Terrence J Kosick on Tue, 25 Apr 2000 18:38:49 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Hand over that media! Now!

Terrence writes;

Media is what media does? If the online cultural media form can be more and
follow a para cultural model of its own design then so be it. It does not
mean it can't lend itself to old media venues. It can do so on its own terms.
The danger is if it can't believe that it can be a self supporting para
culture or worse that it deeply desires to have the approbation and praise
and symbolic rewards of the current academic/institutionally driven museum
network. It does not mean that is bad but if that is what your resisting then
it may be a good thing to think of a model that creates demand for its own
art product and cultural service.

Why bother with forming some utopia infrastructure unless you feel that will
give you support or credibility. A will to servive may be all that you need.
That at least is admirable trait in a consumer culture. I disagree that the
"former ineffectual structures" which i believe they are anything but are
actually there to exist for itself. The byproduct is culture and cultural
consumption that is hand fed by excess. Also informal is not necessarily
noise if there is self edition and the will to survive as coherently as the
audience you wish to seduce needs to be seduced in a way that makes it
titilating enough for them to loosen their purse strings. Culture here can be
as exciting, thoughtfully and meaningfully as you make it. Why waste time
even bitching to those who you feel are paying little more than lipservice.
(They are not listening to you, especially if you want them to go a way or
change. They simply won't.) Which really i don't believe they are doing. I
belive they do what hey are best at. What looks good looks good on them. Get
it? If you feel their brand of cultural seduction makes you the prostitute in
the equation rather then a very effective partner in actualization then the
para form may be the ways to go. Just don't go looking for handouts while you
make your bid for cultural freedom as you sell yo as.

Terrence Kosick

hromlegn kainn wrote:

> Pamphlet for a new and cultural resistent art by a resistant culture: Hand
> over that media! Now!
> Century +1.
> After the desillusion of the discourse that never-ended, the dialog that
> never-existed , and the history that never-started , the postmodernists

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