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<nettime> Irc.chat with X-Ploit (Mexican Hackers) Part One

Irc.chat with X-everybody is looking for them,
nobody is found, they are at the presidentıs desktop).

by fran ilich ilich@sputnik.com.mx

Start of #ackt buffer: Thu Jun 15 15:50:04 2000
*** Now talking in #ackt
*** guest2267 has joined #ackt

<ilich> hola...
<guest2267> hola
<ilich> how are you?
<guest2267> not everyone could make it at this time
<ilich> not to be worried, are you leadrain?
<guest2267> no I am LoTek
< ilich > LoTek!
<guest2267> we would luv a personal interview , but is too
risky for us
<ilich> you do not have to worry about me, I am not one of
<guest2267> how do you see the next election? They want
to hire us from all different parties
<ilich> tell me about it sounds interesting
<guest2267> yes, PAN, PRD, PRI so the electoral
information centers go mad.
<ilich> what are they offering exactly?
<guest2267> they offer $$ and information privileges
property of the parties like the electoral matrix, in fact I
have here part of the database
<ilich> and what have you been thinking?
<guest2267> we are not at the side of the politics
<ilich> I would think about it...
<guest2267> yes but is too risky Š too risky if we fuck
something of the IFE (electoral federal institute of Mexico)
they would want witnesses
<ilich> ok, and supposing you do something, what method
would you use? Or they would give you direct access to the
executives desks?
<guest2267> yes, direct access points, or access to the prep
machines, insecure machines, like Unix with exploitable
<ilich> listen, and the government is prepared to manipulate
numbers this time? Technically?
<guest2267> yes, as usual, the three main political parties
are trying to hire hackers. That may indicate their need for
help, but who knows, maybe the PRI just for the buzz, some
like PAN already have hackers working for them.
<ilich> Does PAN do it for manipulation or defensive
<guest2267> leadrain is about to come but he is certainly
not going to talk
<ilich> perfect!.
*** LeaDRaiN has joined #ackt
<ilich> hola leadrain....
<LeaDRaiN> HoL@
<guest2267> ha! I wanted to put my nick, lotek, but
someone else has it...
<LeaDRaiN> pinche people !!!
<guest2267> too many x-ploits in the nets...
<LeaDRaiN> not even peick
<ilich> ok, the one million question.... who is going to win?
<guest2267> lead, who is going to win the election?
<LeaDRaiN> the three color alliance
*** guest2267 is now known as L0Tek
<ilich> electronische fraude?
<LeaDRaiN> the problem is not because fraude but at a
certain point the will use the fraude as a front
<L0Tek> si
<ilich> so this is why they want to hire some hackers? But
why if they are going to win anyway?...
<L0Tek> as usual
<LeaDRaiN> their problem of the day is that the first results
are going to be from the cities and PAN is going to be
<LeaDRaiN> but at the end the PRI will win because PRI
votes come from the country.
<L0Tek> it is probably a reinforcement option
<LeaDRaiN> you donıt need hackers for electronic fraude
<L0Tek> the other parties are going to use them to say "the
system is non stable and the elections are not to trust
<LeaDRaiN> just having their administrative people in the
<L0Tek> or that the information system that in charge of
collecting all information is not trustable because it is not
true that nobody knows where is located, butŠ
<ilich> when the hackers are going to save the world?
<LeaDRaiN> kaones XDD have not make the approach
<L0Tek> jaja
<LeaDRaiN> ilich how do you know they want hackers ?
<ilich> lotek suggested it...
<L0Tek> si lead, in the PAN side
<LeaDRaiN> there is low dependency of the systems in our
country and without the help of the press our actions are not
that powerful yet
<L0Tek> -Ilich in the PAN site they published an
announcement last week saying that they were hiring
hackers, and that the people interested could contact their
<LeaDRaiN> L0TeK donıt you send a message for the XDD
business I hope =/
<L0Tek> lead nope
<L0Tek> they offered to a friend to put him in the sales
points, working for the PRI
<ilich> are they paying good money?
<LeaDRaiN> XD because for $100 I do not move
<ilich> $100 is nothing, not even worth the time thinking
about. For what kind of money would you work?
<LeaDRaiN> I have never get paid, I do it because I want
toŠ but of course it depends on the risk
<L0Tek> there is people who work to see their hacker
names there
<ilich> is there any solution proposed by the hacktivists?
<L0Tek> we work from the inside
<ilich> Lotek said you guys and politics do not mixŠ what
are your policies/politics?
<LeaDRaiN> Ilich we work everyday, the problem is that
we need more people at our side
<L0Tek> for some teenagers $100 is good
<LeaDRaiN> L0TeK maybe $100 is good for hacking the
account of an old lady in hotmail J
<L0Tek> we are not involved with any political party
<ilich> what moves you guys? Hedonic hacktivism? or
<L0Tek> the power to kick the ass of the government in
front of everyone is our drive, if they would not care about
our actions they would be so worried
<LeaDRaiN> bad legislationŠ on top of everything
<ilich> in a certain point I thought you guys were a myth
created to produce some legislation in a virgin environment
<L0Tek> yes, I am Cecilia Salinas XDD
<ilich> nice to meet you Ceci, can I call you Ceci? You
know I have never meet someone so far beyond...
<LeaDRaiN> ilich they did not legislated. they just imposed
the charges for anyone who mess with the government
systemŠ They did no like that we erased everything the next
day, specially with the administrator working in his desk
<L0Tek> ...
<ilich> what are the punishments?
<LeaDRaiN> fines, but for erasing we crossed lines XD
<L0Tek> in part we are invented by the government because
in a democratic country we possibly would need to opt for

(End of Part One)

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