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> in
>Subject: <nettime> The role of model citizenz in the development of fascism 
>wrote equating Netizens with fascists.
>That is a strange and serious distortion of both the history
>of fascism and of the emergence and the nature of the netizen

due 2 zuperf!z!al undrztand!ng.
= yourz = 01 serious distortion of history.
ma!z cezt paz grav = 01 akzeptd + populr v!eu po!nt.

>The netizen is a concept that grew up and spread around the 
>world in opposition to the commercialization and privatization
>of the Internet.

= dze !nternet = embod!mnt ov fasc!zm.
= fasc!zm = mass movmnt. cezt tout.

>The fascists were in support of commercial entities and supported
>by them.

ev!damnt. az = dze !nternet !n!z!al! + przntl!

>The citizen of the french revolution was a force challenging the 

ou!. ma!z = 01 mob akz!on auss!.

>The netizen of the Internet revolution is a force challenging
>the old.

ou!. ma!z = 01 mob akz!on auss!.

>The fascists have been trying to maintain the old.


= dze fasc!ztz uear ultra ultra oppozed 2 dze old

>There were citizens even during fascism in Germany, they 
>were those who were part of the resistance, who hid those
>who were trying to stay out of concentration camps, and who
>did many other brave activities.
>Basically their role is ignored by the media and their story
>isn't told in general.
>There are citizens during the corporate attack on the Internet.
>These citizens are netizens because they are fighting for something
>not limited by geography as a city is, and often against corporate
>entities and their effort to convert the Internet into their
>private commercenet.
>To equate netizens with their opposite is again not to argue
>a point, but to call names.
>The concept of Netizens is described in the preface at

= prznl! kould kare lesz apropoz lo.tekk masz organ!szd
shortkutz 2 elokuensz or !ntel!gensz.

= oke az 01 f!kz!on + uork ov art ma!z =
1 muzt !ndulge art 4 d!ztrakz!on + plzr

= 2 knfusz !t avec 01 fkt = 01 shortkutz 2 elokuensz or !ntel!gensz.

>And the contest is far from over!

= ur elektr!z!t! = adm!rabl + ud ver! l!kl! b !n akord avec -
uear ! 2 dez!r asz!ztansz !n ordr 2 zurv!v ma!z

dze kontezt = 2jourz = uon b! dze !nd!v

= ever!dz!ng elsz = 01 fasc!zt movmnt.
= ur zent!mntz = akordansz avec fasc!zm
dzat !z mass \ mob akz!on.

= ma! b dez!rabl peruz!ng dze l!f akt!v!t!
!n 01 gardn. = ver! ultra ganz klear.

c!ao.nn - 01 !nd!v konglomerat -> superb source for male fascist antibodies.

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


Netochka Nezvanova
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
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