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<nettime> An Open letter to ICANN

     From: Owner-Domain-Policy []On
           Behalf Of Rick Harris
     Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 3:39 PM
     Subject: An Open letter to ICANN
     Mr. Mike Roberts
     RE: NICANN and the new dot.pod TLD
     Dear Mr. Roberts,

     I would like to invite you to join the Board of Directors
     of NICANN (New Internet Company For Assigned Names and
     Numbers). I am presently in the process of writing the
     charter. NICANN trademark has been filed to Industry
     Canada, but not (yet) to USPTO.
     NICANN has set up a new  dot pod (.pod) TLD.
     "POD" or "PODS" is/are "personal online domains". Dot pods
     are accessible to everyone on earth and are resolved
     through the root zone file at NSI. The master address for
     NICANN is (but it is still under construction).
     The  URL for the mechanism that will route domain names
     through the root zone controlled by ICANN and NSI
     is which resolves nicely as ""
     through the ISO 3166 ccTLD - which is as you know
     Hence the  master domain name "", as in "world wide web
     (second edition)" known also by its pseudonym  "ICANN 2.0".
     Dot "pod" is an aggregation of 300 master (dot com) "pods" that
     resolve through the DNS by pretending to be dot coms: hence: the brand
     names Futurepod (tm) and Cyber I.D.(tm), both of which have been
     filed to USPTO and are capable of providing a proprietary personal
     online domain (identity), theoretically  to every person
     on the planet through an architecture that bypasses
     ICANN  - and resolves PERFECTLY through the
     root zone file on the DNS. There are no short cuts required.
     Everyone gets (a) a proprietary dot pod (personal online
     domain) AND  (b) a proprietary dot com - that's right, a dot
     com -  that resolves PERFECTLY through NSI.
     NICANN dot coms can be sold for as little as $5.00, which
     is (below) cost for ALL ICANN-accredited registrars
     (except of course NSI) and can, thus, bring down the entire dot
     commodification of the world wide web - if one chooses to do so. This,
     however, I would not endorse because such would be both
     irresponsible and, perhaps, destabilizing for the DNS.
     In addition, NICANN dot com(s) also have the advantage of
     web commerce and web connectivity for everyone from INSIDE
     the ICANN root - without having to deal with
     the pesky political intrigues that obtain from ICANN.
     NSI and the root can not (of course) be avoided and, thus,
     I intend to invite all other registrars
     (and resellers) to sell NICANN AND dot.pod(s).
     These ICANN-accredited registrars will be able to charge what
     they wish for a NICANN dot com: however,
     they must also sell a dot.pod at the same time as the dot com
     The dot pod (personal online domains) will also sell for $5.00
     and, thus, no fee is payable to NSI or any other registrar for
     dot.pod (s) for the simple reason that the dot pod architecture
     resolves through I believe  NSI knows about this
     and, thus, I will also invite NSI to resell the dot.pods.
     I of course expect to receive a lot of flack from my elders
     and betters who will say that it is not possible to assign
     dot com addresses at below cost...short of philanthropy...
     and that it is similarly not possible to create a dot pod (.pod)
     TLD independently from ICANN.
     I will respond to such persons by inviting them to sign the related
     NDA. Having done that, they will receive a complete list of
     the dot pods and, of course, the key to an understanding of
     why it is possible to sell dot coms at below cost - and survive.
     Please do let me know if any of this is of interest.
     Thank you and cheers,
     Rick Harris

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