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eR: Re: <nettime> NATOsevic

I do agree in most points with you about the necessity of free media,
students rebellion and solidarity. The point I wanted to make is in fact
somehow a justification of Yugoslavian government, in a way that I tried to
make the NATO partly responsible for ongoing oppression. I do think that
Milosevic is the leader of a regime that has to be overcome, the sooner the
better. But I also believe that a lot of what happened in the Balkan in the
last decade was purely the NATO trying to get control over, not peace for a
region in Europe. The war that I meant Yugoslavia still to be involved in is
this aggression from outside and a partly stimulated rebellion from inside.
Again, my believe is that Milosevic has to be overcome, and I do not think
that the rebelling people in Yugoslavia are just under control of the NATO,
unable to see their government in the right light.

In my view, Milosevic and also the Serbian population, in western media
until recently, were forced into the role of the bad guy systematically,
even though this role probably suits Milosevic better than any other famous
politician right now. The Rambuillet(?)-contracts that were offered to him
before the war are a good example. Should be found somewhere in the net, I
am sure. These contracts were a joke because no politician, dictator or not,
would just give up the souverignity over his state as it was demanded in
these contracts. Milosevic is not just a dictator but he also refused to
cooperate with the good guys, the NATO. Which leads to what my fear is:
Milosevic will be overcome in the next years and his regime will not leave a
vacuum of power which could be filled by the people, discussing freely by
which means they want to be governed and how the economy should be
organized, but he will be followed by a democratic and NATOcratic or
western-liberalistocratic regime. Without any discussion, free market and
free trade-exchange will be installed for the sake and the fortune of the
Northern-European states.

My wish is that not only the regime-in-work should be discussed or fought
against but also the regime-to-come. The background on which Milosevic and
his government are measured against is not a white sheet of paper (URL
about:blank) or true freedom but Northern-European capitalistic democracy.
And because the latter system tries for its economic and ideologic profit to
crash the order of the Yugoslavian state, I want anybody who is against
Milosevic and his gang and is critical about the keeper of the sacred
North-Western ideology to speak out loud the BUT in his solidarity with the
rebellion in Yugoslavia. I am against Milosevis BUT I don't want him to be
overthrown just for the sake of free markets in the Northern-style. I just
don't want anybody who shares my view or scepticism to forget the BUT,
because it is not all freedom that brightens the Yugoslavian horizon, it
might also be some electric light made by gigantic companies in their
nuclear power stations seeking for new and uncritical customers.

(Ideally, such a rebellion as in Yugoslavia right now could be the best
opportunity to discuss the idea of a state as a whole.)

My last point is reffering to you:
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From: Jim Andrews <>
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> The universities have been shut down by the government and a law has been
> put into place that forbids 'political activity' on campuses. This would
> seem to be a move to quell the student protests.

In Germany we have a new law in work that forbids political activity by the
students representatives at the universities. They are only allowed to work
in matters directly related with studying, whatever that might be. In my
university, there was always work done by the students representatives for
immigrants and against nuclear power stations and the transport of nuclear
waste through the country, the so-called Castor-Transports. They had to pay
high fees (about 100,000 dollars) for keeping on doing so. But not a lot of
students complain, because they are necessarily too busy making themselves
profitable to be interested in the circumstances they live in.

I hope I made myself more clear, and please excuse the looong and for that
reason hardly readable sentences, I am German and can't help it.

Thanks for your reply, Jim.


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