles!

We watched with concern in recent years as the American electorate refused
to elect our hand-picked candidates. It was horrifying! George Bush, Sr.
lost, Bob Dole blew it, Clinton was blown (but stayed in office anyway), and
Newt Gingrich broke our Contract On America.

In 2000, the stakes (and our marginal tax rates) were just too high. So,
with breathtaking cunning, dissembling, outright lies - and a war chest
worth $185 million, we managed to put our guy in the White House. Learn more
about the transition at the Bush/Cheny transition
<<>> site!

The media says our election system is broken. That's simply not true. We
fixed Florida - and we can fix elections for you too!

Velvet Coup, Inc.


Bush Enemies Links :::
Al Gore Won <<>> (another subversive group undermining
our victory!) Georgy Bush <<>> (mocking our
accidental President) Bush On Crack <<>> (Soon to be
visited by the FBI) Cunningham Strikes
<<>> (Can't somebody STOP this
guy?) Useless Politician Countdown <<>>
Darrias Art <
<>> (another subversive artist) King
George the 2nd <<>> We
Was Robbed <<>> (Yes suckers - and WE did it!)
Bush Boys Stole The Vote <<>> (they just
can't let up, can they?) Too Stupid To Be President
<<>> (Hey, it didn't stop Reagan did
it?) Looking Behind The Bushes <<>> Great moments
in a great family <<>> This is the site that
caused GWB to comment that "there ought to be limits to freedom." We think
he's right! Justice In Florida <<>> Bush Coup


A Very American Coup *************************

by Stew Albert

The Gore versus Bush post-election was infinitely more exciting and
significant than the actual contest. Who would have thought that such a
boring and manipulated competition would culminate in an American style,
Supreme Court-certified coup d'etat. It's like the Chilean coup minus
bloodshed. The Republicans did not order an air raid against Clinton's White
House. After four years of trying to overthrow his government, the
right-wing settled on a blow job and the President's unfortunate effort to
conceal the stain. They failed to kick him out. Clinton's ugly behavior was
too ordinary for a successful impeachment. Fixing the presidential election
was the next best step. All the predictions said the race was close with
Bush enjoying a slight lead. A little rigging here, a little calling in some
favors there and the deed would be done. The main objective in Florida was
to screw the Blacks and Jews who would be voting for Gore. A neat trick
would be to fool them into choosing the candidate they most hated, Pat
Buchanan. And then let's get a lot of Blacks kicked off the voting rolls
because they might be felons. Make 'Black while voting' a crime, why don't

Election day was a drag for George W. He lost in the popular vote by three
hundred thousand and he didn't do that well Florida. True, Jeb swindled all
those old Jews and felonious Blacks into actually voting for Buchanan! But
when all was said and done, the Republican pollsters must have had Gore
ahead. The uncounted ballots would favor the Democrat. Why else would Bush
scream so loud against a true count? Gore offered him a state wide recount
and he turned it down. He knew he lost. Why else was the Bush family calling
in Godfather-type favors from five Supreme Court Justices? To hell with with
the court and its good reputation - the Bush family was taking over the Oval
Office and that is now a fine place for fellatio, even by five justices in
Black robes.

I was in Chile during the Allende period and so much of what has been going
on here recalls that nation's political agony. The resemblance dawned on me
when the Republicans began accusing Gore of trying to steal the election.
The Chilean right wingers accused Allende of plotting a coup against the
constitution. No such thing was true - it was they and the CIA who were
plotting to spill blood on democracy. It's an old Company trick to accuse
your enemy of what you yourself are planning. And it wasn't Gore but Bush
who was running down Florida's streets with the purloined election in his
shaking hands. The Chilean resemblance comes again by way of how all the
Republicans lined up with Bush. Was there a single Republican official
anywhere in America who said, "Hey now, a fair vote count is more important
than us winning." If such a Republican exists, I never heard of him. And so
in Chile all the centrist parties who claimed an undying love of democracy,
supported the military coup. Consider the right wing Cubans paid by the
Republicans, who rioted and stopped the vote count in Dade County.

How many CIA favors did the Bush family call in? The CIA also organized
anti-Allende riots in Chile. They sabotaged the economy in the same manner
that the Republicans sabotaged the vote count. And finally we have the
Supreme Court. In Chile, the top court declared the coup legal and Pinochet
president. Our highest court has returned the favor. Ah, but the reader will
say, there are no military in the streets, no round-ups, no murders in
stadiums. No there aren't. Not this time. But this is our first coup, tell
me why it will be our last.

Stew Albert



Bush Family Connection Research Sites

The following are links to information about the Bush family, the
Bush cabinet appointees and the corporations, think tanks and
foundations that are behind the GW Bush administration. Hundreds of Links
About the Bush Crime Family



New York University is having a one-day conference on anti-corporate
activism ("culture jamming") this month, and so in an effort to combat my
#1 phobia (not counting cockroaches), I'm going to give a little will Reverend Billy and folks from Billionaires for Bush or
Gore, Dyke Action Machine, and Green Maps, and others.

Friday, Feb. 23
NYU, Jurow Hall, Main Building
100 Washington Square East

For more details look here:


That Son of a Bush!!!

Knowledge everyone should be aware of regarding the false president.
Hint: Spell DUBYA WON backwards for the truth!

Must see: Made for children cartoon on how the Bush stole the Presidency...
very amusing and very educational... (requires flash ) Part I - Part II




National Call-In Days to the White House
Now through "Not My President Day"


" I urge you to reduce the danger of accidental nuclear war by working with
the Russians to get all nuclear weapons off hair trigger alert".

Call: The White House: 202-456-1414 or write to:

President Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20500

Physicians for Social Responsibility <>


Corporate-CIA Coup:::

Bush Is New CEO of America Inc. -- *****************************

Albuquerque Journal, 1/18/01

By William Pfaff, Syndicated Columnist

PARIS -- The inauguration of George W. Bush as 43rd president of
the United States confirms a fundamental change in the nature of U.S.
government. It has now become the instrument of a segment of American
society: corporate business. It has become, as others than myself have
already recognized, "America Inc."

This change has taken place in full sight and with general consent
of the U.S. electorate. A minority has expressed concern; a small
minority has protested that this is not the way it was meant to be;
but the overwhelming majority has been content to see this happen.

One might argue from history -- the 19th-century Populist
movement, the 20th-century progressives and the New Deal -- that the
government's takeover by business interests is normal and cyclical,
with a "progressive" or liberal reform counteraction foreseeable in
2004 or 2008. After all, Vice President Al Gore won the popular vote,
and in the opinion of many, he should have won the electoral vote, as

However Gore was a corporate candidate, too. That is what is new.
There is no alternative. A Gore administration would have been
different from the one now starting chiefly in its handling of the
so-called cultural issues -- race, gays, feminism, abortion. It would
have been friendlier to labor, but not so friendly as to alienate

It probably would have been more enthusiastic about globalization
and free trade than Bush may actually prove to be. Its foreign and
economic policies would have been those of the business interests that
supported the Clinton administration and profited from having done so,
and which largely financed the Gore campaign.

Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader said that the two main candidates
were Tweedledum and Tweedledee (who "agreed to have a battle," to
continue the quotation). We know what happened to candidates Buchanan
and Nader. If a candidate today is not acceptable to the corporate
mainstream, he is unelectable. Corporate money determines national
policy, and even foreign policy. Under Clinton, industry successfully
promoted the U.S. intervention with helicopters and arms into the
struggle in Colombia.

A national missile defense system, to which the Bush
administration is committed, is an aerospace industry program, not a
national security program. Most foreign-policy specialists and
independent systems analysts regard it as a technologically
misconceived response to a vastly exaggerated threat.

Bush's supporters are already promoting a new threat, which
promises to be as costly to counter as building a shield against rogue
missiles. A congressionally appointed commission led by Bush's new
Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld, calls for measures against
the hostile-nation menace to U.S. satellites.

It calls for "doctrine, concepts of operations and capabilities
for space, including weapons systems that operate in space and that
can defend assets in orbit and augment air, land, and sea forces."

This would put American industry in profitable competition with
itself, since the countermeasures to be developed deal with a threat
no other high-tech country has any interest in posing.

In the past, weapons development has tended to be driven by
military definitions of threat. Today the tendency is for industry to
promote advanced weapons systems by marketing novel threats. Corporate
lobbyists drove trade policy during the Clinton administration, and
this undoubtedly will continue.

The disabused citizen may ask what's new about all this. In the
1920s and 1930s, the U.S. Marine Corps enforced the Central American
interests of the United Fruit Company. The sober Calvin Coolidge's
observation that "the chief business of the American people is
business" is incontrovertible.

What is new about the situation today is that a seemingly
irreversible mutation in the American system has occurred. At some
point, quantitative change becomes qualitative change. The point when
that change took place was probably 1976, when the U.S. Supreme Court
ruled that money spent in support of a political candidate is a form
of constitutionally protected free speech. Moneyed interests now
finance not only the winners of national elections, but all of the
plausible losers.

This is part of the enlarging domination of American life by
business corporations and their values, which are those of material
aggrandizement, a phenomenon accompanied and promoted by the circuses
and gladiatorial contests provided by the most important U.S. industry
of all, entertainment, which now showcases elections and even wars as
entertainments with reassuring story lines.

This is a curious outcome for the United States, whose most
powerful cultural source was Calvinist dissident religion, whose
members hated display and luxury, practiced severe and unremitting
discipline, and considered man wholly sinful, able to be saved only by
arbitrary grace. Its most influential Catholic immigration was Irish,
permanently marked by Jansenist theology -- like Puritanism, an
extreme form of 17th century predestinarianism.

How far the United States has come from its origins! How distant
its formative beliefs are from the values politicians celebrate, on
such occasions as presidential inauguration. The country no longer
knows what it is.

Los Angeles Times Syndicate



By Brian Hansen

WASHINGTON, DC, February 1, 2001 (ENS) - A bitterly divided Senate today
voted to ratify controversial U.S. Attorney General designee John Ashcroft.
He is a conservative Republican whose suitability to serve as the nation's
top legal official was furiously denounced by a phalanx of abortion rights
supporters, civil rights leaders, and environmental groups.

For full text and graphics visit:



Bush Family Connection Research Sites

The following are links to information about the Bush family, the
Bush cabinet appointees and the corporations, think tanks and
foundations that are behind the GW Bush administration.

Hundreds of Links About the Bush Crime Family



<> <=<I>=>~~<=<I>=>~~<=<I>=>~

"We who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension.
We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We
bring it out in the open, where it can be seen and dealt with... injustice
must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of
human conscience... before it can be cured."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Show me your garden and I shall
tell you what you are."
-- Alfred Austin

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HumanKind Survival Earth

Radikal Youth Party Earth

"It is not the Kings and Generals who make History. It is the masses of the
Nelson Mandela

"The trouble with being in the rat race is that
even if you win, you're still a rat."
Lily Tomlin

"I think the one lesson I have learned
is that there is no substitute for paying attention."
Diane Sawyer


"Unfortunately, sometimes people don't hear
you until you scream." Stefanie Powers

"Western civilization is a loaded gun
pointed at the head of this planet."
Terence McKenna



Gaia Core <>

"Human history becomes more and more a race between education and
H.G. Wells


Poem to the People ::: The New Arm of Freedom

Tamara Lynn Scott

May we inaugurate a new day of freedom. May we learn how to take up the
power within ourselves
to unite in our actions,
to share our knowledge,
our experience,
and awaken a new day,
within ourselves,
arming our fight for right,
and just,
eternal fray. May we inaugurate within ourselves
the belief
that the will of the people can succeed
and reshape the shadows of our failings
into a more perfect state.
That we can in word and deed,
change the power of greeds' dark face. May we take these criminal acts
and grow stronger,
and braver,
and surer that not one can be left behind,
no stone unturned,
no ballot uncounted,
no lie allowed to stand,
no greed allowed to play.
For where can there be room to hide,
on this great and glorious day?
When we will have arrived at a new bridge of understanding,
and that bridge is within ourselves.
Each and every one of us must dedicate. May we inaugurate the changes needed
to secure a more perfect democracy,
punishing the lies,
the spins,
the greed that has ever won and has killed the honesty within,
that weakens and enslaves our world, demeans all dream. May we celebrate on
this inauguration day
civil disrespect
for what has been so easily stolen from us,
belief that our votes do indeed count, belief that we can rely upon our
to rise above self centered power plays,
belief that our leaders
can lead us in moral right,
for they have forgotten the price eternity will pay. May we inaugurate
into the most powerful force of this nation,
the united, awakened masses,
that have connection to what is true,
beyond what wins position and fame. We, as this nation,
can take its movement forward or backward,
or inward, or outward,
without relying upon too limited a field of representation,
that neither represents us,
nor cares that we exist,
other than funding the deep pockets of special interest,
especially interested. May we inaugurate a new day,
a new consciousness,
fully able to take
upon our shoulders
the task of keeping ourselves fully fed
on the substance of what is being done in the name of power
solely intent on its own material gain. May we learn to take our news from
many sources,
and realize the failings of power,
and of those who do not know,
and of those who will say whatever is being paid to be said. Turn the tide
to enrich the whole
through participation of the whole,
and a new dedication to truth and justice,
so lost from the American way,
that we now stand, in disbelief that such a coup has been thrown in our
face. A solemn dream, ever kept in the soul of each,
not yet found on our T.V.
that holds each of us to our highest goal,
the ever expanding consciousness of each. May we learn to see the real
behind the lies,
the true behind slick and pretty face. May we awaken from our failings,
enlightened in the grim reality of money that talks,
and paid mobs that rage. May we reawaken a new desire to fight for our
so long dazed in the shadows
of tricks of the trade. May we see in every day,
new beginning,
new call to awaken,
and unite,
moving in a new dawn of awakened and informed citizenship,
in great spontaneous uprising
towards more responsibility,
and new look into ourselves,
our minds,
our acts,
our hands,
to elicit forth a new world of our own create. Freedom is not free.
There is no light in the city.
Who here can give us truth?
All grapple with the limited view of short spanned life,
and grab for all that greed can take. We have not yet created a free world,
or a free mind,
free from the shackles of power
that has always fed itself
from the blindnesses and weaknesses of the greater whole. May we inaugurate
from the dark dealings
of those who reside in the white halls
and the Supreme enslave,
dark and grisly Politic
of a force that has always sought to enslave. When all that is needed to
corrupt is the promise of gold,
and always the least of us pays. May we inaugurate ourselves up and out of
these feudal days. There is no honor in grasping and choking wealth, in
small and dying pockets,
with no intent of enrichment to the whole. There is not one light in the
May we inaugurate within ourselves,
the light that is needed
to give our world and our beings change. May we inaugurate a true birth of
dedicated to the principle
that we are the only ones who can win our freedom
and who can in this fight engage. We have no leader who can fight for us.
It is a fight that always waits upon our self. Up from the well of the
masses must come the overwhelming wave,
equal in our voice to be heard,
able and capable of thinking,
and educating,
and ruling ourselves,
through our discourses,
a greater base
for the greatest sight
of greatest good,
democratic might.
For only we, the people, can set justice right. There is no relying upon our
or justices
to do for us,
what only we can win. We have seen in the limitations
of those who stand before us,
the failings of our selves,
crimes against our selves,
against all truth,
against the liberation of our hearts and our estates,
limitations that only we can lift ourselves up from. There is no leader to
fight for the greatest right. Our voice is lifted.
Our thirst unquenched in the fires of true.
Our responsibility to our souls,
our union,
our sense of everything holy and right,
compels us to rise,
to speak, inaugurate the fight. Democracy has not died. Take from this
a new will,
awakened and bruised mind,
alerted, and ready to redeem some semblance of light. We find that light.
Vigil now on this inauguration day,
as with the common man throughout the world.
Let us all act,
and pray,
that we are fit to the job
of creating a world more free,
more humane. Life, Liberty, Justice for all,
not just some carved words on stony page,
but flame within our spirit,
and honest in its claims. Only the balance of the whole
can ensure the good of the whole may prevail. May we rise above the
into the construct,
and give our voices true meat of matter,
and weight of law.
Not the law of the lawless,
but the law of the all. Learn to take up our tools of communicate.
Learn to use these mediums to inform and embroil.
Penning our thoughts,
denying criminals reward for their sins,
their lies,
their obstructions against right,
and humanity. Use our communicate
as a force of enlight,
for good,
for greatest good. May each of us remember
within the silence of our being,
what right action means.
And when it holds no meaning in the great white halls,
then we must remember from whence all power emanates,
the tacit approval,
the mandate of the people. We do not forget. Inaugurate the flame within
our only light,
our only chance in this eternal fight. No one owes us the truth, as we must
be able to see.
The unjust parades,
and there is no altar of sacred.
All illusion is used to woo the unwary to believe. Those of no mandate,
no moral,
no right,
Criminal of obstruct,
the power base,
the ever invisible hands in the night. Act. Fight. Let us inaugurate within
ourselves, the mandate towards governing.
For without the participation of a free and educated public,
there is no flame of freedom on this earth. Greed has won the day. Powers of
the night
define and embolden the light.
and so,
Let us rekindle the burning flame,
and improve our sight,
that sees the truth behind the lies,
that knows the letters behind the page,
that sees through the invisible face,
the purported grace. Can we inaugurate the highest good,
in the highest minds?
Change must ever move upward
from the lowest of denominators
to take hold on the greater stage. And so,
on this day to celebrate inaugurate.
Look to ourselves,
for that is where the true vigil of democracy lies. Inaugurate governance
that will take the wealth of this nation
and invest it for the wealth of the public,
not the pockets of the few,
for truly,
no taxation would be necessary if our resources were not bled away.
Deal makers have dealt the deeds,
deadened the day. On the dais,
this inauguration day,
with no intent or interest in the uplifting of the mass,
only the amassing of power base,
a dark and deadly face,
that has no sight,
no grace. Inauguration day. A people,
A nation,
A force of might for right,
for the highest grace of our natures,
requires each of us.
We await.
Be. Become the new arm of free.

Tamara Lynn Scott

is an poet, artist, writer, musician, and communicator

*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*:-.,_,.-:* "Be the change you
want to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"The two greatest obstacles to democracy in the United States are, first,
the widespread delusion among the poor that we have a democracy, and second,
the chronic terror among the rich, lest we get it." -Edward Dowling

"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal" Rev. Martin
Luther King, Jr.



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