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<nettime> [udhay@pobox.com: Announcing Cypherpunks-India]

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Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 18:57:08 +0530
To: A Whole Bunch Of People and Mailing Lists <udhay@pobox.com>
From: Udhay Shankar N <udhay@pobox.com>
Subject: [IRR] Announcing Cypherpunks-India


***Please circulate to all interested parties***

This is to announce the Cypherpunks-India mailing list. The list is
for cypherpunks in India, and for those who want to track the
convergence of cryptography, politics and society here.

As you know, I volunteered to organise cypherpunks fleshmeets in
Bangalore a few months ago. We had an initial meet with some hoopla,
along with the Linux-India monthly meet in Bangalore. Public
meetings, however, have not happened since then (as opposed to the
private meetings and interactions - you know who you are.). It's been
difficult co-ordinating with people, who are mostly madly busy and
geographically distributed throughout India. This list, therefore, is
a first step towards giving some structure to the various
behind-the-scenes interactions we've been having, and to spread
awareness of crypto and how it impacts commerce and politics today.

The list is kindly hosted by Vipul Ved Prakash, who needs no
introduction to crypto observers here. Vipul also hosts
http://munitions.vipul.net - which is an archive of crypto software
that is mirrored across multiple locations. Vipul also was one of the
finalists in the 3rd Annual Obfuscated Perl Contest with his
dimunitive implementation of the Russian GOST algorithm.

To subscribe, use any ONE of the following URLs:



In the next few days, as things evolve, we will put up some more
information at the URLs above.

Thanks for all your support, and see you on the list!


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