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Re: <nettime> In Defense of the Free Ride

cpaul wrote:

>How the Best Price for Napster Downloads Might Actually Be Free
>By Robert X. Cringely
>When I visit New York City, I like to ride the subway. It is the fastest way
>to get around town and stay out of the weather at the same time. The New
>York City subway system is a remarkable engineering achievement, but there
>is one aspect of it that I can't understand -- why they charge people money
>to ride it.
>If, like me, you had literally grown up covering city council meetings for
>bad newspapers, you'd know that just about every transit agency in America
>claims that ticket sales cover only 10 to 15 percent of the actual cost of
>providing their service.

Not in NYC. Here, fares cover something like half of total expenses 
(including depreciation of capital) - and a lot more, if you just 
look at operating expenses.


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