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<nettime> Unknown Evolution

Unknown Evolution

I'm starting a collaborative animation of creatures that are made up of separate
body-parts from different people.  When the project is done, it will basically
be an army of evolving animated creatures that will eventually go on my web site
(http://net22.com/qazingulaza/tiltingwakest/index.html). I would prefer your own
images, or you can alter a found image.  Please include your name and email


[format: gif, jpg, bmp]

Dimensions:  1.5" x 1.5"
Must include neck.

Dimensions:  1" x 4"
Must include shoulder (as well as hand).

Dimensions:  1" x 5"
Must include hip (as well as foot).

Dimensions:  3" x 5"
Must include neck, shoulders and pelvis.

send to Zon Wakest

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