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Table of Contents:

   New media notice boards                                                         
     Aliza Dichter <>                                           

   about HAL2001, the followup of HIP97 (hackers events in NL)                                              
     "geert lovink" <>                                                

   for immediate release: February Exhibition                                      
     Artemisia Gallery <>                                       

   THE ENIGMA OF CONSCIOUSNESS                               
     "roy ascott" <>                                                

   ART-ACT Notes 27a                                                               
     "Chris Drew" <>                                               

   transmediale.01 newsletter 
     Andreas Broeckmann <>                                    

     Cantsin <>                                                    

   E-NEWSLETTER--VOL. I ISSUE 7                                                    
     "WIGGED.NET" <>                                            

     "Pierre Robert" <>                                          

   india2001: Listing of a wide-range of Indian sites                              
     Frederick Noronha <>                                        


Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 15:37:02 -0500
From: Aliza Dichter <>
Subject: New media notice boards

- --------------EC95DD9548440D6499679F1B
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<announcement> has launched a series of bulletin boards for
of media-related events, action alerts and other notices as well as for
job postings
and the exchange of media equipment, content, footage or research. We
hope you'll find them a useful way to share information and resources
with media activists, media makers, critics, journalists, advocates,
academics and others. We invite and welcome your feedback on this new

Please visit
In general, most announcements included in the <nettime> round-up
would be appropriate for posting on MediaChannel.

MediaChannel is a non-profit, public interest site dedicated to
exploring the social, political and cultural impacts of media worldwide.

MediaChannel is a global network of over 560 media-issues groups.

Aliza Dichter

NB: While all of these boards and ads are free for now, sometime in the
future we may consider charging a small fee for some categories, as a
sustainability strategy for our non-profit site. This will not happen
without advance notice and will only affect a few of the boards.
Eye On Global Media

To subscribe, send a blank message to:

Or sign up on our home page

MediaChannel: the non-profit, public interest network
of over 500 media-issues groups worldwide.


Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 09:29:35 +1100
From: "geert lovink" <>
Subject: about HAL2001, the followup of HIP97 (hackers events in NL)


HAL (Hackers At Large) is an event scheduled to take place at 10, 11 and 12
august 2001 in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Important note: HAL 2001 is not definitely scheduled at this time ! We will
make the go/no-go decision on february 1 , 2001 at the latest.

HAL 2001 will be a three day, open air networking event in the tradition of
HEU '93, HIP '97 and CCC '99. The event will focus on computersecurity,
privacy, citizen rights, biotechnology and other controversial issues
affecting society as a whole. For more details read the introduction.

Latest news
We have visited the proposed campsite and put up some pictures of it:
University of Twente campus.

Mailing Lists
If you are interested in further developments around HAL 2001, you can
subscribe to the mailing lists:

HAL 2001 Announcements from the organisation (moderated)
Everyone is a speaker at HAL 2001 (moderated)
Dicussions about HAL 2001
Currently the Speaker list is the prefered list for talking about plans and
ideas about HAL 2001.

For questions email


Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001 13:41:40 -0600
From: Artemisia Gallery <>
Subject: for immediate release: February Exhibition

Artemisia Gallery Chicago
- ---
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February Exhibition
Show Dates: February 1st  to February 24th
Opening Reception: Friday, February 2nd, 5-8 PM

Main Gallery: Rina Yoon
Korean Printmaker Rina Yoon has lived and worked in the United States
for over 18 years.  Her dreamlike collographs express her experience the
sense of timelessness that comes from living this double identity,
belonging in two places yet belonging in neither.   Her collographs are
created using an extraordinarily wide range of tools, drawing directly
on the plate with power tools or an etching needle, applying various
textured materials, and cutting the plates into various shapes.  Her
presentation is also unconventional, presenting the prints mounted and
canvas on stretchers.  Yoon is an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at
the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Gallery A: Deanna Lee
Deanna Lee's beautiful and obsessive paintings and sculptures merge and
transform the realistic rendering and the cartoon.  A recent graduate of
the MFA in Painting and Drawing at The School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, Deanna is the recipient of this year's Linda Kramer Fund Award
for Exhibition.

Gallery B: Rasa Staniuniene 'In Space'
Lithuanian artist Rasa Staniuniene's exhibition at Artemisia has been in
the planning for several years.  Artemisia Gallery Member Louise
McKissick met Rasa while working on the CAIP sponsored Observatory
Project in Lithuania in 1997.  Rasa participated in the exhibition with
the help of her husband and fellow artist Sigitas Staniuniene, despite
having just emerged from being in a coma for 8-9 months after falling
from a four story building while working on an installation project in
Toronto.  She has continued to work despite limited mobility in a
country that does not provide much assistance for the disabled, recently
exhibiting at the Academia Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Through the
support of Rasa's family and Louise's commitment to showing Rasa's
playful abstract drawings and paintings in Chicago, Artemisia Gallery is
pleased to be presenting this milestone exhibition, 'In Space'.

Gallery C: Alice Shaddle
Former Artemisia Gallery Member Alice Shaddle has worked in painting,
sculpture, collage, and installation in her career as a Chicago artist
which spans almost a half-century.   Her fantastic organic expressions
of artistic freedom have been exhibited at The Art Institute of Chicago
and The Museum of Contemporary Art, are in the permanent collection of
the Smithsonian Institute, and have been reviewed in Artforum and Art in
America.  On view is a series of collages.

Gallery D: Helidon Gjergji
Helidon Gjergji was born and raised in Albania, the most aggressive
'Communist' dictatorship in the Eastern block, he then lived in Italy
for many years, and now in the United States.  Experiencing living in
these disparate social and economic systems has influenced his work both
in content and form.  His current work combines artifacts of the old and
new, including media artifacts, merging 'Propaganda' Art and 'Pop' Art
into what he calls 'Prop' Art.

*Gallery web site address
For additional information and press packets, call the gallery at (312)


From: "roy ascott" <>
Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2001 1:11 AM

You might be interested in this Consciousness programme;

Professor Roy Ascott
Tri-band: +44 (0)7967 148719


Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 17:12:58 -0600
From: "Chris Drew" <>
Subject: ART-ACT Notes 27a

To unsubscribe from To unsubscribe from ART-ACT Notes 27a simply reply with
unsubscribe in the Subject line.


1) New Art for ART-ACT II
2) New Art from the Screen Print Workshop for Artists
3) A New Year and a New Contest
4) Web Site Developments - Founder adds his Art


Richard M. Smith - All of One Blood

Carlos Cortez - Untitled

 Camilo Cupian - Stop Racism

Vanessa Marie Disini Orquiza - Evil

Evan Mathenson - Rainbow

Timothy B. Wimbley - Untitled

Irene Flores - Untitled

Zareen Shaukat - Art-Act Dove

M. Santa Cecilia - Untitled


Finally - after two years of building a web site to showcase the art of
other artists in our Screen Print Workshop for Artists - I am showing off my
own work. Enjoy.


YES! Wondering when or whether you would ever hear about ART-ACT again?
We are back and continuing to build steadily. This is the time that the
boys in the retail Internet business are catching hell. The time of the easy
venture capital is over. While others stress cutting-edge technology our web
site is building flavor. Our site is seeking to do the slow hard work of
building a community around the content of ART-ACT and our Screen Print
Workshop for Artists. Our site does not depend on a well paid systems
administrator and a team of HTML coders or site designers. Our site is
powered by a lonely artist from a struggling community art center who has
never been paid well (more often - not at all) and still stays up late at
night working because that, too often, is what it takes to survive in the
community arts.

We are here to stay! Artists - your art will have an effect on our site. I
have made fliers from the art from ART-ACT promoting our site and
your art locally, asking people to visit the site and to submit their own
personal stories for racism. The history of our "Art of the T-shirt"
exhibits demonstrate our commitment to community
art and the artist.

A second iron in the fire is to seek out the support of
teachers to help build a curriculum for high school and college classes
to use this art to inspire the discussion of racism and issues of diversity.
If you are a teacher and would like to work on this project or know another
teacher who would - do not hesitate. E-mail me. Lets get it on! More on
this as the year progresses. We know your art is valuable.

So what is our big plan for 2001? Steadily to build our networking by
volunteers to promote our web site. This is one idea we are putting into

Want to help - just e-mail me with volunteer in the subject line or visit
this link....

Over the course of the next month or two I will be adding my work to a
segment of this site. I invite those who are curious to take a look. Because
I wear many hats steady, not speedy, growth is promised.

Chris Drew
 Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center   We dress Chicago and the
 Internet in t-shirt art.  Come get some! 773/561-7676


Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 19:48:13 +0200
From: Andreas Broeckmann <>
Subject: transmediale.01 newsletter

transmediale.01 newsletter #3a - Conference 8 Feb: Software

transmediale.01  - international media art festival berlin
DIY [ do it yourself ! ]
4 - 11 February 2001

The transmediale.01 includes a two-day conference about the DIY theme,
focusing on Software (8 February) and Net-based Forms of Distribution and
Participation (9 February). On both days, there will be simultaneous
English-German translation in the hall, and a live-stream online.

* Social Software - Soziale Software

Thursday, 8 February 2001, 14.30 - 18.00 h

The development of computer hardware and the global network infrastructure
provide ever-extending possibilities for social and creative interactions
between people. These possibilities have to be designed and coded in
software in order to be realised. Thus, software becomes a crucial
for the emergence of the Information Society and its social and cultural

To what degree does software determine the structures and potentials of
technically based communities? What will be the social design of future
political processes? Will political representation become as virtual as
online voting? How can software be used not only to support, but also to
catalyse social processes? How do social standards of commitment and
responsibility work in an environment where anonymity and fluid identities
are a given?

Project presentations

Lutz Henckel (D), GMD FOKUS, project manager of the German BerliOS Open
Source platform

Christian Hbler (CH), Knowbotic Research: IO_dencies, experimental and
artistic interfaces for networked cooperation

Heiko Idensen (D), Hyperdis: hypertext projects and collaborative writing

Thomax Kaulmann (D): Open Meta Archive, an open, multi-nodal database
structure for cultural content

Prof. Dr. Dieter Otten (D), University Osnabrck, research project manager
'Internetwahlen' (online voting)

Joel Slayton (US), C5 Corporation: SoftSub, an information mapping and
representation project

Discussion panelists

Steven Clift (US), political analyst of 'e-democracy'

Michael van Eeden (NL), programmer, co-founder of Amsterdam's Digital City

Georg Greve (D), programmer, software analyst, representative of the
European Free Software Foundation Hamburg

Jeanette Hofmann (D), political scientist, internet researcher at the
Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin

Rena Tangens (D), FOEBUD Bielefeld, net pioneer and cryptography expert

Kindly supported by Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung

* Artistic Software - Software Art

Thursday, 8 February 2001, 20.30 h

The transmediale.01 has organised the first award competition that
an art prize for software. This competition recognises the artistic work
done by hybrid artist-programmers who are neither 'interactive media
artists' or 'net artists', but whose aesthetic material is code and whose
expressive form is software programming.

The definition that has been suggested for Software Art is that it
incorporates projects in which self-written algorithmic computer software
(stand alone programmes or script-based applications) is not merely a
functional tool, but is itself an artistic creation.

Through the competition and this panel discussion, the transmediale hopes
to stimulate the debate about software as a motor of cultural innovation.
Does software serve a merely instrumental function, or does it offer new
and creative cultural perspectives? Is computer code a genuine artistic
material like paint or digital images?


Jean-Pierre Balpe (F), professor for Hypermedia at University Paris 8

Florian Cramer (D), literary scientist and free software expert, Software
Jury member

Ulrike Gabriel (D), artist, Codelab manager, Software Jury member

Anne Nigten (NL), manager of the V2_Lab for the Unstable Media Rotterdam

Gerfried Stocker (A), artist and engineer, artistic director of the Ars
Electronica Center Linz

Presentations of projects shortlisted for the Artistic Software award:

Chris Czikszentmihalyi (US): DJ I Robot
Golan Levin (US): Audiovisual Environment Suite
Netochka Nezvanova (NL): Nebula.M81
Daniela Plewe (D): Ultima Ratio
Antoine Schmitt (F): Vexation 1
Adrian Ward/Signwave (UK): Auto-Illustrator

Kindly supported by Gate5.

English/German simultaneous translation.
Tickets: 1 panel DM 20 (red. DM 15), both panels DM 35 (red. DM 25)
Reservations at:

The festival website is still under construction. However, an
FORM is already available on

PRESS: please, contact

transmediale.01 newsletter #3b - Conference 9 Feb: Distribution &

transmediale.01  - international media art festival berlin
DIY [ do it yourself ! ]
4 - 11 February 2001

The transmediale.01 includes a two-day conference about the DIY theme,
focusing on Software (8 February) and Net-based Forms of Distribution and
Participation (9 February). On both days, there will be simultaneous
English-German translation in the hall, and a live-stream online.

* New Forms of Distribution - Sharing and Dealing Artistic Products on the Net

Friday, 9.2.2001, 14.30 - 18.00 h

The Internet has opened up diverse possibilities of collaboratively making
artistic products and presenting them to a global audience. The
unrestricted access to free software on the net encourages process-oriented
production and challenges users to conduct their own artistic experiments
on their home computers. Growing individual skills in handling new media
are a direct consequence of this development.

At the same time, however, ever-more powerful computers, faster
transmission rates and new data-compression techniques are increasingly
transforming the net into an entertainment medium that, aside from the
active procedures of searching for and downloading files, allows its users
to be passive listeners and viewers. While the peer-to-peer swapping of
digital data seems ideal from the viewpoint of the home computer, the 'old'
distribution industry denounces the practice as one it would like to see

Autonomous Internet marketplaces and formats that might be able to replace
the classical forms of trading are proving slow to emerge. Just as the
e-book has so far failed to succeed, micropayment on the net remains a

For artists, the ability to distribute a piece of work - whether music,
video or a flash animation - over Internet platforms primarily means
direct, fast access to a target group. To date, however, there is a lack of
instruments and models that would enable artists to operate independently
of the traditional value chains.

The panel is made up of artists and net distributors who present their work
and discuss the following questions:
What does current Internet-based art production look like? What new
artistic formats have emerged and which of these are appropriate for net
distribution? Do niches or functioning models exist that make the
production of artistic content profitable? Who are the actual 'users' or,
more accurately, 'benificiaries' of such models - i.e. who earns money
through the content produced by the creative workers? How significant are
notions like 'author' and 'copyright' in the digital age? Do new
distribution channels automatically stimulate cultural diversity?


Mark Amerika (US)
Media artist and critic, columnist with 'Amerika Online', web-publishing
expert, demands a more business-oriented attitude on the part of online

Monika Halkort (A/D)
Programme Manager of 'WebfreeTV' explains why the do-it-yourself channel
'My TV' failed, and presents alternatives.

Hugh Hancock (UK)
Pioneer of 'Machinima' animated films that are made with hacked software
distributed over the net.

Laurent Kaestli (F/CH)
Marketing and E-Commerce expert, presents the concept of "Streaming Art
GmbH", a company for global exhibition and distribution of electronic art

Oleg Nikulin and Victor Davydov (RUS)
of Studio U-7TV, an Internet short-film production and distribution
company, talk about the U7 distribution model and the special features of
works produced for streaming over the net.

Enno E. Peter (D)
Key Account Manager and host of the award-winning online literature project
'tage-bau' and expert on the history of literature distribution over the

Kindly supported by Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

* Net-based Participation - Media Competence and Models of Interaction on
the Net

Friday, 9.2.2001, 20.30 - 22.30 h

The Internet is increasingly viewed as a participatory medium in which
interactivity is limited not only to 'click and buy' but also functions as
a production system. On the one hand there is a constant growth in new
platforms for actual interactive models, on the other hand the Net is also
increasingly seen, particularly in connection with greater bandwidths, as a
passive entertainment medium that offers highly compressed film streams.
There are signs that in the future the functionality of the Internet will
continue to split up and that an abundance of hybrid formats will develop.

The concept of the Internet as a production system is in particular being
pushed forward by creative people and artists who no longer use the Net
just as a distribution medium but, in addition, employ internet technology
to generate artistic products on the basis of collaboration, participation
and global access.
With many of these projects the basic idea is both the stimulation of the
natural creativity of the individual and a political objective which relies
on the idea of the Internet as a democratic medium.
The call to DIY that these projects imply increasingly presupposes the
user's engagement with the new technology, requires his involvement and
fosters media competence in a very direct way.

In this panel artistic projects and interaction models are presented that
extend beyond the usual degree of production in virtual space and actually
intervene in real structures such as the urban realm or social and economic
processes. The following questions will be addressed: What does
interactivity mean in contrast to the concepts interpassivity and
participation? Is the idea of the Internet as a medium that promotes
democracy an illusion or reality? To what extent can artistic interventions
also be starting points for a longer-term change in the view of society?


Robert Pfaller (A)
Media philosopher, coined the concept "interpassivity" for delegated medial
consumption and passivity

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MEX/CAN)
Media artist and curator who is presenting the award-winning work
"Vectorial Elevation" and his other Net-based projects

Superflex (DK)
Group of artists who view the Net as an interaction platform and a
democratic medium. Projects: "Superchannel"  -  Internet TV and "Wolfsburg
2" / "Karlskrona 2" - virtual city models

Christian Hübler, Knowbotic Research (A/D/CH)
Knowbotic Research developed, amongst others, the art project "connective
force attack" that is based on collaboration between online users.

Daniel G. Andújar, Technologies To The People (E)
Media artist who, with the project "Phoney " that is nominated for the
award, confronts the user ith the thrills and dangers of Internet

English/German simultaneous translation.
Tickets: 1 panel DM 20 (red. DM 15), both panels DM 35 (red. DM 25)
Reservations at:

The festival website is still under construction. However, an ACCREDITATION
FORM is already available on

PRESS: please, contact

The NEXT NEWSLETTER will be published on 12 January and will contain
information about the transmediale.01 video screening programmes.

Best regards,

the transmediale team


DIY [do it yourself!]
4 - 11 february 2001
international media art festival berlin

klosterstr. 68-70
10179 berlin
fon +49 30 2472 1907
fax +49 30 2472 1909
Member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals E.E.I.G.


Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 00:01:52 +0100
From: Cantsin <>
Subject: announcing: is a name chosen by to refer to one a site in the
international web of neoist web sites.  The purpose of many different web
sites, some of them using similar names, is to experiment with a situation
for which no one in particular is responsible.

Neoists writing can be easily distinguished from Non-Neoist writing by
turning an arbitrary number of words into their logical opposites. The text
is a Neoist text only when the second text still tells the same as the first
text. Apply this method to all Neoist writing including this one.


Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 19:06:52 -0400
From: "WIGGED.NET" <>

- --============_-1233212250==_ma============
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" ; format="flowed"

WIGGED.NET JANUARY 2001 E-NEWSLETTER--VOL. I ISSUE 7 ( is a bi-monthly webzine focused on 
bringing innovative short videos, animations and interactive works 
over the internet.  Our mission is to be a showcase, distribution and 
promotion center for media artists via the World Wide Web. 
is for audiences seeking innovative alternatives to traditional forms 
of entertainment.


New issue of (February/March 2001) coming out next month. 
Last month to check out featured artists in this issue: Humberto 
Ramirez, Marikki Hakola, Markus Winkler, Lou Anne Colodny, Lara 
Frankena, Avi Rosen, Mike Lyda, Gebhard Sengmueller, Michele Beck and 
Jorge Calvo.  Visit the "Now Showing" page at


Check out Peter Schmidegs's article, "John Whitney Circa 2001."

See a video article on Tiffany Holme's cd-rom entitled "Littoral Zone." 

Get a sneak preview to Markus Huemer's "Polke's Pasadena Stones" 
installation on view at Max Planck Gesellschaft in Munich, Germany 
from February 2 - March 23, 2001.

Find out more about the artists who are featured in this month's 
issue of  

The above articles can only be found on the "Wigged News" page at


Buy cutting edge cassettes, cds and cd-roms that are for sale on the 
"stuff you need" page at 


Seeking innovative and experimental  new media works as well as 
animation and videos.  Please visit  and go to 
the "submit media" page to fill out our on-line registration form and 
send requested materials. 

DEADLINE: February 1, 2001 for April/May 2001 issue.


We are looking to promote your upcoming exhibitions and new releases. 
If you would like for us to promote your work either through our 
newsletter or webzine, please send your press releases to:

Seth Thompson
Woodland Interactive Group, Inc.
418 Woodland Ave.
Akron, OH  44302

or you may e-mail press releases to  No file 
attachments will be accepted.  If you have images that you would like 
to include, please send them via snail mail to the above address.

Sincere apologies to anyone who receives this twice, or receives this in error.

Please Note:  To remove your e-mail address from my list simply reply 
to this message and
type the word "unsubscribe" in the Subject field at the top of your 
reply.  If you have more than one e-mail address through which you 
might be receiving this, please be sure to list them all.

- --


Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 23:24:08 -0500
From: "Pierre Robert" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?---_a_r_c_h_=E9_e_--_sommaire_-=3E_janv._01_=3C-?=

- -----> a r c h é e -> mensuel électronique sur la cyberculture artistique,
en ligne depuis octobre 1997

Un début d'année qui fait le plein d'idées. À lire sans attendre.

- -----> sommaire en ligne ->

>->-> s o m m a i r e

- --------> «Les revues d'art contemporain entre imprimé et électronique:
évolutions récentes», une analyse de Gérard Régimbeau

Internet a provoqué, dans le champ de l'art contemporain, des changements
qui touchent à la médiation de l'information. Il a permis la naissance de la
revue électronique, nouvelle forme éditoriale, tout en imposant une phase
d'adaptation aux revues imprimées. Après un bref retour historiographique
sur l'étude des revues d'art contemporain, cet article s'attache à montrer
les diverses réactions des revues «classiques» face au défi de la diffusion
en ligne; à distinguer les différents projets de revues électroniques, des
plus anciennes aux plus récentes; puis à observer les maquettes des
différents sites. L'ensemble de ces repères permettant d'approcher
quelques-unes des fonctions médiatrices de la revue dans des réseaux où
l'art et l'édition croisent maintenant le réseau Internet.
- -

- --------> «Langage(s) du Net» par Louis-José Lestocart

«L'art considéré ici sera donc, avant tout, méthode et langage - «actes de
langage» (speech acts) selon John Austin et John R. Searle, philosophes
analytiques du langage, pères de la linguistique performative : «Quand dire
c'est faire». [...] Avatar d'avatar ou avatar retourné (dans l'art
contemporain, on retourne le tableau en installation), bâti à la fois sur le
langage ésotérico-informatique (intralinguistique) et le langage performatif
inhérent à l'art du Net». Les oeuvres des artistes Mouchette, Olga
Kisseleva, Mark Amerika et Annie Abrahams sont étudiées dans cet article.
- -

- --------> «Ennemi de la nostalgie, victime du présent, critique du futur: un
entretien avec Peter Lunenfeld», réalisé par Geert Lovink

Peter Lunenfeld enseigne dans le cadre du programme Media Design au Art
Center College of Design (Pasadena, Californie). Il vit à Los Angeles et il
a publié Snap to Grid: A User's Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Culture
(MIT Press, 2000). En tant que critique actuel de la culture, il
contextualise le milieu quelque peu isolé et autoréférentiel lié aux projets
en nouveaux médias. Plutôt que de réduire le démo à une tentative inachevée,
il avance que «le démo est devenu une part essentielle de la pratique
artistique». «Je suis étonné de constater que nous sommes tous forcément
engagés dans des références d'une étendue auparavant inimaginable, qu'entre
autres, ce que nous attendons de la nouvelle génération d'applications
numériques ce sont, précisément, les outils et les méthodes pour nous aider
à faire du sens à partir de ce vaste flux d'informations.»
- -

>>> Merci à ceux et celles qui font de cet espace virtuel un lieu vivant,
dynamique et enrichissant.
	!!!__Bonne consultation tout au long de l'année 2001__!!!

a r c h é e

>>> Si vous ne désirez plus recevoir le sommaire mensuel du webzine archée,
faites-nous en part à l'adresse suivante :


Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 15:29:06 +0530
From: Frederick Noronha <>
Subject: india2001: Listing of a wide-range of Indian sites

Greetings from
We thought of a different way of marking our entry into the year 2001., a voluntary venture that is trying to focus on how
IT and the Internet can be -- and is being -- made relevant to the
commonman (and woman) in South Asia.
Towards this end, we have compiled a list of 2001 Indian (and a few
from the wider South Asian region) web sites. If you'd like a free copy
of this, just send an email to with
i2001LISTREQUEST as the subjectline. Also mention your name and address
in the body of the message. This listing is in HTML format and is
approx 300KB in size.
It lists sites from the field of academia (including asian studies -
careers - colleges - colleges - education - research - social service -
universities); agriculture; alternative-india; art & culture;
automobiles; banks; books; business (including industry, stocks,
infrastructure, trade, exports); communications (including in regional
languages); consulates of India abroad; cooking and food; e-commerce;
entertainment; expatriate indians; government (specific links to
various departments); health (advice, aids, ayurveda, blood banks
online, cancer, child development, corporates in health, disabilities,
doctors, elderly, facilities, health care, homeopathy, hospitals,
journals, leprosy, libraries online, medicine, pharmaceuticals, public
health, resources, tibetan medicine, yoga...); infrastructure;
IT-India's infotech industry;  job-sites; law-related links;
matrimonials; media; music; neighbours of India; news-sites;
newspapers; portals (on a range of themes); regional sites;
religion-based sites; sports; tourism & travel; women and youth sites.
Coincidentally, this listing has 2001 sites included.
We plan to also build a list of other sites from other South Asia
countries, and seek partners for this venture. If you would like us to
include sites which you feel should be in such a listing, please send
us details of the same.
Regards and best wishes, Frederick
bYtES For aLL is a voluntary, unfunded venture. 
bYtES For aLL volunteers team includes: Partha in Dhaka, Frederick
in Goa, Zunaira in Karachi, Arun-Kumar in Darmstatd, Zubair in
Islamabad, Archana in Goa, Shivkumar in Mumbai, Sangeeta in Nepal,
Daryl in Chicago and Gihan in Sri Lanka. To contact them mail  TO UN / SUBSCRIBE simply send a message to with UNSUBSCRIBE BfA or SUBSCRIBE BfA as the
subject line.

   frederick noronha, freelance journalist,
   near convent, saligao 403511 goa india 0091.832.409490/ 409783



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