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<nettime> hacking google, hacking politics


                    You ain't huge. You ain't nothin'! 
         2000 HugeDisk Enterprises. All rights reserved.
HugeDisk Helps Confirm G.W. Bush's Reputation

   The on-line reputation of a celebrity -- from a television star to a
   high-stakes politician -- can have a dramatic effect on that person's
   career. Hate and worship sites, a slanted news media, or on-line
   chat-style commentary can all have either a positive or negative
   influence. Because an on-line reputation is something that's created
   through the mass consciousness of the Internet, it can often be
   difficult to judge exactly what a celebrity's on-line reputation may
   be. Every once in a while, however, something magical happens that
   makes it possible for a reputation to be validated through the simple
   click of a button.
                       Press Generated By This Story
                            Wired Magazine[1]
                          The Register (UK)[2]

   We at HugeDisk Men's Magazine are proud to report that, although
   entirely unwittingly, we have done our part to cement Texas Governor
   George W. Bush's on-line reputation as that of a "dumb motherfucker".
   How did we contribute to so dubious an achievement? It was easy! On
   the first installment of our Ask Hester HugeDisk column we innocently
   ran a link from the words "dumb motherfucker" to George W. Bush's
   on-line campaign store. The search engines noticed that we, along with
   a few other websites, endorsed George as a "dumb motherfucker" and
   adjusted George's search engine rankings accordingly.
   Follow the directions below to see proof that George W. Bush is the
   Internet's premier dumb motherfucker.

    1. Click here[3] to open the Yahoo! search engine in a separate window.

    2. Type the words "dumb motherfucker" into Yahoo!'s search term box.

    3. Click Search, or press Enter.


   Who owns the first site listed there? The Internet's most popular dumb
   motherfucker, that's who. Thank you America!
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