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<nettime> LomoBigBang & LomoOslo

Going north with an upfront real-life-action LomoShooting in Oslo!

The Oslo city council has decided to blow up the 15-storey high Phillips -
building for good!
And of course we Lomographers are not going to miss that.

Our LomoAmbassador to Oslo will be playing host to all the excellent
Lomographers of Norway and other visitors at the Norwegian Film Festival Bar
for a Pre-LomoBigBang Party on Saturday night before the explosion of the
landmark. We will be bringing lots of cameras with us, music and high
spirits. Anyone who wants to can adopt a Lomo and join us the next day.

Meeting point: Sunday, at 12 noon. 100 meters from the sexy almost-ex
building. From there we start off to shoot the rest of the city!

A few weeks later, between 15th and 20th of June 2000, the Lomographic
Society is participating in the Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad,
an idyllic little seaside town: with the finest of the finest
Film-Video-Photo-Animations, a LomoWall of LomoBigBang & LomoOslo and, as a
matter of course, some superb parties.
The event is expected to be capped by Queen Sonja of Norway, who is making
an official visit, she is to be enrolled as an honorary member of the
Lomographic Society.

See you in Oslo!

29th of April 2000, 3pm till late
Filmens Hus
Dronningens Gate 16, Oslo

Directions: area of Kvadraturet, 400m from Oslo S, railwaystation.


SHOOTING: 30th April 2000, 12pm
Sorkedalsveien 6
0369 Oslo

Directions: all trains going west from Oslo S to Majorstuen.
Exact meeting point t.b.a at the party

Norwegian Short Film Festival:
Grimstad, Norway
Opening & LomoPresentation: 15th June,

(detailed program soon at www.lomo.com)


LomoNorway Henrik NÝmm  *  Tel:  + 47 - 90 92 23 19  *  E-mail:

LomoVienna Amira Bibawy  *  Tel:  + 43 - 1 - 524 84 88  *  E-mail:


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