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RE: <nettime> don't Disassociate Webdesign (as an aspect of app engineering) from Usability

I certainly do not believe in this either/or approach.

You cannot simply discount design. That is silly... Though you may want to
limit what design is to over blown web interfaces that doesn't add up...

Yes, there are many web interfaces that deplete usability... But, in this
regard you are talking about an engineering flaw in the application -- as
the UI design must be 'engineered' to make the application usable... It is
about integration, not division....

The library app you mention, the telnet version that is, may be the better
choice because it is simpler... That is not to say that the application is
not 'designed', that there was no design consideration given... It is better
designed than the web application.... better engineered...

There seems a confusion between 'good design' and 'overblown graphic

What of information design, designing database schema, logic for an
application ---- yes, this is engineering but there is a design aspect to
these tasks that is creative, rigorous and technical...

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> hiya felix  + geert
> actually i think your article geert is completely arse about face. graphic
> design be damned!!! felix is right of course; the "innovation" isn't in
> the visual look of the "web" but what you can do with it - the focus on
> networked applications of one sort or another -- slashdot and napster
> being very good examples.

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