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<nettime> Fw: [IR-L]: Attack on Korean [corporate parody] website

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From: Chris Bailey (by way of Tony Gosling <>)
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 10:13 PM
Subject: [IR-L]: Attack on Korean website

> Marsh,
> If you didn't see this already could you redirect it to any net
> magazines/lists you know of as appropriate??
> It's from Chris Bailey, Labournet, who got Greennet closed down for a week
> with his international dock strike!
> TJ
> ps. "NodongNet"  how unfortunate ;-)
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> Mirror copies of the anti-posco website are being set up outside Korea,
> particularly via Association for Progressive Communications members and
> partners around the world (JinboNet is an APC partner). Any website that
> would like to be involved in this mirroring please contact me.
> Protest faxes can be sent to President of POSCO,  Fax 82-2-3457-1900
> Protest e-mails can be sent at the following site:
> Chris Bailey
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> Sender: "jinbonet" <>
> Subject: [antiposco] urgent about freedom of expression
> We Oppose the POSCO's attack on the Anti-POSCO Homepage
> - Statement from JinboNet(Korean Progressive Network) and
>   NodongNet(Labornet in South Korea)
> 1. JinboNet(Korean Progressive Network) and NodongNet(Labornet in South
> Korea) protest against application for a provisional injunction of the
> Anti-POSCO Homepage( by Pohang Iron & Steel
> Co.Ltd.(POSCO). POSCO asserts that the design of Anti-POSCO homepage
> violates the copyright of its own homepage.(
> However, we assert that POSCO applies the copyright in too broad terms, and
> thereby attacks the freedom of expression on the web.
> 2. The internet is a space for all walks of people to express and assert
> their own opinion without any restriction. Also, there are a lot of
> parody-sites against corporate sites in the world, by which people can
> express their opposition against corporations. This freedom of expression
> on the web is an absolute, unalienable right, as is the case of coporate
> rights to advertise itself by Internet. And it natural that these parody
> sites have used the targets' logos and designs. It is definitely a just way
> to express one's own ideas or opinions.
> 3. The main contents of Anti-POSCO Homepage are related to the news of
> Sammi Special Steelty Co. workers' struggle, the demands of workers, and so
> on. The Seoul High Court has already decided that the Sammi workers demand
> (reintatement of Sammi union leaders and activists) was right. But, POSCO
> refused to implement the verdict of the court. This homepage opened in
> order to publicize this information more widely. And inorder to express the
> protest against POSCO, this Anti-POSCO Homepage is designed as a parody
> site. This parody homepage is the minimal means of expression by the
> socially weak, who are protesting against a giant corporation.
> 4. POSCO's application for the provisional injunction against this
> Anti-POSCO homepage is merely a legal violence of the giant corporation in
> the name of the copyright. Furthermore, POSCO is a state-run company, whose
> social accountability should not allow any infringement of freedom of
> expression. Generally, the copyright is a right to protect corporations
> from commercial loss or serious damage by business rivals. But, the
> Anti-POSCO Homepage is not for commercial purpose, and not the rival of
> POSCO's. Also, this homepage does not make a false description. So, we look
> upon the POSCO's legal application as a violation by the giant enterprise
> of the freedom of expression on the Internet.
> 5. Finally, we demand the POSCO to immediately cancel the application
> against Anti-POSCO Homepage, to implement court decisions and rehire the
> Sammi workers who are fired unfairly. If the POSCO refuse to accept our
> just demand, it will, we solemnly war, be faced with an enormous wave of
> protest by thousands of Netizens, as well as workers, nationally and
> internationally, who are extremely indignant at the infringement of the
> freedom of expression on the Internet.
> 2000. 04. 11
> JinboNet / NodongNet

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