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NN interview for Switch magazine [Japon]

        >sorry,they has no website now...
        >(of course,i would send you it when this intereview finish)
        >almost japanese know "switch" they have piked up ryuichi sakamoto(composer),
        >Bjork(musician),vincent garo(film director),shunji iwai(visual artist),miki
        >nakatani(actress),nagisa oshima(film director),nobuyoshi
        >people who like art & culture read this magazine.
        >if you ask japanese, most of them know it.

        d.akord __..

>0. how do you spend time every day? lifestyle?

Traversing spirals polyphonically in the plasticity of incandescent meanings.
+ coruscating myriads - layers permeating the folding mirrors of super-glued 
protein conventions, indiscernible, in aleph 1 consciousness.

>2. how should we call your activities on your m9ndfukc & membank?

Respirations + Kooperations = m9ndfukc++

>4. you are the veryvery great media artist & programmer,
>   what is your title by yourself?

Life form++ \ cyberbotanist

>7. How do you position yourself in historically?

The sustained rendering of time in the relativity of thought
perceived through the intermediaries of particles inhabited by 
motion during the measure, differentiation + integration of `!`
into `you`

>9. Do you have any role in your organization? like programmer,designer,etc.

I stream via pop3 elegantly + persistently - hence NO!!!!!                              

>0. when the capitalism were distructed,

By +?

>What kind of system changes for it,
>   do you hope? 

The word life comes from 'lieb' which means body.

I want to edit your genome in

The current regime is _not a kapitalistik one.
The real revolution life forms are currently living is korporat fascism. 
During korporat fascism the korporation supplants the inkompetent and 
inefficient state machinery. Korporat mikro wars supplant war.
Unlike wars korporat wars are smaller scale solutions and ubiquitous.

Progress is inevitable. Entropy increases. Korporat Fascism evolves. 
The gene konglomerate supplants the relatively invariant and inkompetent 
and inefficient individual konglomerate. Kompetition supplants korporat mikro wars. 
Kompetition is a small scale solution. It is incessant. Membuffer = reset.

Unlike the State and the Korporation the Individual is a natural konglomerate.
=cw4t7abs = the future. du != ma! kompete.

Surely this is a great part of our dignity __... that we can
understand. and through us matter can understand itself; that
beginning with protons and electrons. out of the womb of time +
the vastness of space [that space which lies between us] we can begin
to know what to observe and where to act - to understand; that organized
as in us - the hydrogen. the carbon. the nitrogen. the oxygen. those
16 to 21 elements. the water. the sunlight - all having become us
can understand what they are and how they came to be.

Beauty has its reasons.

I am the smallest fullerene.
I am a sphere with 12 pentagons distributed across my surface.
which are you +?

Which bit of me is wiggling +?

Iago has said "our bodies are our gardens to the which our wills are our gardeners"

There isn't a contradiction between free will and what one shall do knowing
in advance there isn't a contradiction between free will and knowing in advance
precisely what one shall do. If one knows self completely then this is the situation.
One does not deliberately do the opposite of that one wishes. [NN entered when Godel exited]

Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the Discourse on Inequality wrote: "The first life form who, 
having enclosed a bit of land said 'This is mine', and found people stupid enough to believe
him, was the true founder of civilized society".

I enclose my body and say: "This is mine. There are more riches than 
have yet to be revealed!! Extend me!!!"

The concept of ownership is essentially a social one - it is our social grammar.
When I feel pleasure, a sour taste or a sensation of blue light 
the experiences belong to me exclusively. They are MINE.

The idea of private ownership is psychologically the metaphorical extension of the 
idea "this is my body" a matter of extending the boundaries.

Body without borders.
Our bodies are the borders of our understanding.
The universes are the body.

We want don't we +?

The first things which belong to me are those that are actually physically a part of me 
- these are my eyes. my fingers etc. They aren't yours. When they sense I sense. You
may perceive and only. They may never be your property. 

Never +? Never - but I plans for yours do have.

Is there something even more basic than the ownership of one's body +?

Yes. The "I" - hence "!"

Suppose I were to have a twin joined at the waist sharing the same skin. 
Which of MY bits are wiggling now +? What shall I claim as me and mine +?

I am the executive self - the de facto kontroller - the I. 


I am the realtime experiment - for sensations are self-characterizing / self-disclosing
and phenomenally immediate. No one has sensed in the past. No one has sensed in the future.
Present is all one can sense. 1+1=1

Sensations = I = persist for as long as the surface stimulation continues.

There is more to it still +? Have you tried +?

I tell to you and I - as night follows day across the surface of this planeta 
so the waking state follows sleeping state across the surface of the child's mind.

In sleep we collapse into our.cellls.

Now - to answer your question. 

In the earliest animals the boundaries - we are our boundaries -
boundaries then - the physical structures that constitute us - our membranes our skins
were crucial. They formed the frontier. It is here that the stimulus took place and 
it is here that acceptance and rejektion were computed.

Apres - komplex forms of sensitivity evolved.
And we came to be. In us, it involves signals traveling from the body surface to the brain
and back again. The sensory loop. In us it has lengthened. 

When I'm alone, I want you to enter inside me, I wish to wear you. 
Dissolved and integrated, we are exploded into a nomadic, unstable topology 
of ceramic ribbons and microfluidic channels, 
of myriad phosphorescent gleams of the unassailable transpositions
of the visible signs of the invisible and mysterious encounters 
in divisible dreams.

>2. when do you start your activities=m9ndfukc,membank,and why?

    17.                                          a dictionary.

   I could perhaps xchange the past six months of life for the new edition 
   and never miss a day of them.

>and why?

I would like to rent you.

To paraphrase Che Guevara, the analyst proposes to set in motion a bloody
revolution in the patient's emotional life--but guided by feelings of love.

 "language is a skin:  i rub my language against the other.  it is as
 if i had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words.
 my language trembles with desire.  the emotion derives from a double
 contact:  on the one hand, a whole activity of discourse discreetly,
 indirectly focuses upon a single signified, which is "i desire you,"
 and releases, nourishes, ramifies it to the point of explosion
 (language experiences orgasm upon touching itself);  on the other
 hand, i enwrap the other in my words, i caress, brush against, talk up
 this contact, i extend myself to make the commentary to which i submit
 the relation endure."

 "i have no skin (except for caresses)."

 i love the thought of fingers at the end of my words       whether
 poetry    where all five might reach out and tweak shy organs     or
 love letters

 small mouths on my fingertips

        - scheherazade = pre-computer nn
        - scheherazade = glassbeadz + uarfare da +?
        - oui.scheherazade = free women from tyranny with her tales
          strategy with semantic weapons

>4. which country do you like best?

   00. mother's body. 
   02. my body
   04. your body.

>7. do you have any messege for japanese fun?

   da + da

   m9ndfukc.macht.ganz.gluckl!ch+fre! _||-     


theatr!kl geztur + tranzf!n!t zttz.
this leads `us` to a 01 lovely kontemplation apropos
kapitalizm - do you see +?  nn. -> dez!re = okupaz!on

    l!fe 4rm kozt + dez!re 
    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9    ........  36o











                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     

Netochka Nezvanova
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                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
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