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Table of Contents:

   ctrlaltdel-----> v. 30.0
   The stream must go on... > Stuttgarter Filmwinter > real time
     infozone <>
   JoDI: a special issue on Hypertext Criticism
     Jill Walker <>
   cybersalon 6th feb
     richard barbrook <>
   cfp: COSIGN 2001
     Andy Clarke <>
   ::w3art news:: ARCO 2001 MADRID
     "w3art" <>
     "William R. Taylor" <>
   for anouncer
     "geert lovink" <>
   Fwd: events in Bristol UK
   Real Video Stream > Stuttgarter Filmwinter
     infozone <>
   trAce/ELO chat tomorrow features best hypertext authors
     Deena Larsen <>
     "Pierre Robert" <>
   Attn: new media, video and animation artists
     "" <>


Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 15:34:20 +0100
Subject: ctrlaltdel-----> v. 30.0

project info-----> non- linear project in progress 
update info-----> 21 new shockwave engines
browser -----> msie 5.0+ [optimal experience]
plugin----> macromedia shockwave player 8.0


Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 15:17:38 +0100
From: infozone <>
Subject: The stream must go on... > Stuttgarter Filmwinter > real time

14. Stuttgart Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media 

                      January 18-21, 2001 

                      Internet / CD-Rom / Installation / Performance / Video /

                         Please feel free to visit our web site and take part in
the online 


                      During the festival each there's a different panel about
media culture: 

                      XML-Expanded Media Lounge @ 14th Stuttgart Filmwinter 

                         The conference about the cultural social, and economical
development of new 

                      | Thursday, January 18 

                         Filmhaus Friedrichstr. 23 A 

                      XML - NetScreen 

                         NetScreen deals with developments and possibilities of
Online Film, Web TV, 
                         and Streaming Media in the artistic and commercial

                         In cooperation with the European Coordination of
Filmfestivals, MFG 
                         Filmförderung, and Landesanstalt für Kommunikation

                         11:00   Karin Mohr, Landesanstalt für Kommunikation
                         "Legal aspects of Online film and Web TV - TV in legally
free domains?" 

                        12:00   Net Art Guide des E-Business 
                                Innovationszentrum der Fraunhofer Gesellschaft -
präsentiert von Stefan 
                        Net Art Guide of the e-business innovation centre of the
                        Gesellschaft - presented by Stefan Federspiel 

                         14:00   EDMN - European Digital Media Network 
                         Pilot project of a European media channel - presented by
Alfred Rotert 
                         (European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück) 

                        15:00   Patrick Boltz, Vicky Tiegelkamp, 
                                Playframe, Berlin 
                                New entertainment and magazin formats in the wide
band internet 

                        16:00   Aaron Koenig, Bitfilm, Hamburg 
                                Short Attention Spam 
                                Ästhetik und Produktionsbedingungen von
                                Esthetics and production conditions of Online

                        18:00   NetScreen-Roundtable 
                                Onlinefilm and festivals 
                                Conny Voester, Viper, Basel 
                                International Festival of New Film, Split 
                                Tom van Vliet, World Wide Video Festival,
                                Alfred Rotert, EMAF, Osnabrück 

                      19:00      Opening of the festival 

                      22:00   XML-Party - Les Gammas (Augsburg) & visuals by
annahd (Stuttgart) 

                      Freitag, 19. Januar | Friday, January 19 

                      XML - Invention> Intervention 

                         Invention>Intervention explores the interaction between
culture and 
                         e-business. It presents artistic strategies dealing with
e-commerce as well 
                         as multi media agencies trying to combine culture and

                         In cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation
Baden-Württemberg, MFG media 
                         development, and De:Bug. 

                         Filmhaus, Friedrichstr. 23 A 

                        11:00   Mac Müller, Im Stall, Berlin 
                                Buzzword Bullshit Bingo 2001 
                                Definitionen und Prinzipien des e-Commerce 
                                Definitions and principles of e-Commerce 

                        14:00      0100101110101101.0rg, Net activists, Bologna 
                                Internet piracy and copyright 

                         15:00   Verena Kuni, Mainz 
                         Panem @ circenses - artistic agency in a capital arena of

                        16:00   Eric Kluitenberg, Amsterdam 
                                Mythologies of the New Economy 

                        17:00   Manuel Funk, David Lindermann, Fork, Hamburg,
                                Künstlerischer Anspruch im e-Business 
                                Artistic demands in e-Business 

                        18:00   Protoplast AG, Basel 
                                Imaginary products 

                        19:00   Invention> Intervention-Roundtable 
                                Moderation: Mercedes Bunz (De:Bug) 
                                Eric Kluitenberg (media theorist) 
                                David Linderman (CEO Fork) 
                                Philippe Cuny (Protoplast AG) 
                                Gerd Schwandner (Professor for International
Management and Marketing at

                        the Karlsruhe technical college) 
                                Christian Schwarm (CEO AGI) 

                      22:00   XML-Party: Klangkrieg/Panacea, Berlin & VJ Safy,

                      Samstag, 20. Januar | Saturday, Januar 20 

                      XML - Pretty Ugly Privacy 

                        Surveillance in an entertainment society. Voluntary and
                        surveillance via video and data mining are present
everywhere. Pretty Ugly 
                        Privacy creates the relations of image production,
internet and the social 
                        framework conditions and asks about the end of privacy. 

                      In cooperation with the House of Documentary Film and LIFT

                         Filmhaus, Friedrichstr. 23 A 

                        14:00   Jochen Becker, Berlin 
                                Because we agree - Leisure time amusement in a
society of observation 

                        15:00   Winfried Pauleit, Berlin 
                                Video surveillance and postmodern subjects 

                        16:00   padeluun, Bielefeld 
                                You are nothing - the state is all? 

                        17:00   Scanner, London 
                                Listening to the Spaces 

                         18:00   Podiumsdiskussion / Panel discussion 
                         Videoüberwachung in Stuttgart   / Video surveillance in

                        Moderation: Arne Braun (Lift Stuttgart) 
                        Jürgen Beck, City mayor for environment, security, and
                        Franz Körner, Deputy agent for the protection of the
privacy of personal 
                        data of the State Baden-Württemberg 
                        Thomas Oelmayer, Legal expert of the Green party in the
state parliament 
                        Padeluun, Artist and media activist, Martin Schairer,
chief constable of 

                         22:00   XML-Party: Scanner, London - sponsored by
m.a.r.k. 13 
                         Visuals by m.a.r.k. 13 & THE3DE-VJ-Team, Stuttgart 

                      Pretty Ugly Privacy - Das Filmprogramm / The film programme 

                         Donnerstag, 18. Januar | Thursday, January 18 
                         Filmhaus Saal 2 / Filmhaus hall 2 
                         18:00   Harun Farocki: Pictures of Prisons 

                         | Friday, January 19 
                         Filmhaus hall 2 
                         Short film programme Surveillance 

                         | Saturday, January 20 
                         Filmhaus hall 1 
                         11:00   Didi Danquart: Der Pannwitzblick 

                      | Sunday, January 21 

                      XML - VR-Art 

                        VR-Art presents the latest tendency in 3D Multiuser
Virtual Reality. 
                        Great experts examine the cultural aspects of this
technology, which 
                        represents a new potential and an additional dimension for
the internet. The 
                        panel closes with the presentation and awards ceremony of
the sound space 

                      In cooperation with MFG media development and feuersee
software GmbH 

                         Filmhaus, Friedrichstr. 23 A 

                        14:00   Michael G. Wagner, Geometrek, Web3D Consortium,
                                DeepWave - Visualizing Music through VRML 

                        15:00   Kathy Rae Huffman, Hull Time Based Art Centre,
                                3D Grrls 

                        16:00   Nick Polys, VirtuWorlds, Web3D Consortium, New
                                The Techniques of Perception in VRML 

                      17:00      sound-space - presentation & awards ceremony 

                        22:00   XML-Party 
                                Thomas Fehlmann & Ocean Club, Berlin & 3D-VJs
Bureau Destruct, Bern


Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 14:24:14 +0100
From: Jill Walker <>
Subject: JoDI: a special issue on Hypertext Criticism

Journal of Digital Information announces
(Volume 1, issue 7, January 2001)
Guest Editor: Susana P. Tosca, Oxford Brookes University, UK

 From the special issue editorial
"Hypertext critics work with software and computer languages that support
hypertextual structures and think about how using it can affect the ways we
present or recover information as authors and readers, and even the way we
think about information. This special issue brings some fresh air and a new
perspective to Hypertext Criticism. Four brilliant young authors have
contributed to the issue, which we really believe is special due to its
innovative content and form."

The issue includes the following papers:

M. Engebretsen, Hypernews and Coherence

A. Miles, Hypertext in the Dark: cinematic narration with links

A. Rau, Wreader's Digest - How to Appreciate Hyperfiction

J. Walker, Child's game confused: reading Juliet Ann Martin's oooxxxooo.

The Journal of Digital Information is an electronic journal published only
via the Web. The journal is currently available free to all users.


Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 17:20:08 +0000
From: richard barbrook <>
Subject: cybersalon 6th feb

Tuesday 6th February 2001
Why wear I.T?: the future technology of fashion

6.30pm: discussion
Entry: £5/£3 (conc.)/£2.50(ICA members)
Asha Peta Thompson- Electro-textiles and sensory fabrics (Design for Life
Centre at Brunel University)
Jack Mama- Creative Director Philips Design, Intelligent Fibres Division.
Jane Harris- PhD Royal College of Art
Hosted by: Chris Cleverly from Channel 4 /Zoom (tbc)

See the debate remotely on
Text your questions during the talk- they will appear

>From 9pm:
Entry: £2.50
Show of interactive clothing by University of Westminster BA Fashion
selected by Gaye Yates
Philips/Levis jacket

3D pattern cutting software
body scanners

jnrtv - live interactive / generative dance music- john eacott uses his
trumpet as a controlling interface whilst wearing an outrageous gown. DJs broadcast live on the Web
Supanaut (Leftfield  hip hop)
Crofton and Dan Bean- the I-ality Sound System (Digital Dub)
One Tounge Soup.

Live performance by VJs Sanfrandisco and DJ Ryo Co (Japan)

Art on show by:
Jane Harris
Patricio Forrester

Free drinks

Ends: 1am

Venue: ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), the mall, london SW1 5AH
Tubes: Piccadilly/Charing Cross
- --------
Philips Design
University of Westminster
Hypermedia Research Centre
ICA/Sun microsystems
Arts Council of England
New Media Knowledge
Wildlife Records


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 15:45:16 +0000
From: Andy Clarke <>
Subject: cfp: COSIGN 2001

Apologies for cross-posting and multiple copies.

Please forward this cfp to any individuals or mailing lists that you feel
it would be of interest to.

*    First Call For Papers
*    ---------------------
*    COSIGN 2001
*    1st International Conference on
*    (
*    Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
*    September 12 - September 14, 2001


This cross-disciplinary conference explores the ways in which semiotics
(and related theories such as structuralism and post-structuralism) can be
applied to creating and analysing computer-based media. It is intended for
anyone with an interest in areas of overlap (or potential overlap) between
semiotics and interactive digital media - including artists, designers,
critics, computer scientists, HCI and AI practitioners, semioticians,
narratologists and new media practitioners.

Semiotics is the study of signs, symbols and signification, and is
therefore the study of how meaning is created, encoded and understood.
Computational semiotics is understood here to be the application of
semiotic theories to interactive digital media and has three main areas
(which overlap). They are:

* The way in which meaning can be created by, encoded in, or understood by,
the computer (using systems or techniques based upon semiotics).

* The way in which meaning in interactive digital media is understood by the
viewer or user (again using systems or techniques based upon semiotics).

* The use of semiotics as the starting point for a system for looking
critically at the content of interactive digital media - devising a
critical framework equivalent in status and depth to art theory or academic
film criticism.

Interactive digital media here refers to computer-based media that responds
to the user's input. This response can either be in real-time, responding
continuously to the changing input of the user, or generatively, based on
initial settings provided by the user. It incorporates one or more
modalities including digital video and audio, live-rendered and
pre-rendered 2D or 3D graphics, still images and text, etc.

Input may make use of conventional keyboard, mouse, joystick or game pad,
data glove, or sensor technology of any type. Output may be through
conventional screen technology (including data projectors), 3D
visualization systems (including VR goggles and CAVE systems), haptics, and
other new interaction technologies.

Media that make use of the unique capabilities of digital systems are of
particular interest to this conference. These include: computer games,
interactive narratives and other forms of interactive entertainment;
interactive video, virtual reality systems and virtual environments; and

COSIGN 2001 invites the following submissions:
1. Academic Papers
2. Media Artworks
3. Posters and technical demonstrations


1. Academic Papers
Submission date for Academic Papers: 23rd March 2001
Acceptance will be notified on or around 7th May 2001
Authors of accepted papers will be required to return the revised
camera-ready copy and complete registration form (at least one per paper)
by 11th June 2001
Electronic version for online publication to be submitted by 25th June 2001

2. Media Artwork Proposals
Submission date for Media Artwork proposals: 23rd March 2001
Acceptance will be notified on or around 7th May 2001

3. Posters and Technical Demonstrations
Submission date for Posters and Technical Demonstrations proposals: 23rd
April 2001
Acceptance will be notified on or around 21st May 2001


Papers are invited on any subject that explores areas of overlap (or
potential overlap) between semiotics and interactive digital media.
Examples of this include, but are not limited to, the following:

* The use of semiotics in the study and criticism of digital interactive media.
* Narratology in new media.
* The use of semiotics in the creation of generative narrative systems,
interactive digital games, entertainment and artworks.
* Semiotic-orientated HCI.
* Software architectures and technologies using (or based upon) semiotic
theories, systems or models.
* The use of semiotics in AI.
* Semiotics and Hypermedia.

Papers should demonstrate an understanding of - and engagement with - the
principles of semiotics (understood here as the study of signs) and gain
something from this engagement.

Submission Requirements for Academic Papers:

Submission deadline: 23rd March 2001.
Authors will be notified regarding acceptance on or around 7th May 2001.

Interested parties are invited to submit papers of not less than 2000 words
and not exceeding 5000 words.

All papers must be submitted electronically in one of the following
formats: Postscript, Microsoft Word for Windows, RTF or PDF to BOTH the
following: (Craig Lindley) and
(Grethe Mitchell)

If authors have difficulty in submitting papers electronically please contact:

        Frank Nack
        CWI - INS2
        Kruislaan 413
        P.O. Box 94079,
        NL-1090 GB Amsterdam
        Phone: +31 20 592 4223
        Fax: +31 20 592 4312

Other Deadlines:

Authors of accepted papers will be required to return the revised
camera-ready copy and complete registration form (at least one per paper)
by 11th June 2001
Electronic version for online publication to be submitted by 25th June 2001

Online Publication:

Authors of accepted papers will be required to prepare an electronic
version for the online conference proceedings, which will supplement the
traditional printed volume. Authors of accepted papers will be asked to
submit their papers in validated HTML 4.0 or PDF format for online


In addition to academic and theoretical papers, presentations of
practice-based work relevant to the themes of this conference are also

Proposals for the presentation of new media art works of all forms and in
all formats are invited. Selection of work for presentation at the
conference will be based upon relevance to the themes of the conference,
interest in demonstrating or exploring the potential of new media, or
challenging perceptions, theoretical assumptions, or understanding in any
areas related to the conference. Selection may also be constrained by
practical requirements for equipment, safety, etc.  Final decisions will be
made by the Media Artwork Committee in consultation with the Programme

Submission Requirements for New Media Artworks:

Submission deadlines:
Submission date for Media Artwork proposals: 23rd March 2001
Acceptance will be notified on or around 7th May  2001

Proposals for media artworks must be presented on an online website (you
must guarantee stability of the files until the conference). The website
should display the following:
A textual description (maximum size equivalent to 2 pages of A4) of the
proposed artwork and any illustrations.
A biography of the artist(s)/author(s)
Contact details
Please submit the URL of the website containing your proposal to BOTH of
the following by email: (Andrew Clarke) and (Frank Nack)

If artist(s)/author(s) have difficulty in submitting a URL then please contact:

        Frank Nack
        CWI - INS2
        Kruislaan 413
        P.O. Box 94079,
        NL-1090 GB Amsterdam
        Phone: +31 20 592 4223
        Fax: +31 20 592 4312


A) Posters:

There will be an opportunity for researchers to present new work and ideas
that are not yet ready for the full presentation. Short papers will be
presented in poster format, and will be included in both the hardcopy and
electronic proceedings.

Submission Requirements for Posters:

Submission deadline - Posters:
Submission date for Posters and Technical Demonstrations proposals: 23rd
April 2001
Acceptance will be notified on or around 21st May 2001

Papers must be submitted electronically.
Please submit your work described in 2 to 4 pages of A4 size, double
spaced, either as a URL or in one of the following formats: Postscript,
Microsoft Word for Windows, RTF or PDF. Submissions to BOTH of the
following: (Andrew Clarke) and
(Clive Fencott)

B) Technical Demonstrations:

Demonstrations will include leading edge work and work in progress in every
area relating to Semiotics in New Media and Computing. Submissions will be
peer-reviewed to ensure quality. Submitters will be encouraged to provide
videotapes where applicable to show the proposed demonstrations.

Submission Requirements for Technical Demonstrations:

Submission deadline - Technical Demonstrations:
Submission date for Posters and Technical Demonstrations proposals: 23rd
April 2001
Acceptance will be notified on or around 21st May 2001

Please submit your demonstration proposal by email to BOTH of the
following: (Clive Fencott) and
(Craig Lindley).

Organizing Committee:

Andy Clarke - Kinonet  (UK)
Clive Fencott - University of Teeside (UK)
Craig Lindley - Starlab (Belgium)
Grethe Mitchell - University of East London and Kinonet  (UK)
Frank Nack - CWI (Netherlands)

Programme Committee:

Elisabeth Andre - DFKI (Germany)
JP Balpe - Universite Paris 8 (France)
Paul Brna - Leeds University (UK)
Kevin Brooks - Motorola Human Interface Labs (USA)
Andrew Clarke - Kinonet (UK)
Clive Fencott - University of Teeside (UK)
Monika Fleishman - GMD (Germany)
Ian Green - University of Westminster (UK)
Werner Kriechbaum - IBM (Germany)
Craig Lindley - Starlab (Belgium)
Grethe Mitchell - University of East London and Kinonet (UK)
Frank Nack - CWI (Netherlands)
Paolo Petta - OFAI (Austria)
Doug Rosenberg - University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
Adelheit Stein - GMD (Germany)
Ola Stockfelt - University of Goteborg/University of Skovde (Sweden)

New Media Artworks Committee:

Andrew Clarke - Kinonet (UK)
Maja Kuzmanovic - Starlab (Belgium)
Mari Mahr - Photographer/ Artist (UK)
Grethe Mitchell - University of East London and Kinonet (UK)
Doug Rosenberg - University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
Uli Spierling - ZGDV (Germany)
Linda Wallace - Machine Hunger/Australian National University (Aus)

end of cfp


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 16:19:48 +0100
From: "w3art" <>
Subject: ::w3art news:: ARCO 2001 MADRID

::::: w3art . internet services for the art community :::::


A total of 274 galleries from 30 countries will be attending the 20th
International Contemporary Art Fair, ARCO, which will be held in Madrid from
14-19 February. The scheduled programme will include a broad spectrum from
the current international art scene, with the representation of over 1,500

The guest of honour at this new edition, at which ARCO is commemorating its
20th Anniversary, will be the United Kingdom, whose proposal is a faithful
reflection of the process of transformation that the British art world is
going through. The selection has been curated by Charles Esche, Matthew
Higgs and Kim Sweet. Along with this and other well-established section such
as "Cutting Edge" and "Project Rooms," which will contribute new viewpoints
on the emerging art produced in different parts of the world, two new
projects have been added for this twentieth edition. One is the launch of
"ARCO online", the first project to create a Virtual Art Fair, and the other
is the presentation of the sculptural programme titled "Open Spaces," which
will offer a new look at art as an integral part of public and urban space.

>>>> arco @ w3art >>>>>>>>>>>>

1. General Information

2. UK at ARCO'01

3. Galleries at ARCO'01

4. International sections

5. Panel discussions

6. Open Spaces

- ---------------------
w3art . internet services for the art community


Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 05:35:04 -0800
From: "William R. Taylor" <>

(Please post, and distribute to your email lists)
Coping with Chaos in High Places

A weekend program
Based on a forthcoming book of the same title

March 2-4, 2001 Woolman Hill, New England Quaker Center, (address at end)

"In these days of confusion in experts, we all need to become experts in


    I'll introduce a model of confusion dynamics, the vicious cycle in which
sources of confusion (information overload, complexity, ambiguity, etc.}
evoke ineffective coping tactics (lies, jargon, spin, oversimplification,
polarization.) These tactics worsen the original sources, and some
confounded elites then begin emitting lethal decay products.
    We'll run OPERATION MEDICI, a simulation exercise illustrating the
dynamics via a three-country political and military crisis.
    I'll apply the model to the Johnson administration's confusion during
the decision to escalate the US involvement in the Vietnam War in 1965.
    We'll examine my successes and failures in using fuzzy cognitive maps to
forecast events in real time during the US/NATO bombing campaign against
Serbia, 1999. (Those predictions are still on my site -see below.)
    Participants will test for themselves whether a knowledge of confusion
dynamics can increase empathy between opposing factions.

The presenter: I'm William R. Taylor, M.D., a retired civilian psychiatrist
with twenty years' experience in tracking confusion dynamics in the media
and in my own life. I spent two years in the Vietnam era as a Navy
psychiatrist in Philadelphia, caring for Marines, sailors and their

You'll find an earlier version of confusion dynamics, and the 1999 Kosovo
forecasts, on my site:

Participate!  To register and to get more information, call

USA  (413) 774-3431 or email

New England Quaker Center
107 Keets Road
Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA


Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 13:19:48 +1100
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: for anouncer

 The University of Southern California School of Fine Arts
 second annual international festival of time-based media,
 presented in collaboration with the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

 February 15, 16, 17, 2001

 The Art In Motion II pre-screening committee is delighted
 to announce the entries accepted for AIM II:

 On exhibition at the Santa Monica Museum of Art:

 Amy Alexanber & Peter Traub (USA) The Bot (One Infesting
  the Horse)

 Tony Allard (USA) World Mix Los Angeles

 Mark Amerika (USA) PHON:E:ME

 Steve Appleton  (USA) About Face

 Staffan Backlund (Sweden) The Postfuturistic Encyclopedia

 Juliet Conlon (USA) From the Back of the Eyelids

 Alison Cornyn & Sue Johnson (USA) 360
  on the US Criminal Justice System

 Geoff Cox, Mike Phillips  (England) Donald Rodney: Autoicon

 David Crow (England) Forest of Signs

 Susan Giles (USA) Um, (space), and Vagueness

 Karen Gunthrie & Nina Pope (England) The Festival of Lying

 Andrew Hutchison & Marie-Louise Xavier (Australia) Juvenate

 Ken Kobland (USA) Manezh Square

 Greg Kucera (USA) Living

 Hart Laurent & Julien Alma (France) Borderland

 Eduardo Navas (USA) The Quixote

 John Rechy and the Labyrinth Project (USA) Mysteries
  and Desire: Searching the Worlds of John Rechy

 Gwyan Rhabyt (USA) The Writing Machine

 Aaron Rincover (USA)  Digital Atmosphere

 Jayce Solloum (Canada) Untitled

 Anne Walsh & Chris Kubrick (USA)  Conversations with
  the Countess of Castiglione

 Screening at the USC Annenberg Auditorium:

 Nahyeong Cheon (USA) The California Dream

 Tony Cokes (USA) AD Vice

 Tony Cokes  (USA) 2@

 Gili Dinovich  (Scotland) Meine Heimatstadt

 Jeanne Finlay (USA) Loss Prevention

 Mark Gardner (Scotland) Communication

 Neil Goldberg (USA) My Parents Read Dreams I've Had
  About Them

 Catriona Grant (Scotland) Role Models

 Kathy High (USA) Animal Attraction

 Annetta Kapon (USA) Verbatim

 Hung Wing Kit (Hong Kong) Invisible People

 Barbara Medajska (Poland) I Could Have Been Human

 Dennis H. Miller (USA) Second Thoughts

 Han Ter Park (Scotland) 18

 Peter Rose (USA) The Darkening

 Eric Saks/Belief (USA) Untitled:Darkness

 Somyung Sohn (USA) Island To Island

 Kai Syng Tan (Singapore) Chlorine Addiction

 Hilary Wilder (USA)  Everybody's Got Problems

 Andrew Wood (Scotland) Archigram

 Andrew Wood/Mark Gardner/Lewis Paul/Daryl Smith (Scotland)
  American Psycho

 The Art In Motion II Screening:

 Friday, February 16, 2001
 11am - 6pm
 USC Annenberg Auditorium
 USC Annenberg School for Communication
 Watt Way @ Hellman Way
 Tel: 213 740 ARTS
 Maps and Directions:

 The WebAdTV Art In Motion Exhibition:
 Th/Fri/ Sat, February 15, 16, 17, 2001
 11am - 6pm
 Santa Monica Museum of Art
 Bergamot Station
 2525 Michigan Ave. Bldg G1
       Tel: 310 586 6488
 Maps and directions:

 Reception and Award Ceremony
 Saturday February 17, 2001,
 7.30 - 10pm
 Santa Monica Museum of Art
 Bergamot Station
 2525 Michigan Ave. Bldg G1
       Tel: 310 586 6488
 Maps and directions:

 AIM II is co-sponsored by:

 USC Annenberg School for Communication
 Apple ®
 USC Arts Initiative
 California Arts Council
 USC Spectrum


Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 09:27:53 +1100 (EST)
Subject: Fwd: events in Bristol UK

- ----- Forwarded message from Surveillance Camera Players <> ---
- --
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 23:17:02 -0500
From: Surveillance Camera Players <>
Reply-To: Surveillance Camera Players <>
Subject: events in Bristol UK


Two nights exploring surveillance and counter-surveillance.

Saturday February 24th 2 o'clock St.James Barton Subway (the Bearpit)

"Lets flood the cctv operators with incident and spotaneously constructed
street occurences".
'Broadmead CCTV games event'
A non-rules games tournament with umlimited play possiblities.
Ideas so far:
Throw wet sponges at the cameras. Public protection cardboard barriers.
Make the security gaurd appear the fastest heats. Shoot Back with lots
of cameras. Documentation of cameras and charting of 'camera free'
areas of Bristol; stencil (sticker?) campaign to notify areas of
zero camera coverage. The same for the opposite.
Fake incidences. Approaches to Broadmead control to recover footage.

Saturday 9:00 'Spies, Cops & Gaurds; Control & Surveillance In Society.
(80 min ends 10:20)

A Rare programme of 16mm films covering all angles of state mentality for
control and order. From 'Red Nightmre' which looks into the american
paranoia of RED mind invasion to 'Mob And Riot Control', a californian
police instruction film on handling crowds and mobs of teenages.
In the bar afterwards will be a presentation of  from a member of the irational
collective and a talk about the days 'CCTV games' in Broadmead and showing
of any documentation made.

Sunday 8:00 Counter Attacks and inversions
Video tapes from BIT (bureau of inverse technology);bit plane, an
autonomous remote excursion into air space over silicon valley and
suicide box, video acts of suicide leaps from the golden gate bridge.
We'll also be showing video footage of the New York based
'Surveillance Camera Players' who perform various plays in front of cctv
networks in acts of social defiance.
Results from a shout out for cctv material will be screened.

for thorough coverage of the issues

- ----- End forwarded message -----

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Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 15:27:16 +0100
From: infozone <>
Subject: Real Video Stream > Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Sorry we've forgotten to indiquate the URL:

Real Video Stream: Stuttgarter Filmwinter 


more information:


Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 12:34:02 -0700
From: Deena Larsen <>
Subject: trAce/ELO chat tomorrow features best hypertext authors


The trAce/ELO Chat is going to talk with the curators, commentors, and
authors featured in Jumpin at the Diner next tomorrow (Sunday Jan 21)
at 21:00 London time, 16:00 New York time and 6:00 am (Monday) Sydney
time in Lingua MOO

 The Winter 2000 edition of Riding the Meridian features "Jumpin' at
the Diner"--is a  spankin' new survey of web-work created by men,
by Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink with Jennifer Ley, and commentary by
Jay Bolter
and Stephanie Strickland--the male counterpart of the famed "Dinner
Party" in the Spring 2000 Riding the Meridian.

Join us  as we explore:

What common themes and issues do these works address?
How are authors using new and changing technologies?
 Why are authors choosing the forms they choose--(what are we *saying*
that we can't say in linear print)?
 How do graphics and text merge into meaning?

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2) go to

3) click on the LOG IN button on the left hand side

4) type in your name at the prompt

  5) once in the MOO, type "@go eliterature" to get to the electronic
literature chat room.
That's it!   You're in.

Hope to see you there!
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Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 18:32:18 -0500
From: "Pierre Robert" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?-----=3E_a_r_c_h_=E9_e_-=3E_=3E-=3E-=3E_s_o_m_m_a_i_r_e_ja?= =?iso-8859-1?Q?nv._01_=3C-?=

- -----> a r c h é e -> mensuel électronique sur la cyberculture artistique,
en ligne depuis octobre 1997

Un début d'année qui fait le plein d'idées. À lire sans attendre.

- -----> sommaire en ligne ->

>->-> s o m m a i r e

- --------> «Les revues d'art contemporain entre imprimé et électronique:
évolutions récentes», une analyse de Gérard Régimbeau

Internet a provoqué, dans le champ de l'art contemporain, des changements
qui touchent à la médiation de l'information. Il a permis la naissance de la
revue électronique, nouvelle forme éditoriale, tout en imposant une phase
d'adaptation aux revues imprimées. Après un bref retour historiographique
sur l'étude des revues d'art contemporain, cet article s'attache à montrer
les diverses réactions des revues «classiques» face au défi de la diffusion
en ligne; à distinguer les différents projets de revues électroniques, des
plus anciennes aux plus récentes; puis à observer les maquettes des
différents sites. L'ensemble de ces repères permettant d'approcher
quelques-unes des fonctions médiatrices de la revue dans des réseaux où
l'art et l'édition croisent maintenant le réseau Internet.
- -

- --------> «Langage(s) du Net» par Louis-José Lestocart

«L'art considéré ici sera donc, avant tout, méthode et langage - «actes de
langage» (speech acts) selon John Austin et John R. Searle, philosophes
analytiques du langage, pères de la linguistique performative : «Quand dire
c'est faire». [...] Avatar d'avatar ou avatar retourné (dans l'art
contemporain, on retourne le tableau en installation), bâti à la fois sur le
langage ésotérico-informatique (intralinguistique) et le langage performatif
inhérent à l'art du Net». Les oeuvres des artistes Mouchette, Olga
Kisseleva, Mark Amerika et Annie Abrahams sont étudiées dans cet article.
- -

- --------> «Ennemi de la nostalgie, victime du présent, critique du futur: un
entretien avec Peter Lunenfeld», réalisé par Geert Lovink

Peter Lunenfeld enseigne dans le cadre du programme Media Design au Art
Center College of Design (Pasadena, Californie). Il vit à Los Angeles et il
a publié Snap to Grid: A User's Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Culture
(MIT Press, 2000). En tant que critique actuel de la culture, il
contextualise le milieu quelque peu isolé et autoréférentiel lié aux projets
en nouveaux médias. Plutôt que de réduire le démo à une tentative inachevée,
il avance que «le démo est devenu une part essentielle de la pratique
artistique». «Je suis étonné de constater que nous sommes tous forcément
engagés dans des références d'une étendue auparavant inimaginable, qu'entre
autres, ce que nous attendons de la nouvelle génération d'applications
numériques ce sont, précisément, les outils et les méthodes pour nous aider
à faire du sens à partir de ce vaste flux d'informations.»
- -

>>> Merci à ceux et celles qui font de cet espace virtuel un lieu vivant,
dynamique et enrichissant.
	!!!__Bonne consultation tout au long de l'année 2001__!!!

a r c h é e

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faites-nous en part à l'adresse suivante :


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 21:15:58 -0400
From: "" <>
Subject: Attn: new media, video and animation artists


My name is Seth Thompson and I am the Director/Producer of is a bi-monthly webzine that is focused on 
bringing innovative short videos, animations and interactive works 
over the internet.  Our mission is to be a showcase, distribution and 
promotion center for media artists via the World Wide Web. is for audiences seeking innovative alternatives to 
traditional forms of entertainment.

We are seeking new media works as well as animations, videos and 
films to be streamed over the internet.  The deadline for the 
April/May 2001 issue is February 1, 2001.

In order to submit, I am asking that you fill out the on-line 
registration form and send the following items: completed copy of the 
submission form, promotional materials, 50 word synopsis of the 
piece, bio, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Works submitted 
should be on VHS (NTSC), cd-rom, 3.5" floppy disk or zip disk.  The 
reason for all this information is that if we accept your piece we 
may also want to do a profile on you and your work.  Please do not 
send content over the internet.  It will only be received if sent via 
snail mail.

Please visit  and go to the "submit media" page 
to fill out our on-line registration form.

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in submitting 
their work, please forward this e-mail to them.   Thank you.

Best wishes,

Seth Thompson

Sincere apologies to anyone who receives this twice, or receives this in error.

Please Note:  To remove your e-mail address from my list simply reply 
to this message and type the word "unsubscribe" in the Subject field 
at the top of your reply.  If you have more than one e-mail address 
through which you might be receiving this, please be sure to list 
them all.
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