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R: <nettime> more than tired about nettime.

Dear Fran Ilich & Sherman & nettimers
Strange Days!
The message Fran Ilich was quoting it is not from Sherman but from me to
 >> Dear Tom Sherman
>> you are rightly tired of information.
>> I do agree with you.
>> That fits in the web-design discussion.
>> let's change the mailing list in a web/multi/video/media/conferencing.
yes, thatt was my message and i think that is the way we should go.

And strangely enough i find in the Syndicate List  i am subscribed as well a
message by:
>it would be great to "change the mailing list in a

yes, and in this way the division between those who "have"
and people who 'don't have'(good boxes, good lines...you know may be better
than me)  would gets bigger - but this might be the right way to make things
clear(better) - kind of answer of the one traditional question 'who's who'

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Data: giovedý 18 gennaio 2001 22.53
Oggetto: <nettime> more than tired about nettime.

>hi geert, pit, tom, nettimers,
>> Dear Tom Sherman

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