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Re: <nettime> The Ideology of Immateriality

Some years ago gilder had a big argument with tom Peters about the
importance of cities. As you can imagine, all Gilder cared about was
being near an airport to get to speaking engagements, and he thought the
net would be the medium in which culture would flourish.  Peters said
you need great cities for great art and culture. I'm sure Castells would
agree too.

I hope you read the profile of gilder in the recent New Yorker.  I read
it on the way to Amsterdam.  I had an encounter with him back in 1994
when another guy and I at Apple were making a video that was a synthesis
of what we called 'visionware': videos by corps, govt. agencies,
andsometimes by universities about the grand vision of the broadband
networks (some were not the Internet).  Gilder really did not understand
as much as he pretended. We were kind of amazed.  It shows that
compelling writers can be seen as experts, partly because experts may
not be able to express themselves so that others can understand.

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