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Please visit*ck*v* for full details.

How many plants have you killed in your lifetime? Come on admit it
you have killed a few. You take a vacation, they die. You forget
to water them, they die. You water them too much and they die.
They don't get enough sunlight and they die. Getting them to grow
is like pulling teeth. They person that has happy healthy growing
plants is the luckiest person on the planet. Wouldn't it be easier
to get silk plants and call it a day? Now more and more people are
switching to artificial plants. The business is beginning to boom
and one company is leading the way in quality, pricing and

This company is Silk Botanicals, Inc. Silk Botanicals, Inc.
provides, at wholesale, the finest natural trunk silk trees,
plants and floral arrangements for resale to upscale retail
establishments, furniture chains and mass merchandisers. Silk
Botanicals, Inc. offers hundreds of products, including custom
designs, to provide a level of quality, variety and service
unmatched in the industry.

Silk Botanicals, Inc. already has their products in many retail
outlets.  They are also constantly expanding trying to get into
new retail outlets and break into new markets where their quality
of products was not available before. They have started selling to
major hotel chains. They have also started an aggressive campaign
to do as many floral shows as possible.

Imagine having beautiful plants that you no longer have to take
care of.  Imagine not feeling like a plant killer any more while
still having a beautiful house filled with plants. All this is now
true thanks to Silk Botanicals, Inc.

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