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<nettime> about european news services

Info about a new site: European News Services is a wholly independent media company backed by venture capital.
We are neither owned by a major multinational publishing group nor
subsidised by European Union institutions. Our head office is in Paris and
we also have premises in Amsterdam. We provide European news from a European
point of view and our articles are written by a continent-wide network of
experienced journalists. We also have a core team of expert political
reporters based in Brussels, the European Union's self-styled capital. is edited by Simon Coss, a former journalist with the highly
respected EU affairs newspaper 'European Voice'. The company was founded in
November 1999 by CEO Guikje Roethof and CFO Steef van Berkel.

News on is free of charge and will be updated daily.  We also
offer a number of premium services for professional users:

Companies can buy our news content to display on their own sites. For more
information on specific possibilities in this area, write to us.

Anyone in need of in-depth information on specific European Union policies
can subscribe to our News Clips service, which provides detailed news on
thirty different policy areas. The service is updated daily and can be fully
customised in order to suit subscribers' individual information needs.

Extremely busy customers can subscribe to our European News Alert service.
Here users will be automatically contacted every time news on a pre-selected
subject appears on

Management Team

Guikje Roethof, founder and CEO, has worked as a journalist and broadcaster
in the Netherlands and is a former member of parliament. She is an expert in
telecom regulations and European affairs and is also a board member of the
Dutch chapter of the Internet Society.

Steef van Berkel, Chief Financial Officier, was formally a senior executive
at ING, one of the Netherlands' leading banks.

Simon Coss has worked as a journalist in radio, television and the print
media. Before joining, he was a reporter with the highly respected
and influential European affairs newspaper 'European Voice'. He has also
worked as a radio journalist for the BBC in the UK and as a television
producer for the European Commission.

Editorial philosophy will seek to provide an independent view of life across the
European continent and will not be subject to either political or commercial
influence.  News coverage will be balanced and will seek to portray all
sides of the story. Editorial comment will be clearly labelled as such. We
will make the utmost effort to ensure the accuracy of our stories but if we
make genuine factual mistakes we will publish corrections. Wherever
possible, the sources of information used in news coverage will be indicated
although we reserve the right to protect a person's identity if we feel it
is correct to do so. Comments can be addressed to We
reserve the right to edit e-mails sent in for publication for reasons of
space and clarity.

Investor relations is a Dutch B.V. and a French S.A.S. and has received funding from
several private investors. Strategic partners include, Bibit Billing
Services and

Why Prezz?

Given the influence the European Union has on the everyday lives of hundreds
of millions of ordinary people, it is still surprisingly difficult to get a
clear picture of what is really going on in Europe.

Most news coverage of events on the continent still tends to have a strong
national bias, which means that people are often only presented with one or
two pieces of a very complex jigsaw. Now more than ever, Europeans need to
be aware of the big picture. The EU is currently embarking on the most
ambitious project in its entire history. Within the next quarter of a
century it is likely to almost double in size and include countries as
economically and politically diverse as Turkey and Lithuania among its
member states.

This process will only be a success if people in both the countries planning
to join the Union and those in states that are already members are fully
involved in the historic changes taking place. To do this they will need
clear unbiased information about the decisions being taken in their names.

By providing European news from a European point of view, hopes to
fill the information gap. As a fully independent company, we owe no favours
to anyone. We do not receive funds from the European institutions in
Brussels nor are we part of a major multinational media conglomerate. This
gives us the freedom to report the facts as they are and not as someone else
would like them to be.

Prezz.coming soon!


Six Weekly magazines looking at Travel, Style, Education, Sport, Cybernews
and Culture.

Premium Services

We will soon be launching the following premium services specifically
designed for business users.

News Clips

Access detailed, up to the minute information on all key European policy
areas. for a sneak preview

News Alert

Receive automatic notification every time news on a subject of your choice
appears on

News to Go

Buy news content from for use on your company's website or

You can contact via the following e-mail addresses:

If you have information about a story that you think our journalists should
be covering, please e-mail:

If you wish to comment about an article that has appeared on,
please e-mail:
Please state clearly if you do NOT want us to consider publishing your
NB. We reserve the right to edit letters for reasons of clarity or length.

Freelance contributions
If you would like to work for as a freelance journalist, please
NB: Please read our guidelines for freelancers thoroughly before contacting

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