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<nettime> Re: Are free ISPs free? Juno says users must donate processor time

Is this a way of downloading/outplacing electricity costs (in addition to
processing cycles) and is that now a material consideration, hmmm?

Mike Gurstein

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[As one science fiction writer would say, TANSTAAFL. This is merely the
natural evolution of the market for "free" services, and is hardly
objectionable. True, it raises some privacy and security questions, but
nobody's forcing you to use Juno, and pay ISPs are hardly expensive. --Declan]


    How Free Are Free ISPs?
    posted by vergil on Thursday February 01, @05:06PM
    from the check-that-clickwrap dept.

    Free ISPs have been especially hard hit by the current dot-com
    downturn. Juno Online Services (recently smacked by a Temporary
    Restraining Order involving a patent infringement scuffle with rival
    NetZero) has developed a novel way of extracting megahertz -- and
    potential megabucks -- from its subscriber base. According to a
    2/1/2001 InternetNews article, Juno's "Virtual Supercomputer Network"
    aims to replicate the success of SETI@home by pooling the processing
    potential of its new subscribers and selling the combined
    computational power. According to Juno's new service agreement, Juno's
    subscribers "agree" to let Juno download, upload and run software from
    their PCs, and may be required "to leave" their computers "on at all


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Posted to a mailing list I'm on. Forwarded with permission.


>From: "Cavanaugh, Bill" <bill_cavanaugh@es.adp.com>
>Subject: [visbas-OT] Bad Juno. Sit!
>Read section 2.5. You, too, can be a part of a distributed computing
>project. Whether you like it or not. And fuck you very much.
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