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<nettime> Money on the Streets

From: William <>
Organization: ¿decrepit?
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 17:17:23 -0500
Subject: Money on the Streets

Thanks to everyone who participated in making Feel? an incredible event.

We can now offer some answers for those of you who have been wondering why
we wanted to people to pay in $1 bills, and just what was the "action" the
party was raising money for.

This past Friday, November 24th -- Buy Nothing Day -- the Complacent
collective dropped thousands of one dollar bills into the streets at 34th
and Broadway (Herald Square.)  Each bill was stamped with the question
"satisfied?" and was thrown from atop a telephone booth to a huge
screaming crowd.  After 15 minutes, thousands of dollars and a street full
of mayhem, the police where finally able to arrest the masked money
throwing offender.

For pictures of this action and more information on upcoming bits of
mayhem, propaganda and events from complacent, surf to: (also keep your eyes open for the next event:
red, green, blue.  details to come.)

What Is Complacent?

Complacent is not about forcing information but about inspiring questions.
We intend to create unique perspectives, autonomous thought and
spontaneous action. We are about reevaluating what we take for granted or
hold dear, are apathetic or passionate about. We intend to inspire a
movement against our culture of complacence. We intend to live in a
provocative, thoughtful world.

Complacent will be amorphous, growing through ever changing forms and
functions as the community wills it. The only constant will be our mission
to inspire questions. We will be online and off. We will be inanimate art,
animate performance, street action, guerilla media, internet stuntmen,
festival and celebration, plus more and more and more that we can't even
begin to conceive yet.

* feel free to forward this to whomever may find it interesting. *

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