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<nettime> culture made him and broke the mold...

...or, They just don't make fascists like they used to.

link found on andrew bul(l)?ha(c)?k's 'null device,' at 


     They ain't alright just because they're white

     I've been involved in the so-called "right-wing" for a
     number of years now, but when I step back and look at our
     so-called movement, especially more recently, I can't help
     saying to myself, "Why am I surrounded by so many
     I'm sure that if you are honest, you would have to agree
     with me, so let's go back to the Third Reich and look at the
     differences between then and now. Then, the people who
     flocked to the National Socialist cause, were young
     idealists fighting for what they believed in: their race and
     their nation. Self-sacrifice was commonplace and heroism was
     an everyday occurrence, both before the victory in 1933 when
     the Brownshirts fought the reds, losing over 25,000 men in
     the streets alone, and afterwards on the battlefields of
     World War 2 when legions of men from every European nation
     were decimated time and time again in the Crusade for
     You just can not compare these men with the dregs that call
     themselves "right-wingers" today. National Socialists then
     were the elite of our race, the cream of European youth.
     Most of the so-called "right-wingers" around today wouldn't
     have been fit to dig the latrine pits for the Waffen SS yet
     they claim to represent the White race and declare
     themselves to be the so-called vanguard. 
     Why is there such a difference I hear you ask? The problem
     now is that since the war, pro-White groups have been
     desperate for the numbers and will accept absolutely anyone
     just because they're White and call themselves racists. It
     doesn't matter what sort of lowlife they are as long as they
     are "our way".  Quite simply, the Nationalist organisations
     that exist at the moment will accept anyone. The only
     condition of membership they seem to have is the ability to
     pay an annual subscription. 

an interesting idea that afaik escaped even theweleit: depressive 
fascists who've traded in aggression for nostalgia.


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