Terrence J Kosick on Wed, 21 Jun 2000 00:45:06 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> The role of government in the development of the Internet

Terrence writes;

The government can play a role of keeping its own and not allowing corporations
and intrusive kinds of market forces dictate the development of the net.
Government control could wisely extend to the net as far as it can control
corporate intrusion. The industry, politics, legislators and copyright
associations are beginning to extend their monopolies to maintain control on
the internet inflicting their wills on the free use of this communication

It is the use of unfair powers that are the dark part of the net and is a
threat to the many thousands of people and small businesses whose indefensible
minds and voices are reaching out while they are being drowned out by the din
of intruding corporate market forces. The social and economic impowerment of
the independent peoples are cultured by this communication environment. If
anything we need to be protected by the stripmining corporations who's greedy
intent have little regard for individual freedoms and treat the presence of
people on the internet like datum to be captured like fish in their marketing

This is a decidedly universally democratic place that like any uncharted legal
landmass should be left to govern itself, that will, like the people who use
it, flourish without the antagonisms and selfseving wills of the few whose
greater access to power threaten to trample the voices of the free. If any
government is to represent its people then it will legislate limits on
corporations whose size and access to legal powers can affect the virtual
rights and freedoms of netizens whose minds know no borders and should not
respond to the flagrant use of power of any corporation, any goverment or any
body of law.

terrence kosick


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