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<nettime> fwd: cash for birth control

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C.R.A.C.K.'s Project Prevention was established by Barbara Harris.
The program is completely voluntary for participants, and the woman or

man receives the same $200 for choosing to use either one year of
temporary birth control or permanent birth control.

Most participants who choose permanent birth control are those who
have already had far more children than most people have in a

The process goes as follows: The participant contacts us and we send
out our paperwork. Our offer is good for 60 days after receiving the
paperwork. She or he then makes an appointment with a personal
physician or family planning provider of choice (we are not involved
in this process). In most cases, birth control services are available
at no cost, and the provider offers informative counseling to assist
their clients in choosing an appropriate family planning method. If a
participant chooses a tubal ligation, she is required by law to wait a

period of 30 days before she may undergo the procedure. After she
receives her services, she returns her completed paperwork to us.
Once her paperwork is verified by our staff, the client receives $200.

What does she do with the money she has earned from us? That is also
her decision. Many clients are already receiving a support check from
the government every month in an amount greater than $200. What does
she do with that money?

C.R.A.C.K. offers these incentives:

$200 Depo Provera -paid over theperiod of one year

$200 IUD

$200 Norplant (5 year contraceptive)

$200 Tubal ligation

$200 Vasectomy

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