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<nettime> [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ feed!ng

         prologue - on each ztep an organ!zm atemptz 2 konsum

         uat organ!zmz do 2 hlp dzmzelvz zurv!v = afktz dze planeta
         !n ua!z dzat != r!znz dzoze zurv!vl zk!lz uear favord b! evoluz!e.

         ep!logue - koord!naz!e = dze log!kl rezultat ov egozntr!k komportmnt
         01 kompet!z!e + zeczual zelekz!e.  zakr!f!zez 4 01 komon good || lkl
         !n!z!at!vz u!th onl! long term reuardz != kom !n 2 pla!.  

         konztataz!e - evoluz!e = dr!vn b! greed.


        : Max Plank Inztitut 4 Ordnung \+\ Disziplin
        : Uber die Konztituzie der Materie  [c]ccp

                     __   __
            ________/ /  /_/
           /___  __  /  __    
              / /_/ /__/ /__
             / ____________/

zkm zerf - part deux
4 dzoze = undr !mpresz!on = zkm = 01 elokuent !nzt!tut
= zkm = 01 addtl lo.tekk znter populatd b! 99 proznt ov obtusz apez.

= 01 great pat!ensz muzt 1 hav avec 9o proznt ov dze `human`
populaz!e - demo.kraz!e.

rudolf frieling - !nkompetent zkm mar!onet 

>Dear Netochka Nezvanova,
>referring to your email full of accusations let me state the following:
>1. we may not have  seen all of your work with the appropriate software.
>But you can be assured that we did see enough to understand that your
>internet work may have its artistic merits (as you certainly stress),
>but is not to related to our topic of "urbanism" - or at least we would
>doubt that....
>2.never rush at easy conclusions but just read the conditions of a
>competition - this was clearly not just about media art!
>besides, all juries are human beings and have subjective opinions, it is
>good that there are many competitions - we are, in any case, happy to
>accept the fact that           is "more competetive"...
>rudolf frieling

Dear                                    had typed  "more competitive"

It is utter nonsense that you or 
one other judging the ZKM competition have accessed my work.

It is not due 2 "human beings and subjective opinions".
It is due 2 incompetence - yes.
Juries must be qualified to judge that they are judging.

You have entered the incorrect e+code twice.
After which no one at the ZKM competition has launched the software.

         Whereas deduction involves running through ideas successively in time
         and retaining some of them in memory - intuition grasps a nexus of ideas
         all at once. However if the mind runs through a chain of reasoning
         quickly and
         easily enough deduction can be converted to intuition.

         error is the mark of the higher organism

         The relatively invariant unit is the social institution.

It is very much related to the concept of urbanism
should one sufficiently intelligent be - to ascend beyond 
superficial levels prescribed by a lethargic majority.  

The relatively invariant unit is the social institution.

It is the capital I Internet,
a turbulent semaphor, an immune apparatus \ vaccine. 
networked strukt, standard logistics institute maschinikc universe, 
02 quantum reality.

A live darwinian ratchet.
A virtual architecture assemblage of crumple-free materie,
the chaotic tremor of finite resolution towards the progress of
trajectory, as noise constantly resetting the trajectory is 

    .-.                                                               .-.
   /   \           .-.                                 .-.           /   \
  /     \         /   \       .-.     _     .-.       /   \         /     \
          \     /       \   /     \_/   `-'     \   /       \     /
           \   /         `-'                     `-'         \   /

I suspekt you are acquainted with chaos dynamics yes +?

The format is "Future" in education. info.materie. toxification + diffusion.
It is a sanitary arkitektur for invasion of architectures.

Are you dreaming or are you a man thinking of self
as one dreaming butterfly +?

I shiver at the number of randomly superb dreams which
annually become silenced owing to the `concept of urbanism`

Cordialement. NN.

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


Netochka Nezvanova
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >


Rudolf Frieling  
rezpondz !n 01 magn!f!znt faz!on
konf!rm!ng 01 !n!z!al zuzp!c!on - tralalela + cucu + 0+0 edukaz!e

Rudolf Frieling

sounds like nonsense to me as well

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