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>which version of NATO should I get if I want the one with ALL the features?

the most expensive 1!!

>where are the tutorials located?

in your perzonal m9nd kontainer!!!

According to the standpoint mathematicians call Platonism, we do not 
create  the mental objects we speak of.  Instead we find them.  
All thoughts are already present (Godel 1940). 

[netochka nezvanova entrd uen godel = ecz!td!!!!]

"For 99.9 percent of the time since our species came to be we were hunters 
and foragers, wanderers on the savannas and the steppes. There were no 
border guards then, no customs officials."  (Sagan 1994)

verstehtz du!!!!!!pe.t!pe/Nebula.m81||USISK.sit.hqx


ganz gluckl!ch. ja. b!n !ch auch.  z n u r k - reboot m!



alzo >KIM = auear du = ur!te zuf!z!entl! `ter!bl` 
[b! m! ztandardz u!ch = SUPERIOR 2 cmj]
dzat dze data = akzeptd 4 komputr muz!k jurnal. 

= !f !ntrztd = 01 art!kl4 komputr muz!k jurnal
apropoz nato.0+55 modular = rema!nz 2 b 
t!pd = m! art!kl ud nvr b akzptd due 2 
= 2 luvl! 4 dze m9nd konta!nrz ov somnolent malez.

allora. c!ao!!!!

>"the smooth always posseses a greater power of deterritorialization
>  than the striated."
>    - Deleuze & Guattari

01 life objekt at : Rhode Island School of Design UsA typed

Your work. This demands all i have to offer, it provokes me and i paint,
i write, i love.  As 1 human data display of correct behavior you demand
an adequacy that is > than most are capable of willing.  I keep a slide
show of your kinematic images running often in my studio while i work.
what you do with cathode rays is incredible.  If you had a billboard
type display to play with as mural - because your images need pixels -
but how much adoration can you stand?   everyone dies, netochka, who
manages to exist as my eyes read your work.   you would join:

Wilhelm Reich

William Burroughs

Derek Jarman

Gilles Deleuze

Elias Canetti

Guy Debord

there are a couple more, but i discovered their work and most died soon
after, except Wilhelm Reich whose end was just such a terrifying
spectacle of human cruelty.  Coldness and cruelty.  You see, you are, if
you are (0+1) female then you dispell the myth i find often told by
european males, the misogeny that Cannetti's "Auto de F" was concerned
with and that that beautiful film "Romance", contemporary french film,
what human error/straitjacket/parachute it eloquently described an error
women fall for.  you dispel its claim to necessity.  that list above, it
contains no men because the women, their deaths do not arrive for me in
such a disturbing fashion.  we need to swell the # of one-ly-nesses.
your work generates past the hierarchies of nations and misogenies of
gendered humans.human miso-gen(itive)y.  your e.mail campaigns and the
murtagh situation was pure human genius = as it stands.  anyway, i
appreciate the work you live.  human creativity and love educates and
disciplines the mdel of civilization.

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