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Re: <nettime> (fwd) Re: Deja move 'complete' (sequel to "huh?")

> expression". the upcoming "Liberty of communication law" in France is 
> showing the way by imposing an obligation of identification before any 
> publishing. For individuals as well. If not on the webpage or in the 
> message posted, it will have to be given beforehands to the host service.

to give your identity here it's for giving citizen power to a whatsit netzen
consumer and not the reverse and the time is near when net marketing poll
would have more legitimacy than state counting vote and the time when
microsoft will hold a world referendum is may be next.
the democratic centralist frenchstate has sew the first a threat for its
legitimacy in internet, so this ukase for normalising/civilising this place
and second for infecting all its European partner with bullshit reason
'of-face-of-netpornpedonazisalvetradedrugtraficsoccerholigan you have and
park here for an urine analysis'. in US, trador vaterland, i guess it will
be gallupwhatsit which will smoothly cockie you so much that soon all
i-operator will know for some money netochka's bust mesurement and so
precisely she couldn't order twice time the bra special offer of the month
anymore. both intention are bad and both meet to the ugly point that
internet couldn't be an experimentation field for self and others, a
playground for mum and dad and swine doctor and 'death, old captain, weigh
anchor for finding new'.. It's incredible how the computers could keep
endlessy archive but has redundant identification in horror as it would be
evil. so permit I use in advance of the definitive argument of my good
friend JPII when he will stigmatise this new commie heretical positions very
soon, "to have to give her/his identity on internet is intrinsically bad
cause only god can recognize his/hers"

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