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Re: <nettime> [talk given at tulipomania dotcom]

   you are extrapolating wildly here. I never said anything about
exlusion or charging students more. You're just making stuff up

You might notice there's a lot of universities that treat their
student accomodation or even their parking lots as 'profit centres',
and charge students accordingly. But they're happy for the
intellectual property of their staff to be given away free. More
autonomy for intellectual workers, less price guaging by the
rentiers of the plant and equipment, i say.

Of course its just not the case that all students are poor downtrodden
sods with no capacity to pay. many will have lifetime earnings far
above their teachers. Scholarships and loans can level the field and
create inclusion. If you're charging those who can afford it, you can
subsidise those who can't. A mixed economy, in other words.

Inclusion in what? This is crucial thing here. Inclusion in a situation
where institutions, be they universities or publishers or museums get
to accumulate intellectual property and generate revenue from it at
the expense of the direct producer.

The alternative? More autonomy for direct producers, so there is something
to include people in. Something that provides income for intellectual
work based on a limited but defensible property right.


"We no longer have roots, we have aerials."
 -- McKenzie Wark 

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