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   Internet Moving Images Archive                                                  
     Rick Prelinger <>                                              

   LINK: Photos from Goa...                                                        
     Frederick Noronha <>                                        

   [collective jukebox 3.0] Marseille 20 jan 2001                                  
     jerome joy <>                                                      

   R E A L T O K Y O  vol.10                                                       
     Tetsuya OZAKI <>                                            

   for announcer | conference on UK gov's communications white paper               
     matthew fuller <>                                          

     "Pomodoro Bolzano" <>                                       

   [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ The 6th Experimental Chaos Conference                                                                              

   Re: nettime-l-digest V1 #172                                                    
     komninos zervos <>                                    

   DIGITAL ART HISTORY TIME                                                        
     Oliver Grau <>                                  

   between image and sound - call for entries                                      
     garage <>                                                       


Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 08:13:51 -0800
From: Rick Prelinger <>
Subject: Internet Moving Images Archive

The Internet Moving Images Archive site is up and running (though, I hasten
to say, still under construction).

This resource contains high-quality digital video files representing
ephemeral (advertising, educational, industrial, documentary, amateur and
government) films relevant to the study of 20th-century American culture
and society, media and media production, communication, technology,
landscape, urban history, economics, political science, warfare, the New
Deal, and many other subject areas.

At present it contains approximately 360 out of a planned total of 1001
titles, all from Prelinger Archives.  All are available for free
downloading and reuse, with no restrictions other than that the films
cannot be resold or licensed by anyone in their entirety or as stock
footage.  Our intention is that these titles should circulate freely as
"open-source" content.

I encourage you to download this material for your own use and for the use
of your patrons.  I hope that easy access to these films will assist
scholars, mediamakers, teachers, students, exhibitors and members of the
general public in coming to terms with the complex and diverse audiovisual
history of the 20th century.

The digitized video files are in MPEG-2 format; see the site for
information on playback.  In the next few months they will also be
available in MPEG-4 for lower-bandwidth users.

Please visit the site at
Shortly, the simplified URL will be

At the moment, the site does not work with Netscape, but we are working on
fixing this shortly.  It works fine with Opera and IE.

An article on the background and rationale for this project may be found at

The Internet Moving Images Archive is a project of the Internet Archive
( in collaboration with Prelinger Archives.

With many thanks,

Rick Prelinger

Rick Prelinger
Prelinger Archives
P.O. Box 590622, San Francisco, Calif. 94159-0622
+1 415 750-0445      Fax: +1 415 750-0607


Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 23:09:27 +0530
From: Frederick Noronha <>
Subject: LINK: Photos from Goa...

May I invite you to view some of my recent photographs from Goa at
- -- 
   frederick noronha, freelance journalist,
   near convent, saligao 403511 goa india 0091.832.409490/ 409783
   Bytes For All
   News from Goa
   Photos from Goa


Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 19:51:58 +0100
From: jerome joy <>
Subject: [collective jukebox 3.0] Marseille 20 jan 2001

:::::::::: c o l l e c t i v e  j u k e b o x  3.0:::::::::::::
:::::::::: i n f o :
:::::::::: j u s t  p l a y  i t !
:::::::::: j u s t  l i s t e n  t o  i t !

::::::::::: o p e n i n g :::::::::::::

Version 3.0. Collective JukeBox / Marseille 20 janv - 31 mar 2001
1, Place Francis Chirat, 13002 Marseille
w/ LMX etape 2
LMX step 2 is a project presented by Claire Dehove and Laurent Malone with:
LMX etape 2 est un dispositif presente par Claire Dehove et Laurent Malone
Acces Local, Dennis Adams, Ruedi Baur, Emmanuelle Bentz, Kate Blacker,
Andrea Blum, Collective JukeBox, Cooked in Marseilles, Nancy Crater, Dig
Ding Dong, Groupe Dunes, Bruno Guiganti, Patrice Hamel, IDSland/Olivier
Peyricot, Veronique Joumard, Jean-Marie Krauth, Nadia Lauro, Guy Lelong,
Erik M., Philippe Mairesse, Antoni Muntadas, Soussan LTD...

::::::::::: p r e s e n t a t i o n :::::::::::::

Within the framework of the "LMX" exhibition organized by Laurent Malone
and Claire Dehove with the FRAC PACA in Marseille, Collective JukeBox
continues its hectic evolution with this new version 3.0. In Marseille,
Collective JukeBox 3.0 will be presented on a "real" jukebox machine and
into a user-friendly room jointly with other rooms where other artists will
present their works . During three months a lot of interventions by artists
and critics from different artistic domains will be presented as lectures,
debates, videos, and so on. LMX will be a place of discussion, of
consultation and of debates. The general context will offer a place and a
moment of conviviality.

Dans le cadre de l'exposition LMX organisee par Laurent Malone et Claire
Dehove au FRAC PACA a Marseille, le Collective JukeBox continue son
evolution trepidante dans sa nouvelle version 3.0 . A Marseille, Collective
JukeBox 3.0 sera presente sur un "vrai" jukebox dans une salle conviviale
conjointe a d'autres espaces ou d'autres artistes presenteront leurs
travaux. Durant 3 mois un programme d'interventions par des artistes et des
critiques issus de differents domaines artistiques est mis en place:
conferences, debats, projections video, etc. LMX sera un lieu de
discussion, de consultation et de debat. Le contexte general offrira un
lieu et un moment de convivialite.

The list of the participants and their works is accessible on the website.
La liste des artistes et des travaux diffuses est disponible sur le site web.

407 artists and 1027 sound and musical pieces
407 participants 1027 pieces sonores et musicales

::::::::::: p r o j e (c) t s :::::::::::::

 2001: presentations of the Collective JukeBox in Tours (France) in april,
in Nantes (France) in may (not confirmed), in Paris (France) in may and
june (not confirmed), and after in Porto (Portugal) and in Genoa (Italy)
(not confirmed) and other propositions in progress.

2001: opening of the new space . A new project
with a new jukebox on-line with new works specially for the internet
interface. News soon ! This electronic place will certainly function with
the new free open sound standard .ogg which seems to be better than the mp3
standard. We will appeal to all the artists of the project for new
contributions and new works specially for the internet media.

2001: the Collective JukeBox project will open a Cooperation General
Charter or a Cooperation General License for encouraging and helping the
development of the whole project. This will appear in February. This
Charter or License will describe the different aspects of participation,
presentation, and distribution induced by the project.

2001: we're preparing some different propositions of editions: different
series of Collective JukeBox T-shirts, a printed book with the
participation of all artists of the project about the engagement of such a
cooperative project, a series of printed posters, and so on. We're thinking
too about a foolish but great idea: to organize a meeting with all the
artists who take part in the Collective JukeBox. This meeting could a kind
of one-week event with live events, lectures, debates, communications and
so on...

2001: in parallel of the version on the Cd-player jukebox machine, we'll
develop new presentations of the project with new audio player systems. Our
perspective today is to use jukebox player with hard-disks and computer
controlled, with tactile screen interface, and with network accesses for
the artists. This will permit to resolve the increasing needs of digital
memory (actually more than 60 CDs are included into the jukebox machine and
the capacity is about 100 audio Cds max.), and the hard work to digitilize
all the works in the same standard. This will permit too to encourage the
presentation of the project because we see today a lot of propositions for
presenting the Collective JukeBox and we think that this will increase next
months. We're preparing an industrial partner for using freely an existing
device or for developing a kind of prototype specially for the project.


jerome joy


Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 00:22:05 +0900
From: Tetsuya OZAKI <>
Subject: R E A L T O K Y O  vol.10

R    E    A    L    T    O    K    Y    O

[This Week's Index]

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks:
     *Cutting Edge Theatrical Play Experience Tour by Unita Momiichi
(2) Must-see Events Around the World: by Fukuda Miki
(3) Out of Tokyo 006: Kisaragi Koharu and 00s by Ozaki Tetsuya
(4) Present of the Week:
     *Tower Records' CD case & sticker and many others!

(1) Tokyo, 4 Weeks
Cutting Edge Theatrical Play Experience Tour by Unita Momiichi
A play by Gokiburi Combinat is dirty, dangerous and mad. The
characters in their plays are all living at the bottom of society; a
useless and angry bunch.  The black drama of sticky chaotic flesh-
ly desire and mucous woven by this dirty bunch is carried out in a
cheap musical presentation....

(2) Must-see Events Around the World
Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Zagreb, New York, and so on! by Fukuda Miki
Where did you spend your first day of the 21st century?  Since we
are here in timeless Asia, we can laugh at a mere 100- or 1,000-
year unit of time...Among video artists dealing with the subject
of time, Gary Hill's work shines with a piercing intelligence and
sense of beauty....

(3) Out of Tokyo 006
Kisaragi Koharu and 00s by Ozaki Tetsuya
Playwright Kisaragi Koharu died unexpectedly at the end of last
year at the age of forty-four.  Mourning this untimely death, mu-
sician Takahashi Yuji gave a heartbreaking farewell speech and
sang in trembling voice at her funeral.  At the end of the funeral,
Kisaragi's husband, Kajiya Kazuyuki, a theatre producer, wailing
in pain declared that he would seek a new theatre, promising his
lost wife that he would continue to carry on with her last wish.
These two eulogies moved all in attendance to tears....

(4) Present of the Week
To pray for many hits we've prepared lots of presents!  Send in
your name!  Be aware that each present has a different closing date.
Instead of announcing the winners we just send them their prize.

(* is new!)
* Tower Records' CD case & sticker
Invitation to 'Rika Noguchi Exhibition'
'UNCHAIN': catalogue and sticker
'DEEP SEIJUN': catalogue
'Sweet and Lowdown': catalogue
'Gift of Hope': Invitation ticket
'Phantom the Submarine' Preview invitation tickets
REALTOKYO stickers (ten per set) for thirty people.

To apply and for further information, please contact:

Please send your ideas and opinions to
Three users who send us mail will be chosen to receive a little gift

- ---PR---------------------------------------------------------------- <>
REALTOKYO is looking for advertisers wanting to put banners in the
website and mail magazine.  Banners will get lots of hits from people
attracted to a website full of catchy information on cinema, art,
music, the theatre and other fun events in town.
Please contact the following email address for dimensions and costs. <>
- -----------------------------------------------------------------PR--

No part of the text or images from this site may be used
without permission from the publisher.  Copyright 2001 REALTOKYO

- -------------------------------------------------------------
Tetsuya OZAKI

Editor in Chief / REALTOKYO


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 15:59:08 +0100
From: matthew fuller <>
Subject: for announcer | conference on UK gov's communications white paper

Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom
Conference on the government's communications white paper
9.45-17.30 hrs
Saturday 24 February 2001
Britannia Street Conference and Meeting Centre
27 Britannia Street
London WC1X 9JP
Nearest station: Kings Cross/Thameslink
media regulation...ownership & control...the new media... the European superpowers...the US media...alternative strategies...
Whose Revolution?
With the advent of the digital age and convergence of communications
technologies the government plans a massive shake-up in how electronic and
print media are to be regulated in the 21st century.
If proposals contained in the government's communications white paper reach
the statute books as they stand they could clear the field for a take-over
frenzy by the media superpowers. Strategies must be hammered out to
safeguard diversity, accountability and the public service ethos, stop the
fall in quality programmes and defend the space for local news and minority
At this major conference called by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting
Freedom, Culture Minister Chris Smith has been invited present and debate
the white paper with representatives from broadcasting, press, new media,
media education, trade unions, the arts and community campaigns.
Conference fees:
Institutions 75 (inc lunch)
Trade union delegates 25 (inc lunch)
CPBF members 7 Individuals 10
Students/Unwaged 4.
Lunch 5 extra
Register now on <> or contact CPBF, 8
Cynthia Street, London N1 9JF. Tel 020 7278 4430.


Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 02:58:48 +0100
From: "Pomodoro Bolzano" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?art=B4s_birthday_1.000.038?=

Dear artists, dear art lovers, celebrate art=B4s birthday!

38 years after the declaration of art=B4s 1 000 000th birthday by
the french artist Robert Filliou, PB has the pleasure to launch
the beta version of a virtual panel for art: .

This open project is supposed to be a display=20
for a living network of art and for projects dedicated to art=B4s =

to pay respect to art work in progress we would like to connect=20
with creative netpoints as active parts of a virtual world map of art.
Join the panel with your activities. Propose your netpoint or=20
other links which you are still missing on the map.

Feel very welcome to spread the spirit of and=20
forward this invitation to your network or mailing list.

with best wishes for 2001

Christian Wittkowsky + Max D. Well=20

Pomodoro Bolzano
( media  art  work )


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 02:58:31 +0100
Subject: [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ The 6th Experimental Chaos Conference

The 6th Experimental Chaos Conference will be held in Potsdam, Germany, on
July 22 - 26, 2001.  The conference is sponsored by the US Office of Naval
Research.  Members of the worldwide scientific, medical and engineering
communities interested in recent developments and techniques of experimental
nonlinear dynamics are invited to attend the conference and to contribute to
its technical sessions and workshops.  The latest information is available
at our web site:

Juergen Kurths
Universitaet Potsdam
Institut fuer Physik
    Am Neuen Palais 10, PF 601553
Lehrstuhl Nichtlineare Dynamik
D-14415 Potsdam    GERMANY
(49-331)-977-1429,   fax: (49-331)-977-1142
Stefano Boccaletti
Departamento de Fisica y
     Matematica Aplicada
Universidad de Navarra Irunlarrea s/n
31080 Pamplona  SPAIN
+34.948.425687,    fax: +34.948.425649
        (after February, 28th, 2001)
Stefano Boccaletti,
Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata,
Largo E. Fermi, 6, I50125 Florence ITALY
+39.055.23081, fax: +39.055.2337755
Louis M. Pecora
Naval Research Laboratory, Code 6343
Washington, DC  20375  USA
(202) 767-6002,    fax: (202) 767-1697
Mark L. Spano
Univ. of Missouri at St. Louis
Center for Neurodynamics
8001 Natural Bridge Rd.
St. Louis, MO  63121
(314) 516-6688,    fax: (314) 516-6152
Michael Shlesinger
Physical Sciences Division
Office of Naval Research 331
Arlington, VA  22217  USA
(703) 696-4220,    fax: (703) 696-6887


Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 16:11:26 +1000
From: komninos zervos <>
Subject: Re: nettime-l-digest V1 #172

is it poetry?  sound poem word association poem  interactive poem


please help me

komninos's cyberpoetry site
cyberpoet@slv site
komninos zervos, tel. +61 7 5552 8872
lecturer in cyberStudies, 
school of arts, 
gold coast campus, 
griffith university,
pmb 50, gold coast mail centre 
queensland, 9726


Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 17:57:53 +0100
From: Oliver Grau <>

The Proceedings of the International Congress of the History of Art
"Digital Art History" are now on-line:

Academic Section

The art historical analysis of:
· imagery in digital media;
· networking and databases;
· digital media and teaching;
· museums and exhibitions digital issues;
· digital images and global copyright problems;
· along with several other computer demonstrations.

Thirtieth International Congress of the History of Art
London, 3-8 September 2000

|||  |||  |||          dr. oliver grau
|||  |||  |||          kunstgeschichtliches seminar der
|||  |||  |||          philosophische fakultät III
|||  |||  |||          dorotheenstrasse 28, d-10117 berlin
|||  |||  |||
|||  |||  |||          fon. (030) 2093-4295 (dir.)  (030) 2093-4209 (secr.)
|||  |||  |||          fax: (030) 2093 4209


Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 17:40:20 +0100
From: garage <>
Subject: between image and sound - call for entries

german version below. sorry for any cross-postings.

Call for Entries -------------------------- 5th Festival "garage" 2001
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------ from 27th July till 26th August 2001 in Stralsund/Germany
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------------------- between image and sound

What happens between sound and image?

"The eye is the master, the ear a slave" (Jakob Grimm) - the 
dominance of the visual over the acoustic perception is omnipresent 
in cultural history. Naturally, they also condition and influence 
each another. The function of the whole perceptional instrument is 
sensually and physically only possible when both interact. What 
happens for instance, if one withdraws the acoustic or visual 
component from a  spacial perception. How does the space change? Or 
what happens, if both traces of perception are desynchronized?

The relation between sound and image is transient; sight and hearing 
are part of associated joints which can take on new forms again and 
again - in respect of space, time and content.

garage 01 wants to approach this relation from different angles. The 
attempt is to present and percieve the (mono)media individually, as 
far as possible and useful. The discussion can be held on a formal or 
theoretical basis, in substance or within exhibition and performance.
Additionally, the discussion will search for new possibilities of the 
sythesis resp. the juxtaposition of sound and image.
The medium as an instrument - the space as a realm for experiments.

To try the relevance and efficiency of art beyond its aesthetical 
self-sake, the question of the role of the transmitter and receiver 
of the "data work" is an essential part of the programme.

The fesitval will present 4 weeks of exhibitions, concerts, 
discussions, film screenings, workshops, which can be summarized 
under three main topics.

Wanted are works or proposals for projects:

[1] image with sound - or the picture on the wall
3rd international shortfilm festival "g-niale" from 2nd to 5th August 
2001. The topic of the "g-niale" is related to the main festival as a 
conscious discussion of perception of individual media and its 
interaction with film and beyond. Thereby illustrating seeing and 
hearing in a wider sense - by emphasizing or consistent dropping of 
one of the two elements.
(more information and entry forms under:*.pdf)

[2] image without sound - or the sound in the background
two- or three-dimensional art in the public space

[3] sound without image - or the image in the mind
The main emphasis will lie on the discussion of  new concepts of 
sound production/manipulation and their 
presentation/mediation/distribution. An excursion into the world of 
tunes and sounds is going to present concerts, (live) radio plays, 
sound installations, radio art and net audio projects.

[4] sound and image -  or the image within space
>From monomedia to multimediea. media breaks, interaction und 
collaboration, frontier-crossing and synthesis. attempts to visualise 
sound and to set images to music.

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
garage is platform for art and culture. It is situated in the midst 
of the silo area in Stralsund's old port and understands itself as a
non-commercial, temporally limited space for the suppport of inter- 
disciplinary and individual art projects with a focus on art, film 
and music.

Please, send your ideas, suggestions, material to:

garage c/o Stabenow
Goehrener Str. 13
10437 Berlin
+49 (0) 3831 441 20 15

Ausschreibung -------------------------------- 5. Festival garage 2001
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- --------------------- vom 27.7. bis zum 26.8.2001 in Stralsund/Germany
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------------------------------------------ zwischen Bild und Ton

Was passiert zwischen Bild und Ton?

"Das Auge ist ein Herr,  das Ohr ein Knecht" (Jakob Grimm) - die 
Dominanz des visuellen über das akustische Wahrnehmen ist 
kultugeschichtlich allgegenwärtig. Selbstverständlich aber auch ihre 
einander bedingende/beeinflussende Wechselbeziehung. Das 
Funktionieren des gesamten Wahrnehmungsaparates ist sinnlich und 
physikalisch nur im Zusammenspiel beider möglich. Was passiert 
beispielsweise, wenn ich einer Raumwahrnehmung die akustische oder 
die visulelle Komponente entziehe, wie verändert sich dieser Raum? 
Oder was geschieht, wenn beide Wahrnehmungsspuren desynchronisiert 

Das Verhältnis zwischen Bild und Ton ist flüchtig; Gesehenes und 
Gehörtes sind Bestandteil eines assoziativen Gefüges, das sich immer 
wieder neu formieren kann - in räumlicher, zeitlicher und 
inhaltlicher Hinsicht.

garage 01 will sich dieser Beziehung aus verschieden Richtungen nähern.
Es soll zunächst der Versuch unternommen werden, die (Mono)Medien, 
soweit möglich und sinnvoll, isoliert dazustellen und wahrzunehmen.
Die Auseinandersetzung kann auf formaler, thoretischer, ausstellungs-/
aufführungspraktischer oder inhaltlich thematischer Grundlage geführt
Im weitern soll nach neuen Möglichkeiten der Synthese bzw. des
Nebeneinanders von Bild und Ton gefragt werden.
Das Medium als Instrument - der Raum als Experimentierfläche.

Relevanz und Wirksamkeit von Kunst über einen ästhetischen Selbstzweck
hinaus zu prüfen, die Suche nach der Rolle von Sender und Empfänger im
"Gesamtdatenwerk" ist wesentlicher Schwerpunkt des Programms.

Das Festival wird wie bisher 4 Wochen lang Ausstellungen, Konzerte,
Vorträge, Filmscreenings, Workshops präsentieren, die unter drei
Hauptschwerpunkten zusammengefasst werden.

Gesucht sind Arbeiten und Projektvorschläge zu:

[1] Bild mit Ton - oder das Bild an der Wand
Drittes internationales Kurzfilmfestival g-niale vom 2.-5. August 2001
Das Thema der g-niale bezieht sich auf das Gesamtfestival. Dabei soll 
es um eine bewußte filmische Auseinandersetzung mit den Einzelmedien 
und ihrer Durchmischung gehen, soll das Sehen und das Hören 
thematisiert werden - ob durch Betonung oder konsequentes Weglassen 
eines der beiden Elemente.
(ausführliche Ausschreibungsunterlagen unter:*.pdf)

[2] Bild ohne Ton - oder der Ton im Hintergrund
zwei- oder dreidimensionale Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

[3] Ton ohne Bild - oder das Bild im Kopf
Im Vordergrund wird hier die Auseinandersetzung mit neuen Konzepten der
Klangerzeugung/Bearbeitung und deren Präsentation/Vermittlung/ 
Verbreitung stehen. Auf einem Exkurs in die Welt der Töne und Klänge 
sollen Konzerte, (Live)Hörspiele und -stücke, Klanginstallationen, 
Radio(art)- und Netzaudioprojekte vorgestellt werden.

[4] Ton und Bild -  oder das Bild im Raum
Von Monomedien zu Multimedien. Medienbrüche, Interaktion und 
Kollaboration, Grenzüberschreitungen und Synthesen. Versuche zur 
Visualisierung von Klang bzw. der Vertonung von Bild.

- -------------------------------------------------------------------
garage ist Plattform für Kunst und Kultur.
Sie ist gelegen inmitten der Hafen- und Speicherstadt Stralsunds und
versteht sich als zeitlich begrenzter Raum für die Förderung
interdisziplinärer sowie einzelkünstlerischer Projekte mit den 
Schwerpunkten bildende Kunst, Musik und Film.

Ideen, Vorschläge und Material bitte an:

garage c/o Stabenow
Goehrener Str. 13
10437 Berlin
+49 (0) 3831 441 20 15


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