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<nettime> EZLN Communiques(Nat.Encuentro,O.Chavez),Jun 3,2000

EZLN Communiques(Nat.Encuentro,O.Chavez),Jun 3, 2000
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 17:30:23 GMT

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa


June of 2000.

To:  National Civil Society Encuentro For Peace and
        Against Militarization in Mexico

Zo'calo of Mexico City

Brothers and sisters:

Please accept our most sincere best wishes from the
zapatistas.  In the name of the entire EZLN, we are
sending our greetings to the upcoming National  Encuentro,
on June 9 and 10, 2000,  in the Zo'calo of Mexico City.

It is with enthusiasm and hope that we have read that
those who are convoking and organizing this Encuentro
represent a rainbow of the best of  this country.  Honesty
and nobility are the common denominator of those who,
today - in the midst of the election campaign - are turning
to look at that  land at war which is the Mexican southeast.
Not in spite of the elections -  but precisely because of them
- you are kindly reminding Mexican society and the political
class that there can be no democracy while there is war, and
that democracy is only possible when there is peace with dignity.

The government's war against the Indian peoples continues
its course in our lands, even though it is being concealed by
the election campaign.  The machinery of the Mexican state
is being mobilized in Chiapas in a two-fold sense.  On the
one hand, in order to try and assure the imposition of the
new se~or of war, Francisco Labastida Ochoa.  And, on
the other, to leave everything ready for a police-military
action of great magnitude against the EZLN.  In high
government circles there is talk of an agreement among the
senores Labastida and Zedillo.  In case the PRI is able to
achieve its objective of imposing six more years of nightmares
for Mexicans - in exchange for covering the back of the one
who is serving in Los Pinos today  - the official candidate
has received guarantees that he will not be "inheriting" the
Chiapas conflict.  That is why there are plans being made
for the "definitive" (a word which is much loved by Zedillo)
government offensive to be launched after the July 2 election,
and prior to the new "president's" taking office, if the PRI
manages to remain in power.  However, in the face of the
possibility of defeat, the possibility is being contemplated
within the PRI that that offensive could take place before the
elections, in hopes that that might rebuild Labastida's catastrophic

Because of that, because we are waiting for a government
attack, it will be impossible for any of the EZLN's leaders
to be present in Oventic on June 11.  Consequently, in
accordance with zapatista protocol, the Encuentro closing
will not be able to be held on that day and in that place (which, as
we learned from the press, was the organizers' intention).
However, in the same place and on the same date, zapatista
support bases will be attending the concert being given by
the singer Oscar Cha'vez, and to which we are
inviting all of you.

Despite the fact that we will not be able to be present
at your important encuentro, we want to tell you that,
for us, your determination and concern are a hope.
We, as we have already told you many times, want peace,
but  with justice and dignity.  The bad government refuses
it to us, and that is why we are in resistance.  And so we
shall continue.

We do not believe in the bad government.  From it, we
have received only lies, betrayal and death.  We believe,
on the other hand, in people like you.  We believe in
thousands of men, women, children and old ones (some of
whom will be attending your Encuentro) who have listened
to us with nobility, and who have spoken to us with
honesty.  From you we have learned of the importance
and significance of a dignified and just peace, without
any more destruction or hate.  Because of your efforts,
and those of tens of thousands like you, this peace that
we are demanding, which we need and
which we deserve, shall be possible.

Your work is of such importance to us, that we want
to ask you to give us a place for our word.  Zapatista
peoples from different areas have prepared a report-denuncia
on the militarization and its consequences in the communities.
Grouped into different Aguascalientes, the zapatista peoples
will make a brief summary of what they are experiencing
and suffering every day and at all hours:  the military boot.
We want to ask you to allow us to bring these words of
our peoples.  If you let us know publicly where and
how, we will bring to our testimony in a timely manner.

There are many things left to tell you, we hope there
will be time and a way to do so.  Whatever may happen,
we want to repeat to you that our communities will
always be open to receiving you, to accompanying you,
and that we do not forget, nor shall we forget, that you
have always had an attentive ear for us, as well as
a word of support and hope.

Salud, then, to the National Civil Society Encuentro
For Peace and Against Militarization in Mexico.
Salud to our brothers and sisters.

We wish you much success at the Encuentro, and
do not forget that on June 11, 2000, in the
Aguascalientes of Oventic, Oscar Cha'vez and
the zapatistas  will be singing.  Because the morning
is also made with music.

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

By the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee - General Command
        Of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Comandante David.  Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Mexico, June of 2000.


Mexico, June of 2000

To:  Oscar Cha'vez

Don Oscar:

We are writing you in the name of the men, women,
children and old ones of  the EZLN.  We know you
have made a record with music dedicated to Chiapas
and to the Indian peoples who are resisting with
dignity, and that you have also decided to present
that record in the Aguascalientes of Oventic,
Chiapas, in zapatista territory, on June 11 of this year.

We have known of you for a long time.  We have
always admired your artistic qualities, your historic
research of our musical roots, and, above all, your
constant commitment to the most just causes.  Now
you are honoring us with choosing zapatista territory
in which to make a public appearance.  It is  unusual
for an artist of the moral stature and prestige of Oscar Cha'vez
to perform in rebel territory.  Believe us that we feel closer
to you than these lines are able to express, and that
we feel that your singing in these lands will find the
echo which hope always deserves and obtains.

We want you to know that we shall receive you
as a big brother (which is what it is for us) when
you arrive in Oventic.  The difficult conditions of
militarization and the climate of persecution which
we zapatistas are suffering will make it practically
impossible for members of the CCRI-CG of
the EZLN to personally attend your concert
(and we are not lacking in desire, even Comandante
David has already been tuning his guitar).  Even so,
those who are the real leaders of our struggle, the
zapatista support bases, will be present in order to
listen to you, in order to accompany you, and,
above all, to make you feel our gratitude and admiration.

Even though we will not be able to be present, know
that we shall be there, represented by those men, women,
children and old ones, who shall be listening to you and
applauding you.  Not just for your artistic abilities, but
also, and most especially, for the caliber of your humanity.
In our positions in the mountain, the music of your songs
is already part of our daily lives, and there are not a
few nights or rains which surprise us singing them
(if we are a bit out of key, put it down to the weight of the
weapon or the memory).  Be welcome to zapatista lands,
the last corner of rebel dignity.

Vale.  Salud and may the concert of peace be sung some
time in the only way in which it is possible, that is, with dignity.

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

By the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee - General Command
        Of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Comandante David,  Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

Mexico, June of 2000.

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