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<nettime> WEBSITE: Dead Letter Office


The Dead Letter Office seeks out the casualties of corporatized,
institutionalized culture. Give us your best, most misunderstood works or
projects (any format) and if we like them we will put them on our web site,

Send us whatever you think might be an evocation of the "dead letter"
concept - any document or idea that has somehow failed to reach or
communicate with the addressed audience. Our allegiance is to all
attempts at expression that have somehow fallen outside the restrictive
circle of "publishable" or "worthy" cultural correspondence - whether
by accident, bad luck, or design.

We at the Dead Letter Office closely evaluate everything we receive. We
have our prejudices, like everyone, but do not let our idiosyncrasies
as editors limit our content. There is only one hang-up we will not
relinquish: if the craft is downright poor, we are not interested.

As of now, we are a sad flightless bird of a web site. Help us as we
grow wings.

Starting at the end of this month, the site will be revamped to
incorporate more varied content, including bizarre and twisted
corporate correspondence brought to you by Daniel Arp; a full-length
memoir by Margo Perin that was narrowly passed up for publication at
Simon & Schuster due to office politics; and, later this summer, an
illuminating tribute to a late master of the dead letter form, Robert
Lansberry, whose tireless back-and-forth with the FBI and Walter
Mondale led to his arrest and acquisition of the label "chronic letter
writer" from government officials.

This is not a money-making venture. It is a labor of love and unmasked
desperation no longer content to be quiet. It belongs to no one but the
people who contribute. So remove that old beloved manuscript from your
desk drawer, or those slides of paintings from your garage, or that
weird beautiful idea from the confines of your head, then shake out the
dust and submit to:

The Dead letter Office
P.O. Box 81236
Pittsburgh, PA  15217

or e-mail to:

Mrs. Patti Lyle Collins

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