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: Max Plank Inztitut 4 Ordnung \+\ Disziplin

: Uber die Konztituzie der Materie  [c]ccp
: Netochka Nezvanova -

__   __
________/ /  /_/
/___  __  /  __
/ /_/ /__/ /__
/ ____________/

t h e   n 3 t _ ! n s t i t u t e   q u a n t u m

||  n e t _ i n s t i t u t

the net_institute is not an institute emitting neu media but an
institute_netverk sekuencing neto strukts + meme viruses 4 total radikaler
fabs(destruktion) of the male fascist biomass. rekloking of the metabolic
klok. overwriting junk dna. perturbing quantum effects in micro-tubules.
the net_institute is an xx = cx(1 - x) hierarchy chaos tangent institute
bypassing individual konglomerates. i.e. institutions + gene konglomerates.
i.e. individuals.

||  a l e f 1 _ + m a l e   c a r d i n a l i t i

the net_institute is a hybrid zkema _ life.objekt <-> net the
bio.metropolis + m9ndscape. intelligence and the evolutionary apparatus. it
is one genetic mutation induced by the implosive convergence of mutemedia.
formats. phenogenres into the net's omnivorous matrix. concurrently the
net_institute is a turbulent semaphor. an immune apparatus \ vaccine.
networked strukt. standard logistics institute. agro interface. maschinikc
universe. 02 quantum reality.

||  s i g n a l _ s t i m u l u s

the net's commodification + evolution az the crumple-free materie of 01
sch:one neue velt economie - the cyberspace saga konkludes in an on-line
art supermarket. the net_institute eludes friktion m9ndscape <-> bioscape +
locates self on a hybrid topological plane. the net_institute outlines
future species. delineates maps subverting model-citizen male territory.
projects michelangelo's politikal vision into the kopypaste korporat \ male
fascist net regime-kapzul via expensive enzymes. modern rna chips. magnetic
field signatures + hyperintelligent jargon-ridden supermemes.

changing belief systems is a hard hack
saliva = good. memvirus = ja. ganz gluckl!ch.
sch:one neue velt _

||  p r o _ i n s t i t u t i o n

the net_institute suspends the sozial dissimulation of sensitivity
obfuskated by polemic. korporat kunst veLt + lo.tekk impostor power grids.
as institutions sponsor copypaste net_artists and lo.tekk mutemedia male
harlots as power shifts from government assemblages to maxwellian korporat
strukts the net_institute undermines the tradizional konzept of force as
aktion at a distance. it retrains abandoned simulacra. populates the
m9ndscape. becomes the most formidable fault tolerant motile korporat

the net_institute renders multi-million dollar corporations - alimentary
data. the net_institute renders multi-million dollar art konglomeratez -
null + null.

the net_institute operates at atto.sekond intervals. the net_institute
communikates at millimetre.submillimetre wavelengths via ceramic ribbons +
microfluidic channels

||  w o r k _ i n s t i t u t

the net_institute is a biostrukt embodying nucleic research. it is a
autokrin massively parallel agency of cytokin + leukocyt ztrukts. it is a
sanitary arkitektur for invasion of male architectures. it is an ess medium
konstrukted via "arbeit macht ganz glucklich + frei".

||  p u s h _ b u t t o n   e n t a n g l e m e n t

the net_institute is a maschinikc strukt overcoding sozial aspects.
the net_institute does not think. juzt ur klik -1 kl!k.
it is reactionary to think.
it is reactionary to look wonderful
it is reactionary to be complex
it is reactionary to indulge tekknoeuphoria
it is reactionary to produce art
it is reactionary to reproduce sexually

it is reactionary to be male          - omitting the absurd kost of males

- dze ekonom!e = dr!ven b! women
+ dze ver! young.

||  h u m a n . m a c h i n i k   i n t e r f a c e


||  n e t o _ m 9 n d f u k c

as political memeware the net_institute = neto.m9ndfukc eksperiment. the
net_institute is a transparent eusocial organism the net_institute doesn't
observe a strategy of seduktion [although this statement is not
demonstrable]. the net_institute is an expensive m9ndfukc.macht.fre! _+
neto kode kontainer facilitating superior bit.toxifikation.

||  s e x _ m a l e z . p a y

congealed between 5*10^-054 and attosekond intervals + !wired.compost
lo.tekk refuse. web-tv colonisation threats. virtual reality model-citizen
neorealism. aesthetic spectrum saturation. minimalism. schematism. the
net_institute lokomotes the feminin 4 it is the fitter format traversing
the international memostrada + kompetitiv imaginary. it is a sanitary kode
inaccessible to xy marionettes.

the masculin represents millenniums of chain thinkers.
the masculin desecrates form. makes it lo_tek. elephantine.

the feminin is clinical. compact. sanitary. sentiment_based + modular.

||  s e n t i m e n t _ b a s e d

the feminin is sentiment_based. the net_institute etches neither the
intellectual class nor male culture. the net_institute utilizes sentiments
as the universal kode. the net_institute smiles at inkompetent male
marionettes' failed attempts at eloquence.

the net_institute is the innate source for male fascist antibodies.

dze ekonom!e = dr!ven b! women + dze ver! young. the net_ekonomie is driven
by the neto_institute

|| t o t a l _ m 9n df uk ce u s o c i a l

the net_institute is =cw4t7abs. an eusocial m9nd.gel bifurcating. into
further entanglement. the net_institute is not indeed a kollectiv id.tag
but an eusocial one. the net_institute is not a metaphor but a biopolitikl
and aesthetic apparat towards the total.radikal apoptosis of international
male networks. kultural _ mass media \ art teorie industrie - lokalization
of an ess for unstable kommodities + divulging the immense ecological cost
of sex. i.e males

when the xy-male konglomerat packs and the mmedia are exclaiming triumphal
- it is dze ultra zeit to innervate the cortical pyramidal neurons. to
accelerate intraspecific competition. to invade the biomass with asexual
mutants. the allele that confers a two-fold advantage in growth rate per
capita + doubles its representation in the population each generation.

 logikal renewal of prey. net_institute -> V!R0.sekuenssing.

accurate + reliable. best of all - YOU can _use it 2DAY. pathogen driven

net_institute -> sponsored by generous meme donations from the following xx
life forms :

Netochka Nezvanova -

 net_institute -> sponsored by generous meme donations from the following
xy life forms :

encountering open spaces

 net_institute -> -> superb source for male fascist antibodies.

meeTz ver!f1kat!n.


Netochka Nezvanova
|  +----------
|  |     <
\\----------------+  |  n2t
|       >



N[>] IMF - the International Meme Fund
- shear pathway to the core.
- promoting meme development. lokomotion. + reinvestment.
- meme sekurity + meme transaktions. [>]

rekurrent exc!tat!on ||

             pro satisfacer le metro   "       

0\   zve!te[z]!ztem

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