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<nettime> Independent Media Center (Seattle) en Freespeech TV visiting Europa.

Bussels Friday , April 28 2000
Press memo

Independent Media Center (Seattle) en Freespeech TV visiting Europa.

Manse Jacobi collaborator with Freespeech TV (www.freespeech.org ) and
cofounder of the Independent Media Center ( www.indymedia.org ).  During
the week of protest against the WTO (Seattle, November December 1999)  and
against the IMF (April 2000) they made it possible to brake the media
blockade.  More than 200 media activists worked together to bring out the
message.  The website had more than 1.5 million visitors.  Daily about 45
minutes of news was produced and broadcasted by means of Satellite, Public
Access Television and the internet. 

Manse Jacobi is Coming to Europe to present and promote Freespeech TV and
indymedia.  He will also do some presentations of the movie "Showdown in
Seattle".  Manse is also looking for producers, filmmakers, media
activists,... whom want to work together with freespeech TV. 

Manse will be in Europe from 29 th of April until the end of may.  If you
like to meet, interview, invite him for a presentation or discussion, ... 
please contact han Soete. 

han Soete Regards Croisés Rue Lambert Crikx, 30 1070 Bruxelles Tel :
32-(0)2 521 17 20 Fax : 32-(0)2 521 93 00


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