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<nettime> 2 new films: Louder than Bombs! Part 2 and Colleteral Damage

Press Release from Pictorial Heroes.

Future film making from the land of Bravehearts and Trainspotters

Following on from the success of their critically and internationally
acclaimed feature length documentary, Victim of Geography, Glasgow based
production company Pictorial Heroes are pleased to announce the production
of 2 new internationally based projects for the first part of Y2K. 

Louder than Bombs! Part 2 (A Different Pitch)  

Set against the backdrop of the on-going Balkan conflict, A Different
Pitch continues to follow the story of one man's football dream amid the
nightmare of war. A Different Pitch picks up the story of Scotty Lee and
the Spirit of Soccer (previously seen in the Channel 4 broadcast Louder
than Bombs! in February this year) a year on after leaving Bosnia and is
set amid the on-going conflict in Kosovo. Funded by the Scottish Arts
Council National Lottery Film Fund and the Glasgow Film Office and
actively supported by the Noble Peace prize winning Vietnam Veterans of
America Foundation, A Different Pitch concludes it's filming in Kosovo
during May.  It is scheduled for completion in August this year.

For more information contact: heroes@cqm.co.uk or tele: 0141 551 8269

Collateral Damage.

With musical contributions from many of Yugoslavia's top bands and DJ's,
Collateral Damage is a chemical generation war story that will take an
alternative look at the events of the past year in Yugoslavia.  Collateral
Damage is a film about war and it's legacy, as seen through the
experiences of a generation that find themselves caught between the hammer
of NATO's smart bombs and the anvil of an authoritarian regime.  The
outcome of Collateral Damage as a film is - as of this moment - far from
certain, particularly in the light of the forthcoming elections in Serbia
and the continued suppression of free speech by the Milosevic regime. 
Being produced in association with the outlawed Radio FreeB92 in Belgrade,
Collateral Damage will be a potent and progressive mix of hard-hitting
content and innovative visual styling, that indicates how a documentary
might look on-line in the not-so-distant future.  On completion,
Collateral Damage is set to receive it's premier on the worldwide web. 

For more information contact: heroes@cqm.co.uk, or tele: 0141 551 8269

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