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<nettime> fleshdance

re: strategic spam

in between quasi-religious repetitive rituals of advertisment the
daily fire alarms of media activists with the best intentions reach
their receivers with no particular result. one blurs into another.
the myth of the value of media activism follows the one of effective
advertisment. hard to proove that it works, but you can't risk not to.
the data diet of an average media art mailinglist contains 80%
announcements, the promotion of your digitial individuality,
between undigested netdotsomethings and forwarded newsfeed.

maybe one should call it media darwinism: survive the public e-sphere
by trying to saturate it with your remarks of territory, your 'brand'.
once it was cowboys burning signs into their bosses cows, soon its
dot-activist news sent out to all of you with the best intentions.

global warming record! weather rises 000.1 degrees. 600.000 harddisks
crashed in china because of a CIA worm going wild! smart bombs rain
down on abu dhabi! send your comments NOW! track-me!
it was quite a hard work for mc donalds to appear on the daily diet of
billions of meat eaters world wide. all the NLP experts and homeopathic
subliminals, the secret drugs and PR magick didn't help any more
in the last eight weeks in germany, homeland of the wurst. what BSE
did to mc donalds corp and the hyperindustrialized food supply system,
would have been the dream of any hardcore vegan eco-activist, animal
rights campaigner or pharmacy funded smartist.

forward it to your neighbors. the mass psychology of BSE is immune
against media campaings, if the virus is spread, there is no other way
back than the mass killing of cattle to get the e-villagers back to
eat. german chancelor schroeder sends 400.000 cattle into the crematorium!

media activism stinks because it is already there when it arrives. it
was a wet dream of the nettime empire to get access to everyone. it
was nearly fatal to begin to feed them with trash, e.g. forwarding
their own messages to them calling it dialogue. this winter's
hottest hypermediocracy is called "artistic software", but that's
another rant, while your databody swims in the flow, your flesh beats
back. long lives biotech activism! (maybe someone remembers the seeds
of reverent bunting?) getting your own hands down onto the code, the
essence, just reveals yet another code. and again: no replies, no
subject, nothing to decipher just empty bodies. in cyberspace it's
better to post than not to be.

one scientist in a bio lab with an insane idea of a leninist gene
therapy finds out that proteins are far more better carriers for
revolutionary fear then streams of bits. while dreaming about keeping
our virtual neighborhood clean, the info-bomb is triggered from what
is supposed to be the analogue world. and the digital schizm goes
right through you. hello? is this a media virus? the weather is really
changing. it brings us illegal codes for the world of integer and
floating points. it really doesn't matter any more if you run under
the GNU license or apply to Asimovs laws, since we found out that
one terabyte of data equals the calories of a doener kebap.
is that exact, ted?


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