Bill Spornitz on 19 Jan 2001 18:55:46 -0000

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Re: <nettime> more than tired about nettime.

It seems to me it's like this:

You have the raw feed - the bold list. All these things posted are in 
some ways self describing, so it's trivial to mark them up for 
meta-info and then put them through some kind of weblog (ugh! perhaps 
a *better-than-weblog*). Scoop(1) is interesting, because it allows 
for the community to give thumbs up or down while the posts are in 
the queue <- pretty word!

The nettime-l list continues, but a web-based interface is born as 
well;  an interface to that raw feed, the bold list.

The editors still generate nettime-l; these decisions could then even 
be translated to editorial choices for the *other*...



>hi geert, pit, tom, nettimers,
>>  Dear Tom Sherman
>>  you are rightly tired of information.
>>  I do agree with you.
>>  That fits in the web-design discussion.
>>  let's change the mailing list in a web/multi/video/media/conferencing.
>for sure and let the hard drives at the end of the world crash


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