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Re: <nettime> [talk given at tulipomania dotcom]

Wait a minute! Clearly, McKenzie Wark is getting paid for publishing on
nettime. Otherwise why would he do it? I want my share.

The truth is, of course, Wark hopes to be paid --in attention , and this
is the main benefit to academics who publish anything While I agree with
him that publishers should not be allowed to obtain unlimited rights
just for publishing something, the vast majority of academics would
barely make enough money for a good lunch out annually from their
writings even if royalties were assiduously collected. Still, many gain
considerable attention directly or indirectly through their
publications, which leads to rewards of all kinds.

If Wark is serious about copyright vigilance for reproduction, he should
eschew publishing on nettime. But giving up the international attention
would be a mistake that could lead, for instance, to his not being
invited to the next international conference.  Likewise, keeping
hisphotocopied words out of the reach of a few students who chooose not
to pay for compiled "readers" (as they must on most US campuses ) might
mena a loss of some of the best followers he might otherwise get.

Michael H. Goldhaber

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