marko kosnik on 1 Feb 2001 11:15:57 -0000

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<nettime> the end of the ministry as you knew it

dear friends,

yesterday, january 31, the syssop of radio student, edi suc, had sent me an
e.mail with a notification he had to (by the order of the responsible) shut
down the hexpo mailing list at "bart" sever of radio student, including it's
archives. was an open public list active since may 2000 and was
holding at it's peak near 300 recipients, mostly in slovenia. it was pitched
to organisation background of the hexpo festival on local level. radio
student was hosting the list not only cause of the partneship with ministry
of experiment, but also as co-producer of hexpo.

without additional commentaries, i would like just to point out the manner,
how the leadership of radio student is cutting civil activites at it's
server: without warning, announcement and especially, without any
explanation to the members of the list using the list itself.

i had never heard before about such a destructive behaviour in the case of
hosting a public list on internet, especially by an institution, which can
afford being sponsored by phare program for public access activities.

please, spread the news, although the bad ones.

in the next days i will request the removal of all the pages hosted at radio
student in connection to hexpo festival, including the pages of ministry of
experiment and egon march institute:

i will form the info web page about behaviour of the officials at radio
student in the near future.
the list, all the pages and archives will resurrect with new addresses
during the spring. 

as for the rest, ministry of experiment,
non-formal group of media activists, was exiled from the working place at
radio student in september 2000, after promoting, developing and educating
for internet streaming activities on the international internet scene since

to be continued

marko kosnik

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