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re:  irational/TM Clubcard

The TM clubcard project was 'shown' when I was at the ICA. A link and
synopsis was published in the ICA Bulletin as part of the programme - in
early 1997 I think, and extensively linked from a text I wrote specifically
for the ICA web site. The text consisted of a hypertext essay about the
work - with links to all sections of the project - all the solicitors
letters, and correspondence, before the project had 'concluded'.

It was interesting, as it potentially implicated the ICA in copyright
infringement by linking to the projects at all - both Tesco's and
Sainsbury's, which by that time were not supposed to be on line, and I
think had been legally required to be taken down.

The use of Tescos' and Sainsbury's corporate logo's as part of the ICA web
page, designed to navigate the work, were also a problem - and we concluded
that for the institution not to be drawn into the project in any legal way
(as I recall at that time, it was still live), we used a series of coloured
bands for each corporation - that 'suggested' the logos via colour - but
did not reproduce them completely. The earliest html versions I made linked
to the actual corporations logo graphics which remained on another server -
in the same way irational had done - but it was deemed too risky by the ICA
and I was asked to remove them by the ICA for fear of potential legal

The ICA, by giving the project an international platform and an
institutional sanction, did not merely legitimise the art work, it in a
way, was coerced into actually being part of it.

The ICA seem to have currently "lost" alot of this material - it no longer
seems to be on line, or linked in any way from their current version of the
web site.


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