Ledia Carroll on Fri, 28 Apr 2000 03:47:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> low-tech media projects

Hello! I just joined this list. I recently visited Amsterdam and checked 
out the Society for Old and New Media which is how I heard about N5M and 
your list.  I was really inspired by the and the projects reading materials 
I saw there, particularly to the references to placing new media within a 
context of the history of media.

A reference I saw on your print flyer was,

"Are we all techno-fetishists or is the low-tech movement more appealing?"

I am wondering what kind answers there are to this. What low tech/low tech 
aesthetic movement is going on where you are? I would be interested in 
hearing about websites and projects and perspectives you know about that 
are media related but would fall into the category of "low tech 
approaches". The idea of a "low-tech movement" is exciting and new to me.

Partially this is because I find myself when I am not at work feeling like 
not doing media related things. So the idea of low tech media art and 
creations appeals to me personally and inspires me to maybe make something 
I have never made before. I am an interface designer for my work on various 
things and have particularly researched teen girls and their interests in 
order to think of tech things for them. But at home I am working on 
gardening and carpentry projects. It has been great and creative to work on 
my house. And it has been occuring to me lately what a strange result of 
first world modernity is that many people including myself have gotten away 
from knowing things like carpentry, gardening and have come to see these as 
specialized areas of labor knowledge rather than the everyday domain.

Maybe this seems fragmented. I would be interested in hearing from you 
about any of these topics.

Cheers! Ledia

Ledia Pearl Carroll        <mailto:ledia@monkey.com>

Interface Designer
MONKEYmedia - Austin, Texas
(512) 440-8000 ext.18, 440-1050 fax

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