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<nettime> Code as (literary) text

Dear Nettimers,

I'm interested in possible ways to discuss open source as a literary approach
to software - hackers as writers who view software as text and not commodity -
open source as a movement fighting to preserve the right to read and write with
software (as text). It seems to me like an obvious approach, though I haven't
found much work done with such a literary approach to programming (but probably
I've overlooked something). If you know anybody else working with such issues,
please inform me or the list!

About my own work: My background is in literature, and I've just written a
dissertation on relationsships between literature and modern media (from the 19
c. panorama to cinematic and digital media). I have a few articles out in
English, but the dissertation is in Danish - however, you can find an English
abstract at my homepage.


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