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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2001 19:55 +0100
Subject: le mediatrans.11

le mediatrance.11
09022001 16:47 CET
n0name live! from transmediale.01
Berlin 4 to 11 February 2001

r a

6th day
flashback to 08022001
Panel: social software
part III+artistic softare
digital media/coding gives you more
freedom to create and design
softwareproduction sets social
why is this festival not organized like
Art d' Ameublement? low tech low
cost (including offline) so that
everybody can participate, in india
one e-mail needs 10 min. for
software has impact on society,
buttom-up politics, the real writers
are programmers, make non-
programmers programmers, non-
plurality of codes, participating
design, rethink the term "social"
[according to the cyborg/ai/robot-
discussion?], cowboy imago of
technicians, make them more
interactive, Augustinus: who shares
owns really. computer literacy. build
in non-technical questions in the
they make tools, "make
algorhithmmhs enjoyable".
jurymember worried about softwar art
award - expected just 50 people in
the house - because too nerdy. is the
artists without knowledge of
programming reduced to a stage
code as codecode. "implementation
of small realities, programmer
becomes artist. the programm is
running in front of us, the only
medium that can be autonom.

to be continued!

(c) 2001 n0name & all


Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 20:32 +0100
Subject: le mediatrans.12

le mediatrans*.12
09022001 20:11 CET
n0name live! from transmediale.01
Berlin 4 to 11 February 2001

... the necessaty of a software art
prize. a new territory, another ground
for creative practice. [practiceprize]
helps you to understand this
software. code as codecode.
understanding the machine itself.
code as coding the code is the
revenge of the representation of the
thing that will happen: the programm.
so coding is about what is going to
happen - nothing new. the
impressionists did it, jule verne did it.
open artware would mean do
concepts that took placed before. f**k
the original programmer. the pencil of
the machine. stocker: social | artistic
= wrong, need social-art software.
but what is the social space?
somebody quotes duchamp's "not
every artist is a chessplayer, but
every chessplayer is a artist". cramer:
in future the invisible. the fetish of the
code. code itself is social. the
problems of the birth of a new genre.

*please do (not) confuse with ("Die Medien Profis"), ("Domains Are Free"),, -

(c) 2001 n0name & all

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